Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with King grass and taking names as long here, home. Oh, the $5 first month. How are you doing out there? Folks. Kevin wants to talk to you about power of observation. So when you hire King grass, take named lawn care, you hire a lawn service is going to come out and mow your yard and edge and clean up and all that stuff. But we would also take notice of what other things we might be able to help you with in your property. We know with your busy lives of kids schedules or work schedules or whatever else you’re into more than yard work. Um, you don’t always take notice about what’s going on in the yard. Have no fear. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to help you, uh, maintain a good looking yard. Somebody for you to join winning when you want, where you want and how you want. And a Tulsa lawn care company. We’re here to notice things, broken branches, dead trees, um, dead spots in the grass shrubs that need to be pooled. Um, fungus is growing all sorts of good stuff. So Tulsa lawn care community, the power of observation is not free. There’s always a cost, uh, just like anything we’re there to, uh, to help, but you know, same time. Uh, we’re there to also make a buck. Um, and again, we’re there. We got the equipment, uh, we can get in and get out, uh, make it smooth, make it snappy.

Nice and easy for you guys. Nothing too major, nothing too bad. And again, were there any way you hired us to do some of your other yard work? There’s no reason for us not to, uh, move on and go ahead and take care of those other small little nuances, nuisances going on around the yard. Uh, whether the, again, they’d be broken branches hanging in the tree, um, all sorts of different things. Uh, you want to a yard company, that’s going to take care of you as a whole and not just come do their job and leave. Last thing you want to do is go out there or have people over or do something in your yard. And all of a sudden you have some sort of tree branch and down or overgrown landscape or something like that. Uh, something that you weren’t expecting or didn’t know about or weren’t informed about at the very least, we already want to tell you and let you know about it and let you decide on what you want to do.

So Tulsa lawn care community, the power of observation can be very helpful in many ways. Number one, keeping your yard, looking clean, keeping your yard, looking, uh, curb, kicking jealous for the neighbors. It’s a great advertisement for our company. Um, and it shows you that the level of work that we want to put down and put into your, uh, your yard, uh, we want to make it look good because it does. It’s, it’s our biggest advertisement, uh, of all the things of all the ways we do advertise how we leave your yard, how it looks, how it represents other people was our biggest advertisement. People are going to go by, go by, uh, we may have a sign in your yard or not, and they’re going to go by and they’re going to see your yard and he’s gotta be looking good. Uh, I don’t wanna put my yard and a sign that doesn’t look good and I’m not gonna lie. There are a few customers out there. I would not put my sign and

You don’t do that. Good, a job wrong. The customer does not care about their lawn. That much. They find it a nuisance. And if it was up to them, they would, uh, cement the whole thing. So cutting grass and taking names, lawn care is here to give you to provide you with a great looking lawn again at your leisure, at your will, how you want it. That way you guys can enjoy every aspect of it, all of it all over. Um, we find junk. We can take it. Power of observation, find dead leaves. We can take it. Our observation, uh, we find a vegetation overgrown. We can take it. Our observation that spot in the grass provide sod. We can do it. Power of observation, Tulsa, lawn care community. All we’re trying to do is look out for you and your lawn. Make sure you’ve got one of the best looking lawns in the hood.

Make sure

Those neighbors of yours kicked their curb and get jealous. Every time they have to drive by nothing says adult peer pressure. When your neighbors come home and they see that your lawn is all manicured and they got to get out. When they’re tired from their long, hard day of work of putting up with whatever they got to put up,

To get it done,

Clean their yard and make it look semi as good as yours. And it took them all even so they didn’t get to go in and relax, put their feet up, enjoy dinner with their family. No, they got to enjoy yard work where I’m sure they figured out something was broken. Something didn’t work, something needed something replaced and something needed something new. And they had the wrong equipment or they couldn’t find what they just bought.


Because that’s usually how yard, where it goes for the homeowners, unless you’re just out there every single day. Y’all working the last things on your mind. So maintaining the equipment, having the equipment is as well, kicking grass ticketing, lawn care, Tulsa lawn care committee has the equipment ready as the equipment, uh, designed and made for your yard. Come in to make mincemeat of all that it is.


Let us come and help you out. Provide you with your weekend, give you that, uh,

Time freedom, as they say out in the world and provide you with moments. That’ll last because you’ll remember moments with your family more than you remember the time you were in the yard until 8:00 PM. Cleaning leaves. No one wants to do that. Plus the backbreaking work and get a bag of they ain’t got 47 bags of leaves in your front yard. They sit there and they still kill your grass because it takes a week for them to come and pick them up. They don’t pick them all up. They pick up a little bit at a time. And so you still have leaves in your yard. And so your grass is still dying.

So see Tulsa lawn care community. You just need to have chicken grass and take names, come and take those leaves. Why? Because the power of observation, we see those leaves sit there for weeks on end. Yes, you clean them up off your yard, but now you have them bagged. And then they’re getting rained on. They’re getting stinky. They’re getting all sorts of things. Things are growing. Things are, are getting nasty over those leaves. Under those leaves in those leaves. When all you have to do is call us up, give us a few hours, let us take those leaves and move on. That’s what we do. Once you guys realized the power of observation,

Having those leaves in the side of your house will deteriorate. Whatever they’re on, stay in the cement, ruin the brick, mold, the wood, whatever you got going on. It’ll damage it. Yeah. You may have a bagged. It none at all, very yourself, which is good, which is wonderful. And I understand that. Trust me, I do, but it’s still there. Whether it’s on the grass, on the house, it’s still causing damage. You want to get rid of those leaves. You want to get rid of that vegetation problem is they only pick up so much at a time, no matter what. Even if you call for a special dump, the only gonna pick up so many at a time. So green country reach out to us, let us take care of you. Let us make that long looking great. Let us come out and observe what you’ve got going on. Let us see it all. Cause the power of observation, things that you may not notice, things of a United on, not see spots on a tree lens. Dangling. How often do you look up

Holes in the ground? Bumps from gophers, all sorts of goodness goes on in that yard. All sorts of activity that you knowing or unknowingly have that you don’t want to deal with. That’s why you have us. You have us coming out there. You have us taking care of it. You have us observing it, but power of observation by kicking grass and taking names long care, we see lots and lots of yards. We know what a healthy yard should look like. We know what a not healthy yard looks like. We know if you should have mounds of dirt or knots, You hire us to Mo hire us to take care of it. All the power of observation. Let us come and take care of it for you. Tell us a lawn care community. Do not be afraid. Your lawn is in great hands with cane grass and taking names long.


We’re in green country for you and your neighbors. Let us fix up our biggest marketing ploy. And that is your beautiful home kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, or the $5 first. Give us a call (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out. Www dot kicking grass,