Good morning. Tulsa lawn care community. It’s Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. Today I’d like to talk to the lawn care community about leaves and why leaf pickup is important. For the best lawn care community, leaf pickup is important because, well, the health of your lawn, which in turn if you don’t take care of your lawn will ruin your foundation to your house. One of your most important investments.

I know. Tulsa lawn care community. You’re sitting here saying yourself, what? How does leaf pickup affect my foundation to my house? Simple. If you do not pick up your leaves, the ground or the grass on your ground will die because the leaves are covering it for long periods. Your grass, some of it will come back, but over the years of this continual, I dunno, four or five months worth of leaf coverage, your grass will die off completely and not come back and turn to turn it into all dirt. Why you say is that a big deal?

Well, if you have dirt when water and rain, well gladly remove that dirt and move it onto other places quite more easily. Grass helps to keep your soil where it’s at. So now having said that, now if I have your attention and you have read all this dead grass around your house that turned into this dirt, you have nothing but mud. You don’t want to go out and enjoy your backyard. So then you don’t even go out and look at it anymore.

So you don’t realize how much more erosion is happening. You don’t realize how much of your find out the foundation is getting exposed. And once I finally, she starts to get exposed and you don’t realize how much foundation is, is starting to crack because you’re not paying attention to it anymore because it’s not fun. It’s not enjoyable because it’s muddy, it’s messy, it’s a pain, it’s all negative simply because you didn’t want to remove your leaves with our Tulsa Lawn Care.

That’s absurd. Blah, blah, blah. Is it? So this past season, um, I was, I started doing leaves and I was lucky enough to see about a dozen homes maybe. I think I’m also probably sitting here thinking I, I was open to, it was more than a dozen homes. But anyway, uh, around that, um, marker and some of these homes I could tell had theirs done regularly and their lawns were strong and you know, came in there and picked him up and they had nice looking lawns at the end of course because a kitten grass and taking names will leave you with a nice looking lawn out here in the Tulsa lawn care community. Anyway. Uh, and then there were some houses, man, there was, the leaves were moldy. They were there for so many seasons and you know, and you know, whole giant chunks of their land were nothing but dirt because it was covered in leaves for so long.

Now you know, these people, I mean, they, they don’t want grass is gonna have to completely resolve. So that’s, that’s a whole nother mess right there. So, um, as you can tell, it’s, it’s not necessarily great too, to ignore those leaves or hope to walk away or, or wait until springtime and mulch them up and give them a on molten leaves is fine, but you need to, if you’re going to do it, you need to do it. Meaning doesn’t let them sit there and be like, Oh, there’s a mulch of next season. Uh, that’ll work. And that’ll be all right. Yeah, it’ll be all right, but your grass will be dead.

So again, you need to get up and you need to take care of these things. Tulsa lawn care community. I’m not saying you have to do it yourself. I’m saying have someone do it for you. You know, there’s no need for you to go and waste your whole weekend out there fighting the leaves, the elements and things like that. I have got the equipment to get out there and get things done within two, three hours of your, of your day. Um, I’ve been around mowing lawns for about 10 years. Um, and I, as I said, I started leaves, uh, this past season. So I’m learning, but I’m picking them up.

I’m getting them out of the way. I’m getting your lawn looking good. You know, there’s a couple of leaves less, but you know, those, those leaves will move on and deteriorate and they won’t have any buddies to hang out with at least. But Tulsa lawn care community number one priority for your housing foundation is removing the leaves. And then once the leaves remove, your grass will continue to thrive and grow. Uh, with proper lawn maintenance, uh, fertilization.

You know, cutting at the right Heights at the right time of year. Uh, all these are important. But again, the most important thing to do is get rid of those leaves in the fall. You want to a plus, it makes your yard more accessible. You want to be able to enjoy your backyard. Um, if you have grass, the water will drain and, and not just sit there in the mud. Uh, you’ll, you’ll be able to, to go out and enjoy it.

It, it’ll rain one day, two days later, it’s done. And it’s gone. Where if you have one, if you have left in a way, you’re not going to go out there in the first place too. If you’ve, if you had them in the way and a day, now you have nothing but mud and dead grass, you’re still not going to go out there cause you don’t want to track that back in your house but didn’t even come to springtime Ka on summer.