Good morning, Tulsa Long Hair community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first Mow folks, how we doing out there? We getting ready for spraying? We’re getting ready to maybe put that house on the market. We need a quick one-time mow that’s gonna look sharp and nice. Dewey, if you do, call kitten grass and take the name long hair home of a $5 first. Mow. We’ll be out there to make your grass look sharp, look presentable, look photogenic, and ready for sale. We’re gonna make it look like it’s easy peasy yard to take care of. And they’re gonna be like, wow, I’m buying this house because your yard looks great. That’s what they’re gonna say. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I’m telling you. All kidding aside though, uh, if you guys need, um, one time mow or, or just something to help you guys out or whatever it is, let us know, man.

We, we can do that too. We’re not just a, uh, membership only company. Uh, we do like to help out everyone. Every once in a while. We understand people go on vacation, um, you know, things change. Kids get older, they wanna start mowing. But like I said, maybe you guys go on vacation or, or whatever it is. You got HOAs. You gotta follow and just keep things nice and tidy and whatnot. If that’s the case, great. Wonderful, awesome. Uh, don’t worry about it, just let us know and we’ll help you out. Um, like I said, uh, we’ve got longtime clients that have turned into that calls us up every once in a while, and to do all just crazy odd jobs for ’em. Whether it’s just coming and mowing their, their property or, you know, they’re buying their neighbors mow or whatever it is. They’re, they got it down and they know we’re here and they know we provide a good service.

So, uh, Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, it is that time of year where the grass is starting to, uh, all of a sudden pop up and start growing. Um, it is going to be a, a good year. Um, so far we’re off to a good start. So, I mean, go ahead and get us ironed out. Get us, uh, let us get on your, let us get you on our route. Um, we’re gonna be by you anyway. Um, I promise you. One of your neighbors already has us mowing their yard. Uh, we’re taking care of ’em, we’re taking good care of them. All right? That’s why we keep coming back, or they keep having us come back, okay? We’re reliable, we’re dependable, we get the job done. All right? So, Tulsa long care community. Do not be afraid to reach out and get that $5 first.

Mow. I mean, come on. You can’t even get a milkshake, french fries and a burger for five bucks, let alone you’re gonna get a hold, uh, yard mode. Come on. That’s right. Uh, quality, quality care right there, baby. Uh, let us know what we can do for you. We want to help you guys out. Make it look great, okay? Uh, right now it’s a bunch of weeds that are just taken off left and right. Uh, mother Nature is providing that water, getting ready to provide some wind, getting ready to provide some sunlight. It is all about to blow up. So be ready, folks. Be ready. Your lawn’s gonna go from asleep to very alive. Um, they want it to wake up. They want it to get after it. They want to, uh, let spring do its thing, okay? And once it gets going, it’s not gonna stop.

We hope you guys understand that. Same with us. Let us get going. We’re not gonna stop. We’re gonna keep you guys, uh, looking fresh, looking clean, looking sharp. So, and if you have leaves, let us know. It’s still, we can still come pick ’em up. Uh, we’re still doing leaf jobs. We’re still coming out there, uh, getting those leaves outta the corners and, and whatnot. Um, it, it, it would be best to completely remove those leaves off the property at this time, cuz they’ve been sitting there all winter long. They’ve been letting the, the, the yard be stay damp. Time to get those leaves out of the way. Time to get those leaves off the property and let that, let that dirt harden up and, and, and let the nutrients do their job and, and things like that. Um, but yeah, best to get all those old yucky leaves gone, um, and make the yard look really, really nice. So, total long care community. If you have leaves on your property, give us a call. We’ll be out there. We’ll get ’em, we’ll get them going. Okay? We’ll suck ’em up, blow ’em off. Get in the corners. All that fun stuff. So folks, just let us know how we can help. All right?

Also, uh, now’s a great time to start planting things. Um, if you guys have any greenery or shrubbery that you want to get planted, uh, now’s probably the best time to do it. Get it started. Uh, it’s also probably the easiest time, uh, you know, the ground’s wet, soft, ready for, uh, ready to be tilled to get turned over and, and have some new, uh, plants put in it. Um, so let us come out and make your, uh, flower beds, uh, look a little bit nicer, a little bit sharp. Uh, have them, uh, have them dressed up, so to speak. So Tulsa long care community. Uh, it is time of the year to take action. And taking action is what? Kicking grass and taking names. Long care does. Um, we come out, we make it look good. We work hard and we keep going until we get the jobs done.

So folks, don’t be afraid. Let us know how we can make your life easier. Um, put us in place now. Uh, there’s no reason not to have us, uh, take care of you. Um, we’ll get you guys on the schedule. We’ll get it worked out. It’s a one and done deal. You guys will be taken care of all summer long and don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll get you set up on our auto payment system. Uh, you guys will be happier than peach clams. Uh, I don’t know what that means, but it’s a saying so I hear, uh, at least people say it and that’s why I said it. So, but we do, we do want you

Guys to enjoy your yard. However you guys like to enjoy it, whether it’s just not having to deal with it in any way, shape, or form, or if it’s just not having to maintain it. And you get to go outside and look at the beauty, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long care is here for you. We’re here for you for the long haul. Uh, we’ve been around for several years now. Uh, making yards beautiful once again. So give us a call at (918) 872-0338 or send us a text message. Um, we reply to both. Uh, we make you guys, uh, feel great, feel good, and, uh, we’ll respond in a timely manner. We really want to help our, uh, Tulsa lawn care community and make those yards sparkle and beautiful. Uh, weeds are a horrible thing right now. So if you have ’em, let me know.

Uh, I’ll get my weed specialist out there. Weed fertilization specialist out there to take care of those weeds and get the yard under control and maintained. Uh, we want a beautiful looking yard. We want a weed-free yard. We want to make sure the yards are presentable to our mothers. Moms don’t want to come over and look at ugly yards. Uh, whether they get to get in them or not. They don’t want to have to look at ugly yards. They want a nice, clean, presentable yard. They want their children to understand it’s important to take care of their home. And one of the main things is, is the grass in the foundation. Uh, it can really affect the foundation of the home. So you wanna make sure you clean or not clean. I apologize. I wanna make sure you maintain the health. A healthy yard, nice, healthy yard, green grass, it grows, uh, keeps the soil intact in place.

And then that all in turn also keeps the, um, foundation in place so the house doesn’t move as much. Creek break, crack, all that good stuff. All right, folks. Uh, mowing season is definitely coming upon us fast. Uh, preparation is key to the game. And we like to prepare. We like to be ready. We like to mow yards. That’s what we do. Um, so give us a call. Let us know how we can help. When the yards are mowing, we be, uh, when the yards are growing, we be mowing. That’s, that’s what it is. Okay? We, we really like to, uh, right now it’s a prime time for PE to be taking off. Uh, cause I know some people need to oversee again. That’s fine. Uh, good time to do that. Uh, we can over oversee for you. Let us know. We, there’s all sorts of things that we can do to help you with your, with your grass needs. Do not be afraid. Do not be shy. Uh, call, call, call.

We want to come out and service you. Get the lawns going. Um, again, like I said, there’s, we’re gonna be out there anyway. Might as well. I’ll have, uh, the ones that make your neighbors happy. Come and make you happy. Kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mo definitely wanna reach out. Definitely want to take advantage of this deal. Nothing better on the market. I know, uh, other companies, they have come and gone since we’ve started. Let us know how we can be the ones to take their place and, and hold foot. Um, we got a great crew. Uh, we’re gonna work hard for you guys. We’re gonna make it look grand. Um, there’s so many different, uh, options that we have of services available for you guys. Check our website out. You’ll love it. You’ll find all sorts of great needed things done to your property that you didn’t even know you needed until you checked our website out and saw the, the before and after pictures.

Check our galleries out. Um, see some of the hardscaping that we’ve done. Uh, if you want a water feature, you want some rocks, you want some whatever, I don’t care. We can do it for you. And if we can’t, we’ll find the guys that can we’ll get you taken care of. We want to be the ones to earn your business and for you to rely on, on all your outdoor services. So folks, call us now. (918) 872-0338. Let us be the ones that come in and start your season off right. Uh, spring is here and things are growing again. Check us out. $5 first mow 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8 8. Kevin with kicking grass and taking names and long hair. We’ll see guys out there.