<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mow folks, we just wanna talk to you about how great and wonderful of a job that we can do for you providing you allow us to start mowing when the grass starts growing. Folks, there’s so many things and people out there that mow lawns and everything, but there are far and few between companies that really show up and really provide a great service. And fortunately for you, kicking grass and taking into lawn care can do both. We will show up, give notification when we’re headed your direction, and a reminder to the day before we’ll arrive, we’ll provide a service as requested. Have pictures taken.

That way we can review any misunderstandings and change what we need to change to accommodate the needs and wants that you would like for your yard to look like. Tulsa Lawn Care community, so many people out there are looking for quality lawn service while you have found it with us. By us because of us. Uh, we work hard to provide a, a service that you can count on. We work hard to provide a service that you want to share with your neighbors. Uh, we work hard to provide a service that is worth telling your family members about. Our service is unparalleled to none in the area. We will show up, we will provide, we are a family oriented and a family run business. We want to provide a service unlike anyone else’s. We are not a big box company. We are not a huge corporation.

We are a local neighbor, member of the community. So reach out, have us come out. When the grass is growing, we’ll be mowing. When the edges are not kept we’ll find and trim them up. When the weeds long, we cut ’em short. I’m telling you, it’s a wonderful and great thing that we provide. Uh, it’s something that you do just take off your plate. It’s a, it’s a set it and forget it type of scenario. Uh, we’ll get you set up on file. Uh, you, you really have nothing other than other to do other than request additional services at when needed and when, uh, desired. So all that good fun stuff, folks. Nothing. But, uh, great, great and wonderful times for you because you have a service that is just set up. Tulsa Lawn Care community. What else could we do better for you? Okay, we provide mowing.

We provide snow removal, leaf removal, and Christmas lights. We trim hedges. We bring down small trees. We are your urban community, local suburbia, best of the best lawn care company. We can do it all for you. Uh, we do have connections to do the, uh, more major jobs of giant, massive trees around houses and things like that. We do have guys that can bring that down, uh, that we can recommend. So no matter what the job is, we’re gonna be able to help you find a solution. And that’s what kicking grass does. Kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. We’ll find you the solution home of the $5 first. Mow, that’s your first solution, okay? You know that grass is growing, you know it’s overgrown, you know it’s there. Bam, bam, bam. Thank you, ma’am. There we are. Okay? Problem solved. We’re taking care of you.

So folks, give us a holler. Let us know. We’re gonna get out there and get it mowed. Uh, not too many times do people, uh, regret that. It’s a great deal. It’s a really good offer, folks. You need to, uh, allow us all to be able to help you be able to be the ones that come out and mow for you and help you grow. Many times, uh, folks get, um, bewildered and flabbergasted by people that they’re not too sure about that they don’t know, uh, if that can help them or not. Uh, but we can, we will be more than happy to help and more than happy to provide a service like no one else in the area. Tulsa Lawn Care community, congrats to taking names here to give you a service unlike, uh, parallel to others. So we are again, going to show up.

How many times have you guys asked for a guy to come out and mow and they not show up? How many times have you asked, uh, or communicated and set up an appointment with, with these guys and give you a huge window? Okay? Uh, we will give you a window, but you guys have to understand. Things do pop up as with anything. But, we’ll, we’ll, again, we’ll stay in communication in regards to that timeframe. So no matter what, you will know when we are actually headed towards you. Um, and, and we’ll be there. Uh, we are a very good communication company. Um, that is one of the main reasons, uh, most of our clients love us, is the communication. ’cause yes, we know Mowing Yards is not hard. We’ve got that part down. We’ve got it well taken care of. We will take care of it for you.

The rest is hammering the customer service, the communication, uh, a smooth and transition payroll. Uh, a smooth and transition pay system. And, and that’s what we provide. Very little work. Once you guys have us set up very little, work on your side, very little work. Again, we are a set it and forget it. Uh, we send reminders, uh, you know, and then again, all you need to do is request services as needed. If you want something different than the norm, that’s it. And then we discharge accordingly. Uh, not a big deal. You do get prices up front. Um, that way you can, uh, accept or decline those charges, um, before the services are provided. So again, no worries. Give us a call. Let us know how we can help you out.

Kicking grass, taking the ames Lawn Care home of the $5 first mow Tulsa Lawn Care community. You know, you want us to be there for you. You know, you need us to be the ones to come out and help you. ’cause why? ’cause we’re doing it for your neighbor already. That’s right. You’re gonna see our big blue trucks out there, helping your neighbor, cleaning that yard up, making it shine, making it ready, making it just perfect for the season. There is nothing better than having a neighborhood, um, lawn guy come through. ’cause then you, you already know his trucks. You already know what they’re doing there. You know, you, you know that somebody, you can, uh, feel safe in the neighborhood. You don’t have to worry about them. Not a weird, strange truck. Who is this guy? What’s it doing? Who are they? Why are they at this house?

You know why we’re there. We’re there to make the lawn great. We’re there to beautify the neighborhood and make everyone in the neighborhood unless they’re already our clients jealous of this guy or this gal’s yard. That’s right. We are a jealousy making team. Tulsa Lawn Care community. Thank you so much for reaching out and using our services. Thank you for reaching out and providing, um, wonderful, wonderful reviews for us, for you to check out. We are, uh, definitely moving along in a great way. So many wonderful things ahead of for us folks. We want you to be a part of it. We’re providing, uh, some really good services. We’re getting, uh, faster and faster at our abilities and more, uh, det. That way it makes us, the faster we get, the more detailed we can be. And so it’s a really good opportunity and time right now to have our services provided.

Uh, there’s so many wonderful things that our company can do for you. Um, again, far, far from, uh, the least. We can definitely be doing snow removal, tree removal, uh, leaf removal, you know, grass, all the above. Um, so folks, we’re gonna, we’re gonna really work hard. We’re gonna get this stuff taken care of you. We’re gonna make you guys look great for this upcoming, uh, summer season. Uh, spring is the time to start getting ready to, to mulch and, and replant and, and all the above. So let us know what you can do, what you need us to do, how you need us to do it, um, and when we can get it done for you. So there’s too many, uh, running gunner out there. Uh, but know that we’ve been around since forever. Check our history. Check our website out, ww dot kicking grass tulsa.com.

Give us a call at (918) 872-0338. Uh, we got reviews, we got testimonies, we got all sorts of good things. Folks, check it out. Uh, it, it’s, it’s really something to, to check out, to enjoy, to know that this is a company we can trust and that will do a great job. Uh, we’ve got a fleet of guys, a fleet of cars, a fleet of, uh, everything that, that, uh, lawn care company’s going to need. We’re going to provide you guys with the best service in the area. There’s not a better way to get your, uh, lawn taken care of, but then by a local company that is your neighbor. And that wants not only your house to look good, but their house as well. Because you know what? We’re in the neighbor. We are your neighbor. No matter where we are in the city, we are your neighbor.

And if you look good, we look good. And that’s just how it is. So folks, let us know how we can help you. Let us know how we can do these things for you and how often, okay? You know, some of the stuff can be time consuming. Uh, it can be very exhausting. It’s hot out. It’s, it’s just not something that, you know, you truly want to partake in. You have so many other, uh, things and, and events to attend to and take care of and, and all that fun stuff that sitting here and having to troll away your time in the yard is just not worth it to you. Now, if you enjoy it, great, wonderful. Come join our team. But otherwise, no, don’t waste your time. Let us do that. Let us go out there that way. All you have to do is go out there and enjoy it when you want, where you want and how you want.

Having to trial through the trials of, of tial trimming and, and having these archaic tools that are just from 20 years ago to 50 years ago. I mean, it just makes yard work unbearable. We have professional, high powered, uh, quick equipment that’s going to, uh, power through everything you need. Um, and just make it just a seamless and fast transition of, of everything that we have going on. So kick congrats to taking name Lawn Care, home of the $5 first. Mow, call us, get us out there, get us started and just set it and forget it.