Hello, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first. How are you doing out there at a green country? We’re coming at you here today about blades, blades, blades of grass. No, not blades of grass, blades of banana treats. No, not blades of the banana tree. These blades of mowers, lades of mowers. Why would a mowing company, I want to talk about blades of ours? I don’t know why would a mowing company want to talk about blades of ours? Maybe because that’s the main part of the company. And if we don’t have blades, we don’t know. Did you know, depending on the sharpness of it, of your blade, depends on how well your lawn is. Cut. There’s a lot in that saying right there. Let’s break it down. The sharpness of the blade, Tulsa lawn care community. Do you want us to come out there with a bunch of spoons and start whacking at your grass? No, that will not help anybody.

They might be funny to watch until the spoon goes loose and watch somebody in the head, but it will not help anybody to attempt to mow a yard with a spoon. Tulsa lawn care community blades are important. Blazer, very important. Maintenance on your machines are important and it starts with the blades. The, uh, the sharpen, the blades are, but not too sharp, better for cutting the grass. Why? Because you want the grass to get cut. You do not want the grass to tear. Okay. There was a world of difference. All right, torn grass does not grow back as well. Cut grass grows back healthier. So if you have your blades, sharp Tulsa lawn care community, like a knife, one, that’s pretty sharp too. That’s pretty nice. Three that will not last long. They will break apart. Meaning chunks of metal will, will go flying off every time it hits anything thicker or harder than a blade of grass.

Now, if you’ve got a perfect lawn, nothing but grass, nothing in the way. No rocks, no sticks, no twigs, no stomps, no nothing. Then. Yeah, of course, that would work, but that’s not how long it’s work. Lauren’s work. Having hidden rocks, hidden treasures, uh, stumps, molehills, all sorts of things. And anytime a super sharp blade hits that it chips away. Some of the metal, one of two things is going to have to give and more than likely the sharp knife edge is thinner than whatever you’re running it through. So that’s the part that’s going to give. So that’s why you don’t want a knife, sharp edge blade, but you do want a blade with some sharpness. Okay. Now having said that again, it’s about a, I want to say 35, 40-degree angle. Maybe, maybe not even that, that high, but it’s a pretty decent angle.

Okay. Do you want to keep that angle? You want to be level two. Cause if you’re unlevel, you’ll, you’ll shake really bad. So you want to make sure your blades are, are, keeps the cut level that it comes with. You want to make sure the blades are cut level, meaning you don’t want to have a thinner end and that thicker middle or vice versa. You want to make sure that the whole blade is even so it spins evenly and everything is cut smoothly. Then there’s also the argument of how your blades turn. Some argue that blades that rotate like most of the blades in the United States, uh, do not cut the grass as well as blades that turn over and do it more of a scissor cutting action.

So that’s, uh, that’s something that people can, uh, argue over in Wars and stuff like that. Uh, cause here in America we spend our blades and uh, we shoot it to the side. So it comes out good. That way lawns come out, looking great. We’ve got some of the best looking lawn courses, uh, golf courses in the world, Tulsa lawn care community. I kid you not come out and check our lawns when they’re done. And you tell me how much of a carpet they look at. In fact, check our website out. I’ve got pictures up thereafter each Mo showing just how fine of a lawn they are.

They are a good looking carpet looking smooth piece of grass. I’d tell you looking sharp and good come home. Make daddy happy. Okay? Why? Cause kicking grass, lawn care, and taking names took care of your lawn. You got to come home and enjoy the benefits of the freshly cut lawn. The smell, the look, the feel most importantly, the look tells us a lawn care community kicking grass and taking names is here with blades, ready blades, ready to go. Mold plaids on bulging kit kits on our mowers, Reddit. Most of that grass up. We’re ready to cover it up. Ready to make those lawns look great. When you want a top-notch team, that’s going to show up on time, come out and do what you’re asked. And if we make a mistake and we’re human and mistakes happen, we’ll fix it. Okay. Call us up. Let us know we’ll fix it. There’s you’ve already done the hard part calling up and reaching out to a lawn care company and they actually call back, which we do with a human.

So let us come out and fix mistakes. Let’s come out and fix our mistakes. Let us come out and fix your current mower. Guy’s mistakes. That way you’ll go, huh? I need to go with them because it’s lawn care. It’s not hard, but that sun beats down on you. You get druggy, you get drowsy, you get foggy. So you do make mistakes, but we will own up. We will come out. We will fix them. The grass will grow. We will make it all good with our sharp blades, kicking grass, and taking names. Long hair wants to come out. Blades blades are rotating, right? And take care of you guys do not be afraid. Call us today. When the grass is growing, we’ll come away with our great Tulsa Lawn Care now. That’s all I can say.

Kicking grass and taking names long care home or the $5 first sharpest blades, but not too sharp in town. Maintained level. Even sharpened. At least, I don’t know, a week once we got several blades, so it’s more or less, we sharpen them and then we just switch them out each week. It’s a great process, sparks flying. And that’s why you want professional lawn care. You don’t want the guy a weekend warrior or that neighborhood kid. Cause he’s going to come over with blades of everything. What’re the blades of everything you ask. Oh, blades of everything is, Hey, I’ve mowed 15 lawns a day. And I have not yet cleaned my mower. And at a single spot, I haven’t blown it out. I haven’t washed it off anything. So I’m coming with everything. I’ve voted today to your lawn. Enjoy. I don’t know about you, but now my lawn, I liked my lawn clean. I liked my lawn with my germs and my stuff with the top Tulsa Lawn Care around.

And that’s just how I like my lawn. Everyone else can have their lawn with their gun. Cause they want to pay the cheapo Depot price and get the little kid to come into it. Wonderful. But when the heat starts coming, the kids stopped showing. There’s a reason why they’re called kids. So tell us lawn care, humanity, reach out, give us a call. Schedule your $5 first Mo see what we can do, show how we let us show you how we can help you. Okay. Free up your weekend. Yes. It may take us 30 minutes, 40 minutes to do what takes you two hours. Three hours. Okay. It’s going to be good enough. It’s going to be quick enough. It’s going to be something that you can look at and go, you know what? I’d like it, it was quick. It was easy. I got to go out to lunch with my wife. I got to go to my kid’s game. I didn’t have to mow it. I didn’t have to deal with it. I’m a happy camper. Well worth the money. Jevon here, home of the $5 first mill that’s kicking grass and taking names long hair that one eight four zero six two zero one nine. Www dot kicking grass, tulsa.com. Guys. Check us out. Give us a chance. It’s five bucks. What do you have to lose?