Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here home of the $5 first meal with kicking grass and taking names. Long care how you folks doing out there today. Wonderful. I hope it’s a beautiful spring morning, cool, crisp weather to wake you up when you get outside. Hopefully you’ve got those. Butt is going. I hope everyone is having a great day. I know I am. Why? Cuz the sun is shining and we got lawns ahead of us. It’s gonna be a good day here in green country. Tulsa lawn care community. It’s time to start thinking grass. That’s right. Let’s go out and scrape those Bermudas time to scrape ’em up and get them in shape. Get all that winter gunk, all that winter funk, all that winter. Yuck off of the grass. We don’t want any of that stuff on the grass. Taking up space, putting in bad, bad things in our grass, leaving bad things, all that stuff.

We want to start every spring with a fresh, clean slate. Hopefully you guys put down a post merge. One of the most important things to do. And uh, now you got your pre going down. Okay? So folks, let us take care of this stuff for you. Let us be the ones that come out and show you, uh, the best way to get your lawn into the shape. In fact, let us, us be the ones that do it for you. That is, that’s the best option because scrape scrape bags, man. They, they, they’re, they’re dusty. They’re, you got stuff flying everywhere. You get in your eyeballs, your throats. I mean it’s just, it’s horrible, horrible folks, I tell you. Just horrible. Uh, and on a serious note, it sucks. No one wants all that and go through all that trouble and hassle and all that. So that’s why we’re here kicking grass and taking names.

Long hair home with a $5 first mo. We’ll come out scraping bag that lawn for you. Cheap and easy. Like it never even happened. Everything goes with us. We don’t leave you with any bags or anything like that. So Tulsa long care community, we are one of the best values in the business when it comes to that. Why? Because we’re a set it and forget it scenario. Once you get us going, don’t worry about it again. We’ll take care of you. We’ll check in with you every once in a while. Make sure you’re happy. But we’ll check, we’ll take care of you. And it all starts with that scraping bag and you just, main thing you want to do that for is just to get rid of all that. That just buildup. Cuz you don’t really do anything with your lawn here in Oklahoma over the winter. You know, you don’t walk on it, you don’t beat things down into it and stuff like that. You pretty much all of a sudden get afraid of it and leave it alone and don’t go near it. But you need to scrape

Everything off for the health of the lawn, get it opened up, let the, let the ground get the, the vitamin D that it needs, the nutrients, all that stuff. Uh, you know, and it doesn’t hurt to kind of go and, you know, lightly rake it, so to speak. You know, I’m not saying like rake the, the thrush or the thrush or anything like that. Um, but I’m just saying, you know, just kind of scratch the ground a little bit. Kind of wake it up, loosen it and, and say, Hey, it’s time to, to stir the nutrients up and get everything going. So we wanna make sure we have enough done. Uh, so the lawn knows to, to be vibrant and nutrient rich and, and things like that. So, Tulsa lawn care, community kicking grass, taking names, long hair, has been doing this for a long time while now.

Uh, a lot of years of experience. We know how to do it. We know how to do it efficiently, get it done quick. Um, and we know what’s best for the lawn. Uh, have faith in us. Let us be the ones that do it for you. Let us be the ones that come out and show you what a great lawn’s gonna look like and what great service and, and stuff you don’t have to worry about. Looks like we’re, uh, we’ve been in Tulsa now for going on, uh, five years and we’re getting closer and closer to those, uh, new thresholds and all that stuff. Building up a lot of, uh, new clients and we want you to be a part of that. Uh, scraping and bagging is a great way to introduce us. We’re out there for a little longer than normal. Uh, cuz scraping bagging is not an easy or quick process.

Uh, but it is, it is a good one and one that you want to do for your, uh, overall health of the lawn. Okay? It’s one of those ones like you wanna do every spring for your first cut. Uh, go ahead and take all the bad stuff with you. And then after that first cut, uh, come and have your, your guy do your weed control and fertilization. Uh, cuz then all those nasty weeds from winter are thirsty and hungry for, uh, um, more nutrients and substance that have been cut. And then it’ll absorb the chemicals and stuff like that that we, that, uh, we have designed to kill it all off. So I think it’ll be left with nothing but grass. It’ll be great. And about the end of, uh, April, beginning of May, it’ll just turn green overnight and you’ll be like, whoa, where’d that came from?

So that’s why you wanna already have us in place. Uh, when we, we, we notice grass, we see it growing. We see it when it needs to be done. So let us take care of it. Let us just be the ones. Hey, yeah, it’s uh, that’s time. We already know your grass is growing. Oh, you’ve been out here. No we haven’t, but we know it’s growing and uh, we know it needs to be cut and we know you want it to look good. So that’s why you have, uh, us here with you to take care of that. Um, we hope, uh, everything is nice and neat and pretty for you as we’d like to do. And we hope to, uh, keep you guys happy and do our best so you guys can brag to your friends how your lawns are taken care of. Uh, you’re easily happy with everything that we do.

And you don’t have to worry about any of the hassle or headache of does my mower work? Does it, does uh, weed eater work? Does this work? Does that work? Do I have line, do I have the right fuel? Do I have whatever ever else you might need? Why? Cuz uh, that’s us. That’s what we do. Uh, we’re gonna make sure it works cuz that’s, that’s how we make our living. Uh, we’re gonna come out, make your lawn look great, um, scraping bag it as low as possible, as low as you’re, uh, comfortable with. Um, lower the better. Get that nice fresh, uh, scalped look going. And, uh, yeah, it’ll be, it’ll be glorious. You guys will be happy. Um, excited. Uh, all the above. So kicking grass to taking names Lawn Care home in the $5 first Mill Tulsa Lawn Care community’s best and brightest Green Star Lawn Care service.

Um, that’s right. We have five green stars, a lot of stars, a lot of green, and we’re great. We want to show you that we’re great and we need that opportunity. Uh, allow us to be the ones to come out and service you. We’re quick, clean and friendly. Um, we show up in nice trucks, uh, uniform, um, all the above. Uh, cause we really want our guys to know that we’re here to take care of you. Um, the Tulsa Lawn Care community. I hope everything is, uh, going green for you. We want you guys to know that we have a lot of machines ready to mow your grass and keep everything moving the way it needs to. We want to be the ones to keep you safe with your HOAs, not in trouble. Uh, making it look good, making it look green, making it look trimmed, making it look clean.

Uh, so many ways to do that. Uh, but the easiest way to do that is call and kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first Mo. Uh, you’re talking about a burger, a fry and a shake. Okay? You can’t even get that for five bucks. Heck, you can, you can barely get a burger for five bucks. Like you get one of those real burgers, double meat, bacon, cheese, all that stuff. You’re, you’re talking six bucks, seven bucks. So forget even get a, a healthy burger, okay? Uh, you get a, you get quality high end shake. Yeah. You’re talking five, six bucks. So boom, there you go. Best deal in town. $5 first. Mow, get you mowing, edging weed eating and hard surface cleanup. You ain’t gonna find something better than that. Someone shows up in something

Equipment like you wouldn’t believe and then takes care of you like that. Uh, for only $5 you darn aren’t too. And right. We’re one of the best companies out there. Uh, we’re gonna make sure you look good, you look clean. We’ll make sure we have all the right things in place for you guys. Um, taking care of everything that we can for you and providing one of the best service Tulsa has, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first. Mow, let us know how we can help. Let us know what we can mow. Uh, we mow anywhere from Collinsville to Jinx to Coweta to Northside. I mean, you name it, we’re out there. Like I said, we’re priority in your neighborhood. Take a peek round. You see some ninjas out there? Mowing some lawns. That’s us. Quick cleaning. Quiet. Nothing better. No one wants to have a bunch of loud, noisy guys screaming and hollering at them, uh, while they mow the lawns. Yeah, we’re out there. We’re quick. We’re queen, we’re quiet. And uh, yeah, we make it all look good.

Ninja is never seen nor Hood. Come home. See lawn mode. Happy, happy customer ain’t a better way to be. So let us mow your grass for only $5. Get you taken care of and get you looking good. Better than your neighbors. And get them curb kicking jealous because they don’t see you out there sweating and all hot and bothered and uncomfortable. They see you relaxing and enjoying while they mow the yard. King grass taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first. Mow, give us a call, give us a shout. Uh, let us know how we can help. (918) 872-0338. Uh, call our text. We’ll get back to you.