Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mow, wanted to reach out to you guys and say, happy spring. This is the first, no second full day of spring, I believe. And out here in, uh, green Country, we are enjoying some rain, some cool weather, and all the fun stuff. Folks out there just wanna reach out to you and let you know that, uh, kicking grass and taking names, long care is, uh, home of the $5 first. Mow, we, uh, are very proud of that offer. We always wanna offer it. We want you to know it is there for you to take advantage of and sign up and get one of the best services in town. Folks, let us come out. Let us mow your lawn right now. The thing that is growing, and this is what people need to understand, the things that are growing right now are weeds.

If you actually have grass, it’s not growing. Your grass is probably still brown, and it’ll stay brown probably for the next, uh, month, easily all the way into may. Uh, a lot of my lawns that, uh, weed and fertilized their, uh, their lawns are ones that, that don’t wake up until roughly end of April, beginning of May. Um, and, and that’s a good thing. Cause like I said, right now, the only thing that is growing, uh, profusely is the, uh, lovely purple wheats. And if you’re from Oklahoma, you know what I’m talking about. Those, those things that come outta nowhere, everyone’s grass is purple or red. And, uh, yep, that’s it. That is, that is what’s growing lush, thick and tall. Uh, so we’re out mowing those down, keeping them in check, keeping them at bay. And, uh, yeah, that’s, that’s how it’s working right now for us.

It’s pretty good. If you’ve got those, uh, weeds growing for you, let me know. We’ll come out, we’ll take care of ’em for you. We’ll get ’em in check. We’ll put ’em down to the ground. Uh, let ’em know who’s boss and we’ll go from there. So folks, uh, don’t be afraid to reach out and let us come out for you. Tulsa Lawn Care community. It is the time that you need to start looking out your window and notice if you have weeds. If you do have weeds, call us. Let us come out and let us mow them down. We want to make your lawn look good. Lawn are looking great right now, right after Moe’s, man, they’re looking fresh, looking clean. They’re looking crisp. Uh, very stylish. Nothing, nothing bad about the lawns looking right now. They’re starting to wake up. It’s starting to get that, uh, outside, uh, dressed up a little bit, making it look nice. Um, so guys, reach out. Get one of Tulsa’s best, uh, companies out there to come out there and take care of your lawn for you. We’re, we’re quick, we’re fast, we’re friendly. Um, it’s what you need, it’s what you want. We’re reliable. You know, we’re gonna be there when we say we are. Folks, just let us know how we can help you and what we can do to do it. Tulsa,

Long care community, um, it, it is not too early to start mowing. We have actually been mowing since the beginning of March. Uh, it is now the end of March. So, like I said, it, it’s, it’s, it’s not too early and, you know, you might as well get it under control now versus I’ll just let it wait. Just let it wait. Just wait. Cuz the more it gets outta control, the, the, the more weeds it’ll have and things like that. Um, if you don’t want the weeds and you want your lawn looking nice, you know, uh, we would recommend to, to weed and fertilize. Um, that’ll really help with controlling the weeds. And, and it’ll also help with what time you start mowing your lawn. Uh, long story short, uh, if you want a decent looking lawn, you’re gonna have to put the money out there.

If you want somebody to just come out and mow it all the time, then you’ll have a longer mowing season. If, if you want, uh, a lawn free of weeds, you’ll have a shorter mowing season, but you’re still gonna have to pay for somebody to come out and we control and fertilize and things like that. So, like I said, no matter what, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll spend some money on it. Um, but at, at the end of the day, it, it’s not that much for the peace of mind that, that we can bring you the services that we provide. You’ll have a decent looking lawn that you do not have to worry about. You’ll have someone maintaining it on a regular basis, uh, that’ll communicate. And, and that’ll be that Tulsa Lawn Care community. Don’t be afraid to, uh, take opportunity of success, okay? We’re gonna be here for you.

We’re gonna take it and we’re gonna run with it. We’re gonna make you guys happy. You called, uh, that way you guys know everything will be taken care of. Uh, it’ll look good, it’ll look great. Um, and, and that’ll be it. So folks, come check us out. Uh, let us know how we can, uh, help you out making it look nice and clean. Um, we want to, we want to spring clean the yard, so to speak, uh, Tulsa Lawn care community. It is the time of year that we need to get the, the yard in shape. And that’s what we do here at Kicking Grass and taking names long here. Uh, we get it in shape, we make it look good.

Uh, we provide a lot of other services that just mowing. We’re gonna obviously, uh, weed, weed eat, uh, trim. And, uh, we’re also gonna edge the yard and clean up the hard surface duct. You know, that’s, that’s in your mowing package. And, you know, we do hedges, we do, uh, small trim, uh, small leaf. We do leaf removal, we do small limb removal tube from trees. Wherever we can get on the ground from them. Uh, you know, if we have to slightly raise a canopy or anything like that, we can do that. So folks, let us know. We want to come out and get this knocked out for you and, and clean it up and, and stuff. So, uh, the leaves have not exactly started to bloom just yet. So it’s still a great time to trim them trees up if need be. Um, or like I just said, raise the canopy. Maybe get a couple of smaller

Limbs that hang low, uh, if, if for nothing else, just, just for your, your long hair, guys to lump their heads and say, run around the yard, making it look sharp and nice, and all that fun stuff. So folks, let us know how we can help. Let us be the ones to, to show you, uh, some good quality service here and provide it in a, in a fast, reliable manner. Uh, kicking grass to taking names. Long care, $5 on your first meal. You’re not even, you can’t even get the, the milkshake, the fries, and the hamburger for five bucks anymore. So, you know, it’s a deal. You know, it’s a bargain. You’re getting your, your house looking sharp when it comes to something like that. I mean, just, just absolutely sharp, uh, hard to beat, hard to, uh, argue. I mean, there’s not a better deal in town.

So folks, uh, take a look around, check our testimonies, see the, all the, all the things that we offer. We offer, offer some really good deals. Um, yeah, we just want to come out and, and, and provide you some great work and be the ones to, uh, be the best for you. Um, we’re, we’re already gonna be in your neighborhood. We are all over town. Kuta, um, Midtown Tulsa, south Tulsa, north Tulsa, uh, you name it, we’re there. Broken Arrow North, broken Arrow South, broken Arrow East, broken Arrow West, broken Arrow. Uh, we’re in Bigsby, we’re in jinks, we’re in Glenpool. Uh, like I said, we’re in your neighborhood. So it, no matter where you’re at, give us a call. Collinsville, even. I mean, we’re all over. Give us a call. Let us know. Let us help, let us be the ones to, uh, get that money, uh, flowing for you and making that yard look great.

Okay? Uh, we’re gonna come out, uh, to our Tulsa Lawn Care community and, uh, make you guys understand why we are, we are rated the way we are, and that we have the testimonies that we have. So folks just come out or give us a call, give us a text, whatever it is that you need, and let us take care of you. Uh, let us be the ones to provide the service and make you look, look sharp. Uh, once you know our ma madness to method, method to madness, uh, you’ll enjoy it. You’ll appreciate it. Uh, we don’t operate like other companies. Uh, we, we like to communicate. We like to let you guys know what’s going on. Um, it’s, it’s real simple. It’s real easy. So folks, don’t be afraid to reach out and get that deal of the century, deal of the summer, however you wanna look at it and have it provided a, a great lawn care, worry-free summer. I mean, that’s all, that’s all you want. No headaches, no worries, no nothing. Just lawn taken care of, worry-free. You know it’s done. You know, you’re getting the information you need about it. And, and that’s it. It’s not even gonna be a second thought for you, uh, your lawn. You’re just, you’re just there and you’re gonna be

Winning and grinning. So folks, uh, grass is greening up. Uh, it’s coming alive, rowing, all that fun stuff. Let’s, let’s go ahead and make sure we stay on top of it and take control. And it doesn’t get outta control by any means. Uh, so that’s the last thing we really want. We really don’t want to have to, uh, come in and battle a massively overgrown yard, and that’ll just take longer and cost more money. Uh, harder it does on the equipment, the more money it can cost. And so that’s, there’s no reason to do that. I know some people have their perception of things, but in the reality is it is what it is. And, uh, so that’s, that’s where we’re at. So kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first mo, let us come out. Let us look. You, make you look sharp.

Uh, get it all taken care of. Looking good, uh, right outta the gate cuz right after spring, boom, we’re in the summer and you guys are off doing your own things. No need to worry about the lawn. You’ve got us in place. Uh, you’ve got the method down. All you gotta do is enjoy your time, uh, doing what you do, whatever that may be. So call king and grass and taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first Mow 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, give us a holler. Uh, let us know how we can help you out. Make you look good. Uh, do what we can for you. Uh, you’re gonna enjoy it. You’re gonna love it. We’ll be the best that we can be for you. And, uh, yeah, recommend us to your friends and family. That’s, that’s how we get most of our, uh, our clients.

Okay? Those, uh, mouth to mouth recommendations. We appreciate that. Uh, cuz our service and your lawn is our best advertisement to your neighbor and family and friends. When they come over and drive by and see it at all, they’re like, whoa, who takes care of it? You doing that, man, that’s some hard work you got going on. Then you’re like, nah, man. Kicking your grass takes care of that for us. And boom, next thing you know, we’re there at your neighbor’s house and we’re there at your, uh, family’s house taking care of you guys, making you all look great. All right guys, we’ll see you out there. Enjoy the weather.