Good afternoon. Tulsa lawn care community. How are you doing? It? Is Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names? Lawn care, the one and only provider of the $5 Mo. That’s right. You heard me first lawn mowed, five bucks. Every referral you get that lands me a membership contract. Five bucks Mo. So tell us a lawn care community. What I want to talk to you about today is the journey of buying a blower. So I have bought mainly steel equipment. Uh, my polo equipment, uh, my blowers, um, chainsaws, mainly steel, uh, which I’ve been happy with. Um, good solid. I had eight years, very little maintenance.

Uh, you know, I’m not the most, uh, I don’t take care of my equipment very well. So for example, when I went and bought my first zero-turn, I told the guy after he started his spiel, I said, let me stop you there. Um, what would you sell to a South Tulsa housewife that would not take care of this in any way, shape, or form? Stopped what he was saying, turned around, pointed to one. I said, sweet, packed it up, let’s go. Uh, cause, unfortunately, that’s basically how I am, uh, do not take care of any of my equipment.

So having said that, that first zero turn mower, which I’ll talk about later, survived eight years, no oil changed and then it died. So not bad. Anyway, back to the blower. Uh, I’ve mainly used steel. Uh, I’ve had a, uh, BR three 80 steel. It’s done a really good job. It has lasted and survived I think to go on 10 years now. Um, I have decided that I wanted something a little more power going into a leaf season for the first time and thought of, uh, upgrading my steel to higher-end steel. I went in there fully expecting to buy steel, uh, at checkout and, uh, these local guys, Smith farming garden, uh, is where I usually buy my equipment from now, asked if I had heard about the echo, uh, 80 10. And I said, no. I mean I’ve heard of echoes and I know a lot of guys use them and stuff, but I just stick with what you know about Tulsa Lawn Care.

So I’ve always used steel. Uh, so they showed me and they talked to me about it. And for me, how powerful was if you’re gonna move LEAs, they talked to them about a, uh, a CFM, I think is what it’s called. Uh, cubic feet movement or something. I don’t know. It moves a hundred, a hundred CFMs versus the steel that was going to move 83 CFM or something like that. Uh, don’t quote me on the numbers. I’m not exactly sure. Uh, but just the echo was more powerful. So I said, Oh, sure, we’ll go with it. They said it sounds like a small motorbike. I’m like, okay, no big deal it just the best Tulsa Lawn Care.

Um, fast forward, uh, after a few uses, it is a big deal, at least to me. I think it’s really loud, especially when I’m out at my first launch and a couple in the morning. Uh, it, I mean it is a very loud, small, uh, boater. I mean, it sounds like someone’s rubbing up a motorbike somewhere by you anyhow. Uh, but it moves, leaves, it, it moves a snot out of leaves. If it was everything.

It does a great job. Having said all that, uh, extremely happy with everything on it. It’s hard to maneuver. Um, like my steel three 80. I mean, I can think things more like a, a scalpel and a PBR three 80 is more like a machete, but yeah. So it’s hard to maneuver. It’s loud. Uh, other than that, I think those are the only two negatives I have on it. It feels really good on my back. It doesn’t feel heavy like it is heavy, but it did not, it doesn’t feel heavy on my back.

It doesn’t feel like I have a heavyweight on there or anything. And probably the only reason why I will go back and get a steal is just because of the sound. Um, I can deal with the maneuverability or lack thereof of maneuverability with it. That’s not that big of a hassle to me. Um, so much as the sound. Um, so you definitely would need some earmuffs or whatever the guys use in those situations for Tulsa Lawn Care. So interesting YouTube videos.

Mmm. So anyway, yeah, I go in there and they talked me into getting in. I get it. I mean I’m, I’m ecstatic with the, with the movement of the grass and believes, uh, it does. Uh, it does a very good job. Uh, so far no issues. Um, mechanically anyway, starts up over time. Mmm.Not too shabby, not too bad. Going to get another, another backpack. Uh, I’m also for next season thinking about getting a small, uh, blower free stand blower. Um, I’ve seen some guys use it. Uh, so I bought the new blower for the leaves. Going to be using it a season for Boeing, getting rid of the grass with Tulsa Lawn Care.

It gives all that equipment, uh, all that debris, uh, quite easily. Uh, but next season, uh, after watching, after this season, of doing leaves, I’m coming to realize that everything out there for leaves you need, so you need a backpack blower to get the best Tulsa Lawn Care. You need a free stand, uh, blow or whether it’s one that you can move around or one that you have to push around or whatever.

Do you need a vacuum to pick up all the little ones and with hoses so you can get behind the, uh, whatever that stuff’s called? The leaves, the hedges and all in all the landscaping and all that stuff. Um, and then you need to leave to the loader to load everything up and get it all put away.