Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long Care home of the $5 first Mo how are you folks doing out there This fine winter morning? I hope you guys are doing warm, wonderful. And well. Uh, so let’s talk about Christmas light. Take down Christmas light. Take in a quarter mile

Turn left onto the US 1 69 South US 64 East

Christmas light. Takedown is the time to bring down the lights, uh, that you enjoyed all season long, provided by kicking grass and taking names. Long care, one of Tulsa’s most highly rated five star reviewed company. What we do is we come to your location. It’s crazy how we do this. Um, it’s unreal, unmatched, really by anybody in the industry that we show up to your house, um, where we were about two months ago, depending on when we installed and we bring ’em down like we said we would. Um, it, it’s wonderful. It’s, it’s great, especially if you got it prescheduled then, I mean, you, you don’t even have to think about it. We’re gonna send you a text, say, Hey, reminder, we’re swinging by. And, uh, then we’re gonna show up and take your stuff down. Uh, just so you do not have to worry about it and deal with it or anything.

Cold, gross, yuck. Weather, nothing. The Tulsa Lawn Care community, we are not gonna let you guys get out there in the muck, in the cold, in the, any of that stuff. And we’re going to go ahead and, uh, yeah, we’re, take care of that. Uh, bring ’em down, storm, organize ’em. We’re gonna keep ’em very put away that way. The next person that puts them up can just look at the plans and put them right up. Uh, we want you to know that you pay for some quality, uh, and not just some shoddy workmanship, okay? Um, it is and can be, uh, a little confusing, but that’s okay. Uh, lights are, uh, simple but yet complicated. Tulsa Lawn Care community. Uh, don’t be afraid to have us take care of your lights. And you know what? Here’s the, here’s the kicker. We will come out and take down your lights even if we didn’t put them up, okay?

Uh, in, just in case the guys that did don’t show back up. And it’s a real possibility. It happens. It does. They come in, they throw the lights up, uh, and they don’t ever call back. Or even worse, okay? They come back and they take the lights down. And without telling you, and no word, no communication, no nothing, um, really confuses really kinda like, whoa, what just happened type of situation. Uh, so yeah, there’s that. Uh, let’s not, let’s not have, let’s not do that. Let’s not be that. Um, let, let king and grass and take your names, long care, be the ones that come out and take care of you. Be the ones that come out and tell you about, uh, all the different style lights. There are all the different designs. And, uh, be the ones to, uh, store and complete and follow up for next year.

Okay? And all my new customers this year, you’re gonna love next year, cuz all you’re gonna do in one simple text, uh, text us, say, Hey, this is the color we want. This is the date we want it up, and this is the day we want it down. That is it. I’ll have everything else taken care of, um, provided for you all that. I mean, it is, it’s a very simple, easy, no hassle, no fuss, no must, no decision making on your part other than the color. Same color last year. Awesome. Same design. Awesome. Done, done, done, done. Uh, we’ve got you, uh, we’ve even got some, uh, some pre-lit designs that you can pick from. I want the candle, I want the, uh, the reef, you know, just different things like that. Uh, you guys can look at and decide, uh, Tulsa Lawn care community.

Um, make sure you give us a call. Check us out, check our website out. We got tons of pictures of lights up and homes we did and all sorts of good, good stuff. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s easy. It’s wonderful. It’s nice. Um, we try to make the, the process as simple as possible because, uh, we know just being a homeowner, how many hectic things you have to do and go through and provide for, and organize and keep track of and all that stuff there where this, this outside stuff, man, all you gotta do is know, oh hey, kicking grass is gonna take care of it for me, man. They are, they are superb. They’re gonna help me out. They’re gonna, uh, definitely provide, uh, quality service. Um, majority of our new customers are always referrals. We really appreciate that. We like that. That’s how we know we’re doing good and great.

Uh, and then yeah, we get in there and people like us and man, they’re telling their neighbors. They’re, they’re family, they’re friends. Uh, they’re everything. So yeah, we’ve definitely got, uh, our customers are definitely connected, uh, one way or the other. And like I said, we, uh, we provide those lights, we get them going, we get them looking good. Uh, we’ve got ’em happy. So we’re coming out, we’re taking these lights down. We’re keeping it simple. We’re not over complicating anything. Uh, everyone’s got, everything that goes to your house will be in your own personal tub. Uh, we’re gonna store everything for you guys. Uh, you guys don’t have to worry about. But, and by all means, if you guys want to keep it all year long, yourself, that is fine. Uh, just ask if everything stays in there. Uh, the way we have it organized, the paperwork, uh, uh, all that fun stuff.

Uh, we don’t want to get it, uh, mixed up, confused. Um, you know, cuz come, it’s one of those things come next spring, you know, we pull it out. We’re like, we’re as loss as you are. Like, this is a brand new home. Oh wait, here’s all the stuff. Yeah, we got it. Cool, awesome. We can do it. So, uh, makes the process a lot easier, a lot smoother. Um, we’ll definitely, uh, make it quick and easy. We’ll remember all the little nooks and crannies and different little, little setups we did to get everything put in there. But yeah, uh, take down, man, that’s, that’s probably one of the best times of year. Uh, wrapping everything up. Uh, long season’s kind of a little different, uh, in Oklahoma, uh, the off season or the, the time off probably is end of January, mid-February, uh, before it starts getting right back up into leaf or spring cleanups, you know, getting those flower reds put back together and things like that.

So, uh, getting the lights put away. It’s kind of like putting the, the, the baby to rest, uh, for the season. And then we get a little bit of time off and then hard back at it again. So folks, uh, let’s, uh, let’s get this done. Let’s, uh, let’s wrap this season up strong. Uh, put a, put a button in the, uh, in the old year, uh, Tulsa Lawn Care community. You, you, you really should, uh, have king grass. Take names long here. Come out and take care of you. Uh, again, no matter if we put your lights up or not, we’ll come and take ’em down for you. Cause we know sometimes those guys don’t show back up when you’re left with lights. And last thing you guys want is for it to be up there all year long. Uh, worst case scenario, you know, we’ll get ’em all taken down.

Uh, you know, depending on the quality of the, of the product, uh, we can either, you know, help you store it at your, at your location or for you and we can be going through it for you next season. Or, you know, if they’re the junkie store, bo big box store stuff, we can just go ahead and toss that stuff cause that’s not gonna be any good. Uh, come next fall, fall winter anyway. Uh, it’ll have a lot of, uh, nooks c crannies, pinch wires, things like that. Things you guys don’t want to have to put up with or deal with and, uh, wonder where the short is and stuff like that. So we definitely don’t want to deal with that. Uh, we only use the good commercial quality grades. Stuff lasts for a few years, uh, typically don’t have any issues with it. Um, and, and we can resolve it and make new ones and, and it’s just, it’s just really good quality, uh, product there.

So, uh, Tulsa Lawn Care community, um, always remember keeping grass, taking those lawn care for all of your outdoor needs. Uh, from mowing to leaf blowing to Christmas lights to snow removal. Uh, we try to wa offer a wide variety of, uh, tasks so we can take care of you all season long. Uh, no matter the weather, no matter the what, uh, we’ll take care of you. We’ll provide for you. We’ll, uh, we’ll get you guys on ongoing and heading out the door, uh, without any barriers to prevent you from having to stay home. Uh, I know people like to be able to go, go, go, go, go. No matter what. They like to be able to, uh, get their stuff done. Uh, they do not like having to have hiccups or things that prevent them from going anywhere or doing anything. They definitely want to be, uh, one of the people that are successful and accomplished.

And that’s what we like to do here at King Grassing named Long Hair. We start a job, we’re gonna come finish it by taking down those Christmas lights. We’ll show up, we’ll be there. Uh, we’ll get you guys tucked in, tucked away. Make the house look great again and get that house ready for the, uh, spring season. So give us a call. Let us know what you need here at King and Grass and taking name long hair Home of the $5 first Mo Remember, you can’t even get a, uh, a burger fry and a milkshake for five bucks, but you know what? You can get your lawn owed taken care of by one of Tulsa’s best crew. Uh, let us know how we can help you. Uh, again, snow removal, Christmas lights, leaf removal, mowing, uh, hedge trimming. You name it. We, we can do it.

Uh, we’ve got guys that can do stain fencing. We’ve got guys that can do, uh, concrete work, uh, fence repair. Whatever it is you need, let us know. Uh, let us be the one to help you out. Uh, we’ll be more than happy to take care of your project for you, uh, kicking grass, taking your names, long Hair Home with a $5 first. Mow, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out, And uh, yeah, let us know. We we’re on Instagram kicking kicking dot grass. Uh, we’re out there. Check us out. Uh, follow us. Uh, enjoy our, our, our products that we, that we produce. I’m telling you folks, uh, we, we do produce some nice work. People are happy with us. If, if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have all the referrals. We’ll, we’ll see out there guys. We appreciate your business.