Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with Kicking Grass and taking Ames Long Care home of the $5 first. Mow, it is cold, it is crisp, it is Christmas, light time, and Halloween. Light time and Thanksgiving. Light time. Yes, that’s right folks. I am out there talking about all the new things that we have going on. We have Christmas lights, we have Halloween lights, we have Thanksgiving lights. It’s all about perception. We can make designs. Did you know we can make designs? We like to make designs. We make great, lovely and awesome designs. Designs are awesome on the house. They look great. You have to have an imagination. You have to be abstract. And you have to be like, oh wow. I’m artistic and I see it. If you don’t, well then you’re boring, but that’s okay. We don’t mind if you’re boring. We’ll make you fun.

Why? Because we’ll make your house look great with lights, holiday lights, they’re wonderful. They’re great, they’re fantastic. They’re fun. We can do all sorts of colors, all sorts of arrangements. They have a lot of different colors. We have a lot of different designs. They’re awesome. We did a pumpkin this year. Did you wanna do a pumpkin? Do you want your house to look like a pumpkin? Do you wanna make your house a giant pumpkin? We can do that. All you guys have to do is call and ask and say, Hey, kicking grass. Light us up because that is what we do. We light you up like you wouldn’t believe with lights. They’re wonderful. They’re beautiful, they’re bright. They’re C nines. They’re big and they’re bold. They’re everywhere you go. Be the brightest one on the block. Be better than the neighbors. Show ’em who you are.

Show ’em. You’re not afraid to take holiday. Cheer to the next level and bring the game on Tulsa Lawn Care community. Get your lights from us kicking grass and take taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow, we are one of the best places to get your lights from. We will talk. We will communicate. We’ll design, we’ll take care of the house. We will get up there. We’ll bring it down. We will do it all. We will be here next year. We will be here the year after. We are not a one. And go show folks. We are here to make money with you. We are here to do jobs with you. We are here for our community. ’cause we live in this community. We are not showing up out of the blue and just throwing things up and disappearing. We’re gonna come by and check that house up and show it off.

We’re gonna take pictures. We’re gonna be like, Hey, Tulsa lawn care community. Look what we did out there. Look what we made. Pretty, oh, it’s beautiful. Oh, it’s gorgeous. We love it. And we should. Why? ’cause we did the work. We did the work. We made it look great. We made it look wonderful. Folks, lights, just really bring in a holiday cheer. There’s nothing like a classic C nine clipped up on your roof, shining bright, shining all to the masses. When we do the helicopter tours and people look down, they love to see those c nines gleaming. And don’t forget, there is the, oh, hey, which neighborhood is the most lit up? Only way to have that done is to have those classic bright C nines shining from above. No better way, no other way. Folks, those nines shine and we want to light up the night. We want Jesus himself to see us from Mother Earth looking upon us. How much we are happy for his birth.

So many likes, and we can enjoy all the seasons. We’ve got colors to make it Thanksgiving. We’ve got colors to make in Halloween. It’s wonderful. It’s great. It’s festive. It puts you in a good mood. Tulsa lawn care community. There is something about those lights that just hit the spot and you’re just like, Hey, I’m good with that. Let’s do this. Because it’s the, it’s the atmosphere that it sets. It’s the Jonah seis that it puts into the air. Folks, there’s just something, it triggers from our childhood. If you’re old like me that you look up and you’re like, ah, that’s so warm and inviting and comforting. There’s, there’s still some peace and and happiness in the world with those beautiful, beautiful Christmas lights. We want those lights to shine brightly for you. We want to be the ones that come out and do ’em for you.

Uh, we want you to know we’re the one, we’re in your neighborhood anyway. You see us in our bright blue trucks, you see us roaming around on our bright orange mowers. Folks, we’re, we’re, we’re there. We’re coming after it. We’re getting it done for you. Alright, check us out. Ha look at our, our gallery check our our workout. Look at our references. We’ve got reviews. We’re gonna be there and you know, we’re doing good ’cause we’re getting more reviews. Okay? We’re there for you. We’re, we’re making it shine. We’re making ’em glow. These, I mean, we’re gonna custom cut these lights to your house, all right? You’re gonna have a light where you want it and not where you don’t. There’s gonna be nothing better than coming home and knowing, Hey man, these lights are for my house and my house only. There is nothing better than knowing these lights are just my lights. They weren’t on anybody else’s home. They were designed for your home in general. And that’s a wonderful and awesome and great thing. Why? Because everyone should feel special. You should feel special when you look at your lights and know that you know what, these are designed for me. These are for me. Buy me, create it for me. Designed for

Me. That’s right. Tulsa Law and Care community, we are out here to make sure you know one thing and one thing only, and that when we work on your house, it is your house that we work on. We’re not worried about the next one. We’re not worried about the one before. Okay? We need to concentrate fully on your house, making it look great. Wonderful. Matching those lines up, getting those lights lit every ball bright. And then we’ve got timers. We got timers for you. I know some of you guys have built in home timers. That’s cool, that’s awesome. If you do wonderful, we’ll get that set up for you too as well. Uh, otherwise, if not, we’ll have no fear. We will have it up for you. So folks, let us do this. Let us be the ones to take care of you. Let us be the ones to shine the way.

Make ’em bright, make ’em beautiful. We’re gonna light up the neighborhood. Help us light up your block. Tell your neighbors, Hey, you know, who did this great, wonderful job. They showed up. They were quick, they were fast, they’re efficient, they’re friendly, they’re helpful. That’s right. It’s kicking grass on taking the names Lawn care home with a $5 first Mow. Okay, so folks, uh, free timers, free extension cords. You got your house, uh, all designed and cut up and ready to roll. Uh, man, it’s, it’s, it’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Tulsa lawn care community kicking grass of taking names. Lawn care has so many lights. They want you to have all your neighbors joining on the fun. There’s nothing better than having a street lit up, coming down home after a long day. Pitch black, all these other streets, you turn down your street, you got your neighbors in the mood, everyone’s happy.

There’s just lights galore. All sorts of colors and designs and the homes. They’re just beautiful. And that’s, that’s what Christmas like to do. They really set a mood. They really, they really put you in the spirits. Um, and, and they shine the glory of, of all that is known by his, his name. Jesus. He does it all. He makes it beautiful for us. And folks, we wanna make a beautiful back for him. And that’s what we do. We want to shine those, those homes up. We want people to, to sit there and just in awe of the beauty of the lights. And, and that’s just it. It’s just, it’s nothing special. It’s nothing magical. It’s just that, that light, that C nine bulb, man, it just, it hits you just right. And you’re just in a and you’re happy and you’re excited and, and it, and it gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings inside. And you’re just like, man, I really like this man. It’s really wonderful, man. I’m so glad we did this. And hey, guess what? Colors are interchangeable. Maybe one year you want red and green. Maybe the next year you want blue and white. That’s fine. We’ll have it for you. We’ll get it organized. We’ll get it set up. Boom, we’re done.

It is awesome. It’s great. It’s wonderful. You guys will not miss a beat. You’ll have a lot of wonderful colors, uh, options. You, you, you’re not stuck in the same pattern. That’s, that’s the best thing. You are not stuck in the same pattern. Um, not too many people realize, uh, how easily it is for us to change out the bulbs for you. Um, how simple we want you guys to know that, um, just getting ’em done is, is the hard part. And, and that’s what we’re there for. We’re there to make that part easy. And all you have to do, folks, is say, Hey, kicking grass, we want Christmas lights. And boom, it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. So simple, so easy, so quick that you’re gonna be like, Hey, uh, this is great and wonderful. Why didn’t I do it before? Okay. It is not hard.

It is not, uh, complicated. You guys, we can take care of it easily for you. So many wonderful things going on with our Christmas lights. Uh, they’re gonna be big, bright, and beautiful and bold, which is just all the best bees to describe anything in the world. And, uh, yeah, that’s what we are gonna do for you here at, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of that $5 first Mo. We’re gonna be so bright and so beautiful that you’re gonna have to cut your neighbors back to say, Hey, listen man, these are the guys that did it. Go harass them. And we will, we will come out and we will, uh, take care of it all for you. So, uh, again, call us (918) 872-0338. Let us get it done for you. Um, congrats to taking names. Lawn Care home of the $5 first, mow, let’s get lit. Tulsa.