Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first mo. Good wintery Morning to you folks out there and all the snow abound. How are you guys doing out there? In the white wonderland of green country? Folks just wanna talk to you about, um, snow removal. Why snow removal? Why not talked about leave removal. Talked about grass clipping removal, also known as Boeing. Uh, talked about, uh, all sorts over different kinds of removal. You name it, we removed, talked about it. It’s been great. It’s been wonderful. Let’s keep talking about different types of removal and now we’re on snow removal.

How do y’all feel about snow removal? It’s cold. Yes, I know it’s cold. I get that. I got that. I understand that. Uh, so right now, folks, we’re doing, uh, snow removals. Uh, it is snow. It’s a great opportunity to make a little bit of cash. Uh, if you’re already in position to have salt spreaders and, and shovels and scrapers and things like that. Uh, it’s really good. It’s really wonderful. Uh, we really enjoy the opportunity being ready for these things, um, and letting, and, and our clients already know, oh, hey, he does snow removal. Cool. I can count on him. I can call him. He can come and, and get it done and removed and outta my way. And wonderful. Yes. Again, these are things that, that are not, that you can’t do yourself is that It’s like, why bother? Why should I go out and do these things when I have a guy that can come out and take care of me?

Um, I’m already his client. I already know how to, he already knows how to handle stuff for me and, and it, it’s wonderful. Uh, Tulsa lawn care community. Don’t you guys fret or worry, we’re gonna come out there, we’re gonna make sure you guys are, are provided for, uh, everyone else is getting their snow removed in one way, shape or another. Whether it’s through, uh, some trucks coming through or, or somebody, but someone, you know, we, we can salt, we can, we have all sorts of things and, and everything you guys are gonna need to have your property taken care of and more. You know, we, we can mow, we can, uh, leaf remove, we can snow remove, we can do it all for you guys. You just, you just gotta know we’re here and you gotta reach out and let us know what you want. Um, we do have a membership and the top two, uh, memberships, uh, offer snow removal in the package deal. Uh, which, which is great. Um, cuz you, you, you never know if you’re really gonna need it or not. And why pay full price if you can afford, uh, a fee every month, have it paid off and have all these services and you, you know, your fee’s gonna be flat. Uh, no reason to, to do anything extra or above and beyond or any of that stuff.

Uh, just know how to, uh, how to get ahold of us and know that we’re gonna come and take care of you to, uh, to, to remove that stuff. Uh, we have good design, we have good methods. Uh, and as long as it’s not frozen, we’re pretty f fast and efficient. Uh, the only thing is that, is it is, if it is frozen, then it may take us an extra minute or two. Uh, standard driveway usually runs about, uh, takes us around 30 minutes. Uh, you know, uh, if it’s frozen solid, maybe an hour, but we’re gonna get it cleaned, cleaned up and looking nice for you. So, Tulsa Lawn Care, q and e. Um, this is just for you guys. We want you guys to know that we’re out there for you. We’re gonna make you guys look good. We’re gonna make you guys look great.

Um, we’re here to provide, uh, one of Tulsa’s best services for you. Whether it’s in the snow or whether it’s in the fall with leaves or summer with grass. Uh, we’re, we’re gonna take care of it. Uh, snow removal is, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated. Uh, there are methods, uh, we, and, and depending on the driveway, it just depends on the method. Um, it’s kinda like leaf removal. You need to bring all your tools to the, to the party to see, uh, what, what one’s gonna provide the biggest impact, uh, to the task at hand. Um, so folks don’t, uh, don’t miss out. Don’t be the ones out there having to, uh, shovel for several hours simply because you don’t have the right equipment or the right shovel or the right, uh, knowledge or the right anything.

Uh, you have the right folks. We’re in your neighborhood already. Uh, trust me, I know why, because I’m, I’m the ones out there checking with me and my guys and we’re, we’re out there and we’ll be hitting one or two homes and three homes over if somebody’s out there doing it themselves, just staring at us. Cool. We have our name and number on the shirts. Give us a call. Let us know how we can help you out. Let us be the ones to, uh, make you look good. And, and take all the credit. We don’t mind. We don’t care. Uh, just let us put our signs out. Let people know that, uh, we’re the ones that made you guys look good. Let your neighbors know. Uh, don’t be afraid to share the wealth, uh, with your neighbors. Get everyone looking good. Get everyone on the same page.

Keep everyone maintaining and looking good. Keep those property values up. Uh, a well-maintained property is, is a, a valued property. You don’t want to, to let your property value go down simply because you’re not maintaining it. And, and it, and it goes for things like snow removal, Tulsa lawn care community. Don’t be afraid to, to ask for help. Uh, as, as some people put it. Uh, find your lane, stick to it, and let everyone else take care of theirs. Okay? Meaning you, you don’t have to be, oh, I’m Mr. Man and I take care of all the things at my house. Finding the right people to provide services for you at your house is the same as you taking care of it. You literally do not have to be the one to go out there and take care of it. Um,

You can set up the guys in position and get the, uh, reservation, so to speak, set up so you guys are provided for and taken care of. Uh, just cuz you own a home does not mean you have to be the one to be out there with the hammer and, and chisels and nails and whatever else you need to do to fix up your property and make it look good. You just have to be the one to, to delegate the work. That’s it. Tulsa Long Care community, uh, king Grass and taking names. Long Care wants to be the ones that come out there and help you guys have a home worth showing. Find those neighbors. Find those, uh, people out there, uh, that, that all want the same thing. Get together. Have us come out. Have us knock out your block, your everything. Make you guys look wonderful and fabulous and just chic.

Uh, don’t, don’t allow other people to, to say things where they’re like, oh, you’ve gotta be the one to do this. Do that. No, you don’t. And and it’s also a amount of perspective. If, if you hire somebody to do something, hey, you’ve, you’ve taken care of it. You have, you have yourself. So Tulsa Lawn Care community, we want you to know Kick Grass, taking names. Lawn Care has been out there for years. Been out there for several years. You’ve seen us in your neighborhoods. You’ve wondered about us. You see our blue trucks. Um, we’re going up, up and down your roads. We’re, we’re providing the service. We’re providing the, the nice looking homes. Uh, we’re in, we’re out, we’re quick. Uh, there, there’s, it’s just what we do. Uh, we help you, we help your neighbors. We help your family members. Uh, we let everyone look great.

Um, it’s, it’s really a nice way. See, everything that we do, when you look at your neighbor’s house, um, that nice clean driveway, that, that they get a walk up and down with no ice on. That’s us. We’ve got that done. Okay. We’ve salted, we’ve scraped, uh, we got it looking good. Uh, we made it safe for them. Uh, now they can get in and outta their driveway, no problem. So if that’s what you want, that’s what you need, reach out. Let us know. Let us be the ones to, to help you out, to get things done for you. Uh, there’s so many different ways to, to get things done for you and provide it for you. And man kicking, congrats to taking names. Long care is one of those ways. And what I mean by that is let us be the ones to get out there and show you guys, uh, our our ability to, to clean those driveways off, to get ’em salted and keep them safe. Uh, so many people, I mean, you, you, you don’t realize one because it’s your driveway and you’re on it every single day. You don’t realize the hazard that it can be, especially if it’s sloped and you don’t realize how, how little of a

Slope you need or that you have in, or that will be an issue. Um, even, even your vehicle parked on the slope can slide down. It’s, it’s not that it’s gonna magically just stay there. If it’s iced over, it’s iced over and ice is iced. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hundred pounds or 300 pounds or a thousand pounds. If, if you’re on ice, it’s gonna move. Like it’s nothing. Um, there’s been several times we’ve had customers who parked their cars on their driveway that slanted. And next thing you know, it slides into their house because it sloped or it slides back out into the street, hits a, a neighbor’s car. Cause it’s, it’s all iced. Uh, things happen. Um, there’s no reason to, to allow, uh, those things to go. You know, your property, know your driveway, uh, how it’s come out. Let us take care of it.

Uh, competitive fee, man. We, we’re good. We’re fast, we’re efficient. We’ll be the ones that come in and, and make it look clean and nice and like the snow and everything happened. Just a little dampness. Uh, so folks, uh, kick grass, taking names, long hair home in a $5 first. Mow, uh, let us come out, shovel that driveway. Uh, get it assaulted, get it safe. Uh, get pathways for you guys to walk, uh, areas for your vehicles to park. Uh, so you can get in and out safely, um, and, and not have to worry about anything else. Uh, so give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out Uh, send us an email kick in dot grass 21 Let us know how we can help reach out, uh, and schedule your, uh, snow removal today. Uh, yeah, if you don’t hurry, it’ll be gone.

We understand. But there’s a lot of risk, uh, in the meantime. So let’s get you safe. Let’s get you taken care of. Make that, uh, property look good. And, and make sure the home, uh, stays nice, warm and cozy cuz any cracks is no good. So folks, give us a call. Uh, reach out. Look at our pictures, check us out, see what we can do for you. See how we can provide it for you. Uh, take advantage of our deals. We’re here for you Tulsa. Let us know what we can do. We’ll see you out there.