<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking name as Long Care Home with the $5 First. Mow, it is getting warm in green country folks. It’s unreal how warm it’s been. Uh, so far. We’ve had, uh, the warmest January, we’re on track to have the warmest, uh, February in, uh, recorded time here for, uh, green Country. So, yeah, it’s, it’s pretty warm. Uh, grass and mother nature. They really don’t know what’s going on. They’re starting to do their thing. They’re starting to grow and bloom and do whatever they’re supposed to do. So it is time, folks. The time has arrived. It is time to start getting ready, ready or not. Things are gonna start growing. Like it or not, things are gonna start growing. Uh, I do believe we do have some more cold weather coming in that’ll stipend that, but you never know.

Okay? As of right now, it looks like we are on a warming trend. Everything is, uh, starting to, to activate and do its thing and start to go through its processes. So it is time to get ready, folks. It’s time to get there, start pruning and start cleaning those gutters. It is time to time to really get after it. Okay? So folks, let me tell you, kicking grass to taking names is ready for action. We are ready to come out, start trimming, uh, those bushes up, start cleaning out those flowerbeds, uh, you name it, we’re ready. Uh, question is, are you, uh, Tulsa lawn care community? You have to know that, uh, action equals success, and it is time to take action to have a successful and good looking lawn. Uh, it is not just about mowing and going, it is about preparation. Getting that long scalp, getting that long lawn, uh, treated, uh, all the good things, fertilized and stuff like that.

We want to get out there and get it taken care of for you. So folks, let us, uh, be the ones that come out and help. Let us be the ones that come out and make your lawn look wonderful. We definitely wanna do that. We definitely want to have one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. Uh, when we advertise with your lawn and we make it look great, we get more customers, uh, more customers. It’s, it’s a great thing for us, especially if we don’t have to go far. If we can, uh, get three or four of your neighbors, uh, in, on the, uh, on the fun, then we’re talking business. Now we’re talking a really good time. Uh, making money is, uh, what we wanna do here. And we wanna make you happy while we do that, folks, it’s warm. And that’s all grass needs, grass needs, warmth, uh, sunlight and water.

And, and that is, it’s what we’re getting right now. We’re getting a lot of warmth, a lot of sunlight, a lot of water. So you folks, don’t be surprised if your grass sprouts, especially a lot of you fescue owners out there, uh, fescue’s really gonna start taking off ’cause it’s not too hot. It’s just the right type of warm, uh, for fescue. It’s getting just what it needs. So it’s really gonna start growing here shortly. Fescue, uh, it’s, it’s got a prime season. Usually that prime season is spring and fall and right in the middle of the heat and hot. It doesn’t really grow too much or too bad. So right now, FES you guys be prepared. You may have to come out earlier than normal and expected to start mowing your yard. Uh, not a big deal. Uh, not a problem at all. We can be out there, take care of it for you.

And we’ll, we will. We, we are already starting to, uh, to get out there and take care of those fescue lawns, get them trimmed up. They’re starting to grow wild and crazy. Uh, get all over the place. A lot of things are starting to go. We’re already starting to get, uh, head trimming out trims outta the way. Uh, those things are starting to take off like mad. Um, it’s, it’s perfect temperatures for things to start growing. Um, not too hot, not too cold, just enough water. And that sunlight is really helping it out. And it’s all starting to go. And that’s, that’s exactly what we want. We want to be the ones to come out and take care of you guys and make you guys look good. Tulsa lawn care community, um, now’s the time to get on the books. Now’s the time to get ready and set and, uh, get yourself organized for spring.

Um, you don’t want to be, uh, weeks down the the line. ’cause a lot of people, um, book in early, they get things squared away. They, they get things, um, put down and placed and uh, ordered and pay up front and get all things. So, so they’re taken care of. And that’s what we’re trying to do for you guys. We’re trying to get the word out that we are taking reservations. We are taking, uh, things that need to be done and have to take in consideration that, you know, it does take time to do those things. So we wanna make sure we can get you done in a timely manner. So folks come out, check us out. We are here to make you guys look great. Do good. And yeah. So what’s up with the weather? We don’t know. Uh, we know we like it, we hope, uh, it does trigger early if it does.

We are ready to roll. We’ve got the equipment good, good and going. Uh, we’re gonna be out there to make, uh, these lawns, uh, controlled and maintained. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Uh, it is a crazy, crazy, uh, winter so far. It’s been pretty warm. We were supposed to have a lot of snow and ex we expect it to have a lot of snow. And it didn’t really happen. And it’s crazy. But Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, don’t you fret, um, you know, for a couple reasons. One, all that snow and other possibilities are still on the horizon. Uh, end of the month, there’s supposed to be, uh, some weather activity. And then there’s always march. And March is a toss up here in Oklahoma. You never know. We’ve had some of our best snow, um, conditions or situations, whatever you wanna call it in March. I mean, some that have brought us to a halt. So anyway, uh, that’s what we’re talking about right now. We are talking about, uh, crazy weather in Oklahoma and how it is ready to take off and start growing. Uh, the season is here. Uh, it is now

Time to, to, to start making those moves. Look at that lawn and getting it done fast. Folks, we’re gonna come out there and get this done for you. So it’s one of the things you don’t have on your plate. Um, we know taking care of those lawns can be a little annoying and time consuming. And who wants to be out there in the yuck of the muck? Uh, we do. That’s actually who wants to be out there? We know you don’t. That’s why you’re calling us. Congrats on taking names. Lawn Care home with the $5 first Mow to lawn care community. Give us a holler. Let us know. We want to be the ones to come and make it grow. You know, when we keep it trimmed just right and we do all that stuff, it is a wonderful thing. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna grow your, um, look, we’re gonna make it look good.

We’re gonna make your neighbors jealous. We’re gonna make your neighbors kind of stop and talk to you about your property and what’s going on with it. And, uh, you’re gonna have to spread the word, uh, exactly how we like it, exactly how we want to do it. We do not want to, uh, make you guys feel bad or uncomfortable or leave the situation in a manner that is not all the way there. So folks, give us a holler. Let us know how we can help out. Uh, now’s the time to act. We want to get sure you guys are taken care of. Uh, mother Nature is said, you know what? It is, time to go. Uh, I may have a few more surprises up my sleeve, which she, she always does. Don’t get us wrong. And, uh, but she’s, uh, otherwise saying it is, it is activation time.

Let’s get these yards mowing and growing. Let’s get things, uh, starting to spread their wings, so to speak. All right? Uh, those roots are gonna grow, dig deep. Uh, so if they wanna get those flower beds done, spring is a great time. Ground is usually pretty soft. All that, uh, old vegetation will come out a lot easier. So definitely a, a timeframe and a time period that you wanna clean those flower beds out and get rid of whatever it is you want to get rid of. Uh, definitely want to do that now. So, Tulsa lawn care community, definitely, definitely call us right now and tell us what you need. Give us a list, give us a laundry list. We can pick the day and, uh, come out and just take the whole day at your property and get everything done, all in one fell swoop.

Uh, get you guys looking good, cleaned up. Take the trash away. Whatever it’s we need to do. Um, and be ready to roll. So folks, don’t be afraid. Let us know how we can help you. Let us know how we can get these, um, wonderful lawns that we had that have been in winter dormancy all season long, ready for spring. Um, there’s a lot of things to do. Uh, a lot of it’s time consuming. You know, you have to travel to five or six different stores to get everything put together. But if you call us, it’s, it’s a one and done shop. We’re gonna come out and get it all laid out and and done for you in one fell swoop. Uh, so there’s no hassle or no nothing on your part, uh, other than a phone call. Uh, sit back, relax, sip your lemonade, check it out.

We got it all done for you. Uh, it’s a really good move. Really good, smart move on your behalf. Uh, you, you’ll save a lot of time and energy. Uh, you know, things that you could go do and, and on your own or, you know, just have a better time. You know, let us be the ones out in the, in the grass, in the backyard, getting it look great and, uh, taking care of all that, that hot mess that’s been going on. ’cause who knows what has been festering and what else back there you don’t wanna put up with that? Let us get out there, clean it up, get it all thrown away for you. Get those vegetations under control, uh, before they get outta control. Uh, a lot easier to nip ’em when they’re small than when they’re bigger. ’cause then that brings out chainsaws and who knows what else.

Uh, right now we can, we whip everything down, get it under control, give it a little spray of, uh, some organic solution that will help, uh, sterilize the ground for a few, uh, weeks, if not months. And, uh, and then, yeah, be ready to go and looking good for the season. Um, so that way you don’t have to deal with anything or look at all the, uh, unruly neighbors, maybe. I mean, re now’s even a great time to put up a fence. You know, don’t, don’t be afraid about putting up a fence or anything. Uh, we’ve got customers that they want their privacy. They don’t wanna look at their, um, loving neighbors who passionately do not take care of their backyard. But it happens. It is what it is. And we’re here to make you, uh, a happy camper with your yard. And remember what they say, uh, really good fences, make really good neighbors.

So let us, uh, help us where you, uh, uh, where we can, uh, we’ll get you lead in the right direction and taking care of folks. So Kevin here with Kicking Grass, taking names, long care home of a $5 first. Mow, uh, have us come out, try us out. We will, uh, you’ll not regret it. You’ll have everything you need, and we will take care of you and make sure you guys are squared away, put away and got everything you need. So folks, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out www.kickinggrasstulsa.com. Or even send us an email at Kicking Grass, two1@gmail.com. Let us know what you need, how you need, and why you need it, and we’ll get it done for you folks. We’ll talk to you later. Bye.