Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first. Mow folks, I wanna reach out to you today and let’s talk about those leaf removals and the value it can bring. Uh, and what do I mean by that is I’ve had several customers who reach out in different ways, and one of the ways they reach out is they ask me to come and pick it up on the curb. And I’m like, yeah, that’s wonderful for me. Um, it’s easy money, it’s quick, it’s simple. Uh, not too much effort. Um, it’s one of the best ways for me to, uh, to earn cash. I really like it. I really enjoy it. But the customer has to do a lot of work in order to get those leaves to the curb. Uh, how do I know that?
Well, because I, I do leaf removal, complete leaf removal, and I understand the effort and the energy and, and the skills needed to remove leaves, uh, with a blower, a rake, or any other method, uh, from the back of your yard to the front to where a truck can come in and, and suck all of the stuff up. Uh, Tulsa Lawn Care Committee, I want you to know, I understand it’s not easy. I get it. It’s not a simple task. Um, and I appreciate the homeowners that do that and show the, the c you know, the initiative, the, the, the compassion, the, however you wanna phrase it, uh, to get that stuff worked up to the front just so I can come in and suck it up with ease, like nothing. Um, I, I do appreciate that, and I know they appreciate me more, uh, when they decide to no longer do it and have me come out and do it for them, uh, which, which is great, and I, and I do that.
Uh, but speaking of doing that, you do have to understand that. I mean, it’s a premium. It, it costs time, money, and labor to get that stuff done. It costs, in order to get it done efficiently, you’ve gotta get the right equipment in order to get the right equipment. You gotta spend the money in order to spend the money. You gotta charge the right amounts. Now, saying all that, I know for a fact we are not on the high end of, uh, charging. I know we are one of the, uh, more, more affordable companies out there when it comes to, uh, leaf removal. Uh, one in particular reason is it’s, it’s just a couple of guys that come out there, not a huge team. Um, but we have the capacity and we have the capabilities of those huge teams, meaning we have the same equipment. Okay? Long story short. So we want you guys to understand that you’re going to get taken care of and you’re gonna get taken care of efficiently, but understand that you, you’re, you’re paying someone that it, it may take us two people four hours. So that’s eight hours worth of work that you don’t have to do, okay? When I say eight hours worth of work, I mean, that is getting the leaves worked all the way up your yard, getting the leaves sucked up, getting the leaves dropped off, and, and you’re done.
You know, um, I, you know, I say it’s eight hours and you’re like, well, I’ll just spend the eight hours out there. Well, it’s gonna take longer for you. You’re not gonna have the same equipment we do. Okay?
So the only real commodity we have in this world is time. How much time are you willing to commit to, uh, a task that you could very well be doing? Absolutely. Anything else better in your life than that? Noam wrong. If it’s something you like and enjoy. Wonderful. It’s why I’m out there. I, I, I enjoy removing leaves. I literally do. It’s, it’s, I don’t know what it is. I just, it, it’s fine. It’s great. It’s wonderful. Uh, I, I don’t mind it. Um, but I know some homeowners that it, it is a mind numbing task. They, they do not like to partake in. And that’s why we’re here.
You want us to come in, you want us to do it, but you gotta understand that time is money. And so we, we put, we put premium on that, on that time to get those leaves done. And it’s amazing how the yards look when you have customers that are like, yeah, that’s fine, whatever it is, versus, oh, no, let me, let me haggle and, and, and get you down and, and go cheaper. Okay, cool. Well, as the, as the famous saying goes, we do it three ways. We do it fast, we do it cheap, we do it good, but you can only have two of those three ways, okay? You can’t get all three. It’s just how the cookie crumbles, how it works. And that’s with anything and everything you do in your life. You go to any company, Tulsa, long care community, and you ask them to do it fast, to do it cheap, and to do it good. And you’re gonna get two of the three, okay? You want it fast and cheap. It won’t be good. You want it good and fast. It won’t be cheap, okay? So understand the lo the, the lawns that we get looking immaculate, the lawns that we get looking spectacular lawns that we get looking
Great are the lawns that said, Hey, take care of my lawn. Awesome. So we weren’t fast. We weren’t cheap, but we were good. I’d say we weren’t fast. We were fast. Okay, we’re quick. We have the experience. We understand the artist side of the leaf removal. And when I, when I say that, and I’ve said this in many other, uh, instances, is that
There, there is an art to mowing. There’s an art to everything you do. While there’s a scientific method, Hey, lot of air powerful, boom, leave, move. But there’s a certain way about moving that nozzle. There’s a certain way about moving that air. There’s a certain way about moving your body, positioning, seeing how those, the winds are circulating and blowing and, and creating tunnels and, and all sorts of stuff. You does have to be open-minded to see those ways and understand the, the way to do it. And the only way to do that is to get in there and do it. So, total a long care committee, let me tell you this right now. We, we have done this for several years now. We have the experience, we have the equipment, we have the efficiency, okay? Call us. Let us be the ones to come out there and take care of it for you.
We want to be the ones to do this for you. Uh, we’re gonna provide you with a great service. We’re gonna show up, okay? The main thing you need to understand is we are going to show up. We’re going to be there, we’re going to help you. Okay? We’re not fly by the night. We’re here one day, gone the next type of, uh, service. So guys, don’t, don’t fret, don’t worry. I understand we won’t be there. We’re reliable. We’ll, we’ll be on time. We’re going to take care of you guys. Uh, we’re gonna get those leaves. We’re moved and gone for our Tulsa Lawn Care community. Uh, we don’t want you guys to sit here and think those leaves are all there. Long way. Leaf removal is very beneficial to the yard. You basically, you’re taking a giant massive blanket, getting it off the grass, letting whatever sun hit it, hit it, letting whatever water get to it, get to it, and things like that.
You’re letting it breathe. You’re letting it be vibrant. You’re letting it all sorts of good things. So I really, really recommend leaf removal. And if you don’t wanna do leaf removal, man, the second best, and probably maybe even better thing is leaf bulging. And again, that just kind of coincides with how many leaves you do have. Uh, if you have a multitude, a ton of leaves, uh, you may want to consider leaf removal first and then come back through a mulch up the rest. Uh, but if you mulch up sub, uh, a good portion amount, uh, you, you get, uh, a free fertilizer, you get a lot of nutrients, uh, thrown right back into the, uh, into the earth, uh, on your grass, uh, you’re going healthy, you’re going strong. You’re, you’re, you’re doing great. Uh, it’s one of the best things that you can do for your lawns, uh, besides sleep removal.
Uh, definitely, definitely want to get that, that fertilizer right back onto the grass, right back onto the ground and restore those nutrients. Come springtime, man. Nice thick, healthy lush lawn. Looking great, doing great. Uh, enjoying how it looks. It, it’s wonderful. It’s awesome. So Kevin here, kicking grass, take names, Tulsa Lawn Care home of the $5 first meal, wanting to let you guys have the best premium looking lawns. Uh, we’re already out in your neighborhoods as it is. We’re already out there doing all sorts of things. Uh, from Christmas lights to, uh, leaf removals, to mowings to saw installations. Uh, you name it, you’ll see us out there. Uh, we’re, we’re doing good. We’re doing great. We want to you, we want you to have an impart take on the same goodness that we’re giving your neighbors. So long care community. Uh, let us know what you need, where you need it, cuz we’re already in your neighborhood and we’re not gonna, it’s not gonna be any extra effort.
It’s not gonna be any harder. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna take care of you. We’re gonna be the ones to make your neighbors curb kicking jealous. Uh, and that’s our goal. Uh, cuz the more jealous they are, the more likely they are to call us and, uh, let us know that they want lights, they want leaf removal, they want services of some kind from our kicking grass and taking names company. Uh, and that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna do our best because our best form of advertisement is your home. And the better we can make your home look, the more clients we can take on. And that’s exactly what we want to do. We want to take on more clients. We want to take on more of your neighbor’s clients. That way we can provide a better service, better quality with less wear and tear on all our equipment.
And that’s one of the best things about, uh, our company that we do is, uh, we’re already in your neighborhoods. You might as well let us be the ones to come and take care of you. Uh, provide you guys with some of the best service in town, uh, that you’re gonna find. Check our website out, check our, uh, reviews out, check everything out that we have. Uh, call us. Let us know what you need. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with several different options. You’ll see all of our Tulsa Lawn Care services. Phone number (918) 872-0338. Your website is And uh, give us an email. Shout out if you need to, uh, the, uh, kicking dot grass. 21 That’s right folks. Call us. Let us know what you need. Uh, email, text, whatever it is. Uh, text is always best. Sometimes we don’t, uh, hear the, um, phone ring or we’re on the mowers or blowers or something. And, uh, anyway, text, get ’em right back to you. Um, and then if you missed estimates, we’ll give you a call. All right folks, uh, give us a try. Check the reviews out. Talk to your Tulsa Lawn Care neighbors. See what they say. They’re gonna love us. You’re gonna love us. Everyone’s gonna love us. We’ll see out there. Green country.