Good morning, TOSA lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names long hair home of a $5 first SMO. And if you’re a member of the kicking grass community, you get discounts, discounts on leaf removal, uh, aerations discounts on sprays, all sorts of discounts, all sorts of services, Tulsa, lawn care community let’s talk operations. What are air rations? Well, narrations are when you loosen up the soil that gets compacted over years of walking and mowers and playing and running and all sorts of things on it. There are two types of elevations. One is the one that has the little plugs that dig into your ground and pull them out. And then they look like a tiny little core lying on your ground. And another is liquid aeration, both are great. Um, both have their pros and cons. So it’s clearly up to you on which one you’d want to use with our great Tulsa Lawn Care.

Orations, uh, really helped the ground to loosen up, to open up, to really breathe and get those nutrients in there from the fertile fertilization and other things that you’ll do to your law and helps to reseed and, and a lot of good things like that. Uh, if you use a traditional aeration machine where you come through and you poke the holes, uh, do remember that you need to come back through and either pick up the cores or molds them with another mower, you know, something along those lines. Cause they just lay there. Then they’ll, they’ll, they’ll end up killing whatever they lay over per se the grass and then be a defeatist purpose and you should; use our Tulsa Lawn Care instead. And then there’s liquid aeration that loosens up the, uh, the ground with, uh, chemicals and, and things like that. Uh, and some people prefer the liquid aeration, uh, as to the core, cause it’s just a spray for the best Tulsa Lawn Care today.

Uh, it’s more, uh, it’s quicker, it’s easier. Uh, but then again, you know, it is chemicals and things of that nature. So, uh, however, you want to play it. Uh, the other good thing about liquidation is you do not have a 400 to 1000 pound machine rolling on your lawn in the fall when usually it’s damp a lot of the times and you know, can ruts and things like that. Possibly, always, possibly not guaranteed. So operations are great. They’re great for the lawn. They’re great to help out your lawn guys, uh, ability to build revenue, and, uh, it’ll keep your lawn looking lush and green. It’ll help it through Winter.

There’s a lot of pluses to doing irritations, uh, iterations, uh, really, really helped build up the lawn and loosen the compacted soil a lot. Um, so it just depends, on what you want. I mean, you don’t have to be a big lawn guy told the lawn care community, to want aeration or feel that you need one. You just need to be somebody that wants to have a decent looking lawn and have a decent looking lawn. There are some things you need to do. And aeration being one of them, many people wonder why they are lawns are dying in areas and, and they’re, they’re not, they can’t grow grass here. They can’t do this. They can’t do that. Well, a large part of the reason is these little steps that people overlook irritations for realizations. Receivings, you know, all sorts of different, uh, tiny little things that people need to take care of in order to keep their lawn looking healthy and good for the top Tulsa Lawn Care by far.

You also need to take care of the soil and that’s what alterations are going to do. It’s going to help with that soil out to get it, uh, acclimated to the different seasons and all those things. So tell us a lawn care community when you’re out and about walking on your ground and you feel those rocks underneath you and you realize there are none and that’s your ground. That’s your aeration alarm going off that’s time for Tulsa, uh, that’s time for kicking grass and taking them along here. Did you come out here, come out, roll out with our, plugger take some of that ground out and loosen it up and make it nice and relaxed and moving around. You’ll uh, you’ll have an envious lawn, uh, for the neighborhood. Uh, people will, uh, definitely take notice. There’ll be Kip. There’ll be a kick, kick, and curb jealous of your lawn. There’ll be wanting to know your secret and know what company you use. And again, it’s just these little things that we can do for you. Uh, we’re already going to be onsite. Um, we’re going to have the ability to do this within a few minutes. Uh, again, we’re here because you don’t want to spend your whole Saturday doing yard work. We’re here to mow your yard edge it, sweep it, clean it up, make it look good with our awesome Tulsa Lawn Care.

30 minutes to an hour. That way, you know, you’re out with your family at your kid’s soccer games and enjoying that life versus being out there all day. We all know from personal experience that when you go and do your own yard work, you’re not highly motivated. You’re out there all day long. You do a little bit like I’m tired. I want to go lay down. So you do. When you hire somebody, they don’t have those options. Their option is just to get out there, get your yard done, and move on to the next. So let kick the grass and taking names, lawn care, come out there and take care of you, provide you with good quality service and a decent looking lawn, Tulsa lawn care community.

We’re here to help you get your weekends back. All right? Some people don’t find it necessary to have an aerator. And that’s good because that means kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care can come out in aright, your lawn for you, whether it be liquid aeration or traditional aeration, uh, a machine with floods, uh, either way, it’s something that we can come and do take care of for you. Make sure you, your lawn is healthy and strong. Uh, lay those fertilizers down and post-merger ins for the fall and get ready for winter. That way your lawn will come back and lush and green in the spring and not be Brown and dead. And then you’d really have to work at it again. If you just take a few simple steps by calling our number (918) 406-2019. That’s the first step, the second step would be having us come out and give you an estimate. And then the third step would be agreeing to have a service your lawn for the season. So those few simple steps we’ll have you have a great green luscious lawn for the season. Your neighbors will be curb kicking, jealous, wanting to know how why, and how come when they see you running around all day long with your family and kids. Having fun out doing family fun things with your kids.

And yet you still have a lush green and beautiful lawn, but yet you don’t, they don’t ever see you outside working on it. Why you’ve hired a team to come out there and do this for you for an hour a week. And that’s how you get a great looking lawn. We’re there. We can take care of your lawn, throw some seeds on there, throw some great things on there and make it look great and lush. And you just saved yourself. Whole Saturday lawns do take up a lot of time. Lawns a Duke need a lot of attention, but again, there’s no reason to, uh, to waste your whole day or, and it’s not just being out there in the hot sun. It’s, you know, you’re having to go to Lowe’s and Home Depot and these big box stores and figure out what it is that you need. And then you get to hunt somebody down and find them and ask them, Hey, is this the right product? Hey, I read this online. Is this going to work? You know, uh, you listen to people online and then try to look for the products that they used.

All sorts of crazy things like that. So let the pros know what you want and we’ll come out and we’ll do it for you. We’ll take care of you. We’ll get you set up a good schedule. One that works out for you. We’ll meet with you, we’ll get in contact and then it’ll be a, a no brainer from there on out, come out there and take care of the lawn. Uh, any requests you need, you can, uh, let us know. We can provide, allow that lawn to really grow and be lush and fertile. So higher kicking grass and taking names along here, the lawn care company that will help you make your neighbors be kicking curb jealous of your lawn, have one of the best-looking lawns and the Tulsa lawn care community and enjoy your Saturdays with your family and not out in the heat on a big box store, trying to figure out where and what you need, kicking your ass and taking names, lawn care home with a $5 first Mo check us out. Www dot kicking grass, We’ll see you out there in the weeds.