<silence> What’s going on? Tulsa Lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow. How you folks doing out there? You guys doing great living that stripe life? What do you mean living that stripe life, Kevin, what do I mean? How’s your all’s lawns looking? Do you guys have those beautiful Bermudas that no matter how you mow it, you can’t tell it’s been mowed? Whether you used a big old zero turn or a tiny 21 inch? Or do you guys have that fescue that leaves those nice crisp stripes?

That’s what I wanna talk about today, guys. The reason why you hire people to come out and mow your yard, when you hire someone to come and do something, they’re a little bit more motivated to get things done in a nicer and more professional manner, then you are. And what I mean by that is when you go as a homeowner, go and mow your lawn, you go, you start, you get hot, you get tired, you get bored, you get whatever frustrated. Okay? For any good, good reason, you stop because you are whatever happened, you go inside, you watch tv, and then three hours later you come back to finish mowing. When you hire someone, it’s all about time with them. They’re there to get there and get out. And not only that though, they wanna make it look good, okay? So while they may not take as long as you, which can be a good thing, depending on who you are, they also will try a little bit harder than you will as far as how it looks and clean up and, and things like that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some of ’em homeowners that the paid person will never be able to compete with, you know, ’cause those guys are detail, detail into their homes and that’s just really what they’re into. And, but for the most of us, for the rest of us, for the most of us, for the however you wanna say it, us having that paid person, they’re gonna outperform us by far. Okay? They’re gonna make sure they d get their stripes in, they’re gonna make sure everything’s, uh, running in the right directions. They’re gonna edge it up, clean it up. They’re not gonna get any excuses to why they can’t do it. They’re gonna get it all done all in one go within 30 minutes. Okay? And you all know what I’m talking about. You guys know about, oh yeah, we’re gonna get this done. And then one thing leads to another, a honey do list. Oh, this breaks. Um, next thing you know, you’re just three, four hours later, half of the lawns mow. You don’t feel like cleaning it up. You don’t feel like finishing. You’re tired. You’d rather do something else. That’s life toes. The lawn care community, when we mow, we mow

With stripes. And what do you mean that, that? Well, our mowers, most of them are designed to have a, uh, kit set up to, to help leave stripes. So we mow one direction, it folds down and pushes down the, the blades, and then we mow mold another direction and it folds down and pushes down the blades. So it’s really great, really wonderful and, and makes it just so nice looking. So, especially if you got a fescue covered yard, if you have a fcu covered yard, it’s going to stripe nicely. Uh, Bermuda does not stripe that well. The longer it gets it’s stripes a little bit better. But overall, Bermuda really doesn’t stripe. Having said that though, for the most part, you really don’t want long Bermuda. You want Bermuda as short as possible. Um, striping Bermuda is not necessarily, uh, a good thing, let’s per se, or a needed thing.

Uh, one thing nice about Bermuda is you, even after it’s mowed, most of the time you, you can’t tell that a mower’s been on it. Uh, ’cause usually you want it so short. So to lawn care community stripes really make your lawn pop. It really makes it, uh, stand out from those pesky neighbors who maybe draws squares or circles or who knows what they do in their lawn. But, um, with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, you guys won’t be left out in the cold with your yard. You’ll be taken care of and have all the stripes go in the same direction needing what you want, alternating with your neighbor if need be, or just continuing what they’ve got. So it doesn’t matter, we’ll get it done. Striping really pops the, the curb appeal of a home. So if you really want to impress people, really get ’em done, uh, you got sq um, have us come out, we’ll get it striped up and, and that, that’s without asking, you know, we come out, we mow it, get the border started, get those stripes in however many, whichever way, and, uh, and then we, we just keep going from there because you know why we’re gonna be looking good.

Um, striping is a, uh, a great technique, uh, that you can really use to help, um, make your home stand out. Uh, it’s, it’s inexpensive. It’s, it, it, it’s just added in. It’s not like an extra charge or anything. Um, but yeah, it’s something so small that you would never think of, but it really helps. It makes the, the, uh, house pop. So toast lawn ke striping is a very wonderful and easy way to upgrade your house, so to speak, and get that, uh, nice sheen and look to it or whatever else you need to get done. Um, if at the very least you can’t go out there and do, uh, landscaping to your yard, you can at least do the, uh, striping, have it done, have it make a difference in the yard alone without having to worry about the bushes and all these other things.

Um, striping

Really is a, uh, great

Way to stand out from the already

Cookie cut neighborhood that most of us all

Live in. Um, and if we live in a unique built

Neighborhood, custom homes, all that,

Uh, it, it’s still, again, a great way to stand out.

Obviously we know

Our homes will make us stand out, but striping will bring in that extra look extra effort, extra everything needed to really have a great looking yard. Tulsa lawn care community striping

Is a wonderful way

To make people look at your home and say, oh, wow, those people care about their yard. Wow, those people take care of their yard. That is a great looking yard. And all you did was mow it with intent. What do you mean? What do you say? What do you mean? How does, how does that say what? Mowing with intent, specifically figuring out a design and a way to mow it so that it lays stripes

And pops.

That is what mowing with intent

Is. Meaning when you don’t mow with intent, you end up with crazy, weird designs, possibly even squares and mist chunks. Um, so here at King Grass, we always have a plan. When we come to the yard, we start on one side, walk away completely all the way over. One of the models we have here is we don’t wanna walk it twice. And what that means is once I get done with an area of said task, I don’t want to have to go back over it.

Toast. Lawn care community repeating steps is not a profitable way of doing business. So you guys need to understand when we come in, we start a process, we work from one side to, uh, other, and we get everything done and looking great and moving on. So striping, same way we want to stripe, start in one path, keep that, uh, pattern going all the way through the whole yard. Um, we want to go straight through the trees, keep them looking good. We want to go straight through whatever other little obstacles there are in the yard to keep that cut and that fresh look and that symmetrical design going, um,

Even through

Driveways, walkways, whatever else you got going on, we, we like to keep it going. It is good, it’s nice. It, it, it does not add in any extra time whatsoever to make sure we take care of this small, small detail that really benefits

You as a own home, a homeowner, and then really

Benefits the aesthetic and look of your, of your house.

Uh, it has a great,


Awesome look to it.

Um, it doesn’t take you any extra time. It doesn’t take us any extra time. Um, we just know that it, it looks nice, it looks sharp and it gets things moving along. Uh, when you start to see it, it, it’s kinda like snowball effect. You know, once you get it done, next thing you wanna do is you wanna move on and get something else done. You wanna add something else in there? What else can I do? What else can I, uh, make better? And that’s just that, that just simply started because you decided to have the yard mode in a certain pattern. Next thing you know, you’re really wanting to clean it up and go after that landscaping and trimming those bushes and things like that. Uh, really good, really wonderful. Um, let us know how we can help stripe it for you. Striping is a great way to just really show your neighbors how much you care and keep that neighborhood looking nice, sharp and friendly.

’cause an overgrown neighborhood does not look friendly and a neighbor, neighbors without stripes, well, do they even care? That’s the question. You know, you care ’cause you have your stripes and that’s all that matters is having a nice crisp, striped lawn. And if you do it nice, it’ll rub off on your neighbors and they’ll want to do it nice. So call kicking grass and taking names to long hair home of the $5 first, mow 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Give us a call. Let us know what we can do for you. We’ll come out we’ll, Stripe Edge, wheaty, get it all done. First time, five bucks. Alright folks, we’ll see you out there. Have a great time.