Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn Care home, the $5 first. Mow reaching out to you guys talking about those beautiful things falling from the sky, known as leaves. Uh, you know, they used to say money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, if he, if you’re in the tree removal, I beg to differ. Uh, folks, that’s right. Those little buggers are one of two things. They’re gonna be things that cost you lots of money and damage, or they’re gonna be things that’s going to, uh, be an opportunity for you to make money at. And having said all that, what I mean is, um, if you leave leaves on your lawn, they will, uh, make your lawn disappear and you’ll have a nice little moat of mud surrounding your house.
Um, wonderful. Then great. Only problem is you, uh, are pretty much stuck on your property. Um, you, you know, you have to stay to your concrete. You won’t be able to, uh, enjoy any of your grounds, anything like that. Uh, it’s absolutely horrible, miserable, uh, you really want, um, grass, and why do you want grass? So you can walk on your yard and, and enjoy your yard and, you know, do things that people do in yards. It’s wonderful, it’s odd, it’s crazy. It’s, it’s, uh, it’s mystical. But, you know, leaves are what they are. So anyway, leaves are great. They, they really help out with, uh, shedding the house, uh, covering up, covering up, uh, things, keeping the heat away during the summer, all that fun stuff. But during the winter, they fall off, fall down, um, all over the place, make huge bests, all that.
Uh, so, you know, one quick, easy way thing to do, uh, is to mulch ’em up. But, you know, sometimes people get a lot of leaves. Um, so, you know, the idea to do that is not there. Uh, simply because, um, you just have so many. Uh, but don’t get me wrong, by all means, once you’ve got a good leaf removal done, by all means go back and mulch the rest up. Makes it, makes wonderful free fertilizing mulch. I mean, it’s great. It’s fabulous. Uh, it, the, the nutrients already know the ground so they know what it needs. Uh, it’s like, you know, wow. So, uh, Tulsa lawn care, community leaf removal, it’s, it’s, it’s wonderful. It’s great. Uh, you, you want it, you want it done. You want it done pretty quick, maybe even a couple times. Uh, it just depends how many leaves you got, you know, uh, get that ground uncovered. Uh, let the sun do its thing with it. Let, um, mother nature, uh, know that it’s got land to dry out. It’s got land to, to, to, to grow some grass on, you know, uh, let the, let the leaves know who’s boss and get them outta the way and move ’em along, telling you it’s,
Uh, uh, it’s some good news right there. Um, leaves can do some damage, and we don’t want that damage. We want kicking grass and taking names long here to come and remove those leaves. Uh, folks, we, we think it’s, uh, leaves are great. We think leaves are wonderful. Um, we also like to come and remove the leaves. Um, we’re pretty efficient. We’re pretty fast. Uh, we like to, uh, be there, uh, for our clients. That way you don’t have to fret too much. Um, don’t get, uh, very upset with the leaves, because the leaves are just doing what leaves do. All right. Um, we want you guys to be able to enjoy your yard and, uh, not have to worry or be upset or bothered by said leaves. So give kicking grass and taking names. Long care, a call. Uh, leaves are going to be on the ground whether you want them to be or not.
So the earlier you get them off, the better. Seems like the leaves all decided to get together and do it all at the same time this year, uh, which is absolutely great and wonderful for the clients. Uh, so it’s really just a one time deal. Uh, I do recommend a combination treatment though of leaf removal. And then, uh, mulching. Uh, there’s always gonna be something left. Uh, for people who out there in the Tulsa lawn care community who think a leaf removal is every tiny little speck, uh, yeah, go on and get out there with yourself. Get all those leaves done. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you’re the homeowner. So you have the ability to hang out there all day, every day. Go inside after five minutes when you’re bored, uh, go twi your thumbs. Do whatever it is you want. Uh, but when you have a company like, uh, keep Congrat taking lawn care, come out there, we’re gonna be fast and efficient.
We’re gonna get majority of your leaves off. And, uh, then if you want every single one of ’em gone, I’m telling you, mulching, mulching is the way to go. Uh, it’ll really, uh, like I said, finalize, you know, even give it a almost a, a little trim there at the end. Uh, don’t even have to worry about, uh, too many other things that, uh, but yeah, we definitely wanna do a, a leaf removal for you. Uh, get the, uh, get the season started off right before you get that grass, uh, out from underneath the burden of all the heavyweight. The leaves can cause after time, and, uh, really, uh, show off its capabilities. Um, give your grass the fight and chance it needs, uh, Tulsa lawn care community. You, you do not wanna leave your grass hidden, uh, for longer or at all, really. Uh, cuz the more it’s hidden, the, the longer it’s hidden, the more you, uh, don’t have the grass exposed to as little sunlight as possible that we have going on right now.
Uh, the worse it is, uh, it’ll die at wither away. So we don’t want to wither away our, our grass. We wanna make sure it’s there, uh, for the long haul. We gotta get it ready for spring. Um, grass is a lot of preparation. Uh, you’re like, ah, what are you talking about? It’s gonna grow. Yeah, it will. It, it will, it will just grow. Uh, but then it’ll also just grow with weeds and other little inconsistencies and things of, of that nature. So, uh, don’t be, uh, don’t be afraid. Don’t be bothered. Don’t be, uh, questioning it. Just know that it’s a good decision to call King Grass to take Amy Long care home of the $5 first mow and, uh, have us come out and, uh, remove those leaves. Uh, you’ll be a lot happier. Uh, you know, your, your pets, if you got pets, it’ll be a lot happier.
It’ll be easy to get around for them, uh, running around the, uh, old yard and stuff without having to like jump for 10 times their height for their life and stuff. That’s always, uh, a plus. Um, so yeah, there we have it folks. Uh, leaf removal by kicking grass, taking the name of Lawn Care. Probably one of the best things you can get somebody this, this, uh, holiday season. Uh, definitely something we want for, uh, for Christmas. Uh, definitely something we want to give to our clients and, uh, we want our clients to give back. So, uh, folks, just check us out. We want to remove them leaves. Save that lawn. S o l save our lawn. Yep, that’s right. Um, don’t be so ld, but s so l I know, it’s crazy. It’s, it’s confusing. It’s wonderful. It’s, it’s save our lawn. Um, the Tulsa lawns need to be, uh, definitely looked after.
We, we are called green country for a reason. And, uh, you know, between the trees and the green grass, uh, it, it’s absolutely great. So, Tulsa lawn care community, um, let’s keep it green. Let’s keep those trees, you know, cuz here’s the, here’s the deal. The moment we, we make the green grass grow away, the ground becomes unhealthy. When the ground becomes unhealthy, those trees go away. Next thing you know, you don’t have many trees anymore. So if you’re a lover of trees like I am, okay, then you need to get your stuff together. Call kicking grass, take names of lawn care, have us come out and move the leaves off your lawn. Um, definitely something that it, it’s a, it’s a cycle. Uh, we want to make sure we, uh, are working both ways. Uh, getting the grass, you know, getting the leaves off, mulching it up, come back and mowing the yard. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s a beautiful cycle. It’s great. We wanna make sure everyone’s on board.
That way everyone can get the stuff done that they want. And, uh, they have a great looking lawn. Come, uh, come springtime. So Tulsa Lawn care community. Remember King Grass to taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow, we are your favorites out there in the Tulsa community. Uh, we work hard. We try to get everything done for you. Um, you know, we, we, we have several clients that we help. We’re gonna be in your neighborhood anyway, so why not allow us to be the ones to, to come out and take care of your lawn? Why not allow us to be the ones
To remove those leaves? I’m just saying we’re, we’re, we’re there, we’re there for you, we’re there for your neighbor. Okay? We’re there for, for the guy up the road. All right? We’re there, uh, we’re moving leaves. Let us remove your leaves. Um, so Kit Grass, taking names, lawn Care home with a $5 first Mow, uh, we’re gonna come out, we’re gonna remove those leaves. We’re gonna make you happy. We’re gonna make you realize, oh wow, this is, uh, this is the place to be. Um, this is the company to use. Uh, tell your family. Tell your friends. Uh, we’ll, we’ll take care of everyone. Get everyone on board. Get everyone looking sharp, everyone put away, um, yeah, it’ll, uh, it’ll be great. Uh, you guys will be satisfied. You guys will be happy. Uh, and the main thing is your yard will be, be clean.
Um, your yard will be, have all that debris taken off and you know, the grass will be able to grow and grass will do its thing. And it’s, it’s a, it’s a fairly nice and wonderful thing, uh, to watch your grass, uh, thrive, even in winter. Um, it’s, it’s crazy how that works. But, uh, Oklahoma does, uh, have some warm times during winter and gets the grass growing at odd times. It’s, it’s crazy how that works. So, um, give us a call. Let us take care of you. Let us be the ones to provide the, uh, the service that’s gonna get your yard back in shape. That’s right. Kicking grass is taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first mow leaf removal folks, that’s what you want, is what you need, is what the season is calling for. Um, and then once we get your leaf removal done, uh, you know, let’s make a package out of it, you know, Hey, get your leaf removal done and, uh, mulching, okay, mulching half off, uh, for every leaf removal job, there we go.
There it is. Mulching half off for every leaf removal job. So, uh, leaf removal, we got it running, uh, by hour. And then, like I said, we got a standard rate on, uh, depending on the size of the yard for uh, um, leaf mulching. And man, we’ll just cut that puppy in half. That’s what we’re gonna do. All right folks, give us a call, 9 1 8, uh, 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, kicking grass to taking names Long Care home at the $5 first Mow. And we got website, Uh, email address kicking dot grass 21 All right, so many ways to contact us. Contact us, let us know what we need. Let us know what you, uh, want. And uh, yeah, we’ll get it done. We’ll see you out there, folks.