<silence> Good morning. Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first mow folks, it’s January in Oklahoma and well, that means leaves are down covering your beautiful grass. You are beautiful and more than likely brown grass. If you are, however, one of those exceptional few that do have fescue, you already know the importance of removing that leaf coverage. Those leaves will kill that grass faster than a snot running down a kid’s nose in the middle of December. I tell you what, leaves are the death of your grass. You need to understand that. You need to believe that. You need to know that we are here to get that off your grass. I’ll tell you what, Tulsa lawn care community kicking grass and taking names, lawn care here to remove the leaves. We want your leaves.

We need the leaves. Leaves are our friend. We’re here to move them big, move them high, move them low, move them out, move them gone. Do not be afraid of us taking your leaves. Why? Because that’s what we are here for and designed for. We want to take those leaves, remove ’em from your house, get them off that property, that way your grass can grow and thrive and be healthy and strong with whatever little bit of sunlight and nutrients it can get during this winter season. It will store it up, lock it up, keep it up, get it going, ready for next year. Okay, folks, if you wanna have grass come springtime. If you wanna have grass come our beautiful and wonderful summertime, we need to remove those leaves. Now, the best thing to do, especially if a lot of leaves, is to get them removed and then have ’em have us come through, mulch everything up. Make it look nice and neat and clean. Okay? Removing leaves is not a hard job, but Tulsa lawn care community, let me tell you something. It is draining of energy and power. Okay? Leaves can get heavy, leaves can get big, bulky, massive, real quick, real fast, and you can get over your head fast. Leaves will pile up. Leaves will become a barricade, and we need those leaves gone and we need them removed, and we’re the ones that are gonna do it for you. Why? ’cause we love to remove leaves. Leaves be gone.

Having leaves all over your lawn causes so many headaches. Not only does it kill or, or remove basically grass of where it is or where it or where it was, is it can cause disease. It can cause um, all sorts of termite, oh, not termites, but all sorts of different, like little critters and bugs and,

And things underneath. And they’ll prepare and destroy your lawn. Having leaves cover your lawn for too long will also weaken the ground and can, could possibly damage your foundation depending on how much the leaves pile up and the the water absorbs underneath. Uh, if it never dries out for where the sun can, can nice and, and bake it all out and do all that stuff, then I mean, your foundation will remain loose and could crack. You know, don’t get me wrong, that is a, a huge, huge, uh, scenario that that is far off. But trust me, you don’t think about leaves. Leaves are not on anybody’s front mind. They’re just right there. And it’ll happen. Time will go by more time, more time than you realize. And next thing you know, your foundation is, is rocky at best. So folks, leaf removal in the Tulsa lawn care community by kicking grass and taking names of lawn care home of the $5 first mow is so important.

Uh, you’re supporting a local business. You’re helping us put food on the table. You’re helping us, uh, make our community look great, grand and wonderful. So, so many times that we’re out there, you see us working, come up to us, talk to us. Let us know what you need, how you need it. We’ll be glad to help you guys out. We’re glad to come out, give you a quote on the lawn. We glad to come out and make your lawn look wonderful and great guys. Don’t be afraid. Let us see what we can do, how we can help, how much we can give you guys. Uh, that’s how we really want to do things. We want to share with you guys our ability to clean your lawn up and make you guys look great and wonderful. So Tulsa lawn care community. Do not be afraid to desire your leaves gone by kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. We are here to remove those leaves and keep those lawns healthy and strong and vibrant. Why? Why not? Why not have a good looking lawn? Why not have someone come out and take care of it? I’m not saying you have to. There’s no reason why you have to, but why not have someone else come do it? You have other people do other things for you, like bring you food, make you food, um, all sorts of things.

Take care of your home. Take care of your pride. This is, this is a huge investment in your life. The biggest one. You typically of most of most people. So, so take care of it, provide for it, nurture it, keep it clean. Keep it nice. No reason you should let it go to shambles just because, oh, it’s cold at, oh, I don’t wanna deal with, oh, well, I’ll get it later. No you won’t. You know, we won’t. Okay, but you know who will kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first mow Tulsa Lawn Care community. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Get on our list. We have some openings left where we’re gonna be out there.

We’re moving leaves. We’re gonna be out there making your house look great, look wonderful. We’re going to be out there making your neighbor’s house look great. Look, look wonderful. Don’t be left in the dark. Don’t be left in, buried in leaves, okay? And, and don’t be a rude neighbor. If your neighbors are getting it done, you might as well get yours done too, because your leaves are gonna end up back in their yard and then they’re gonna get mad ’cause they spend good money to have a great company come out and move those leaves. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Alright? That’s the neighborly thing to do. You guys wanna get along. You guys wanna have a, uh, good and happy relationship ’cause you gotta live next door to each other. So nothing better than getting those leaves removed by kicking grass and taking names.

Long hair oh, oh, the $5 first. Mow folks, we will get those leaves gone for you quicker than snot. We want those leaves gone. We want those leaves in our trucks, in our buckets hauled off for you. Leaves are are just a wonderful thing sometimes and sometimes they’re not. And when they’re not is when they’re on the ground covering your grass. But when they’re in the trees providing shade, nothing better than leaves. We love ’em. We like them, we want more of them folks. Just allow kicking grass, taking names along here to, to come out and show you what we can do. We’ve got a great gallery of pictures. You guys should check ’em all out. All the leaf removal jobs we do get on there. Um, we like to show our our customers what they’re paying for. We will make you guys look great and wonderful.

We will make you guys have a, a very envious lawn. Needless to say, Tulsa lawn care community. Having leaves on the ground is, is not a sign of good luck is not a sign of anything other than a headache. And having to deal with so many other possibilities that can come up. It’s amazing what happens when you let one thing slide. So just keep that in mind. Don’t be afraid to have us come out and take care of it right away. Um, not like it’s an emergency or anything, but making sure we can take care of it in an efficient and timely manner is, is important. Who knows the last time you had leaves done, um, you sit there and have them piled up. They grow mold, they grow all sorts of things on them. They, they cover up animals and, and whoever else that wants to hide underneath there and, and, and do things. So, I mean, leaves can stack up, leaves can cause issues, leaves can, can really, really come out there and do things. So we, y’all need to understand that leaves and leaf removal is a crucial part of, uh, lawn care

Necessity. We wanna make sure we are taking care of your lawn, uh, to the best of our ability, which is a really good ability, really, really wonderful and awesome ability. So folks, Tulsa Lawn Care community, it is time that you let us come out there and do this. It is time that you let us come out there and take care of that wonderful lawn that we have mowed all season long that we’ve mowed your neighbors for. It’s cold out. There’s no reason for you guys to have to deal with the elements or the weather or the anything. And you just come out there and see that Jo lawn’s clear and clean, okay? It has time for the wind to hit it and dry out and be great and wonderful and clean and, and not full of leaves and covered and blanketed and dying and absorbing all sorts of fungis and fungis and molds and whoever who knows what else is going on underneath there, but leaves gone kicking grass at taking names lawn care.

We are that team that will get it done for you in a quick, efficient and friendly manner. Um, we will satisfy, uh, to the best of our abilities and hopefully help you guys understand the importance of a clean and healthy lawn. Folks, give us a call. Let us know how we can help you. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, give us a text. Let us know. We’ll be there. Um, we’ll be more than happy to. Uh, sometimes texting is better just simply ’cause we’re already out there working, getting those, uh, leaves removed. So let us know how, how we can help and what else we can provide for, uh, service we can provide for you guys. Remember, $5 first. Mow kicking grass, taking names. Long care. We’ll see you out there folks.