Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long Hair Home of the $5 First Mo folks, how you doing out there today? It is, uh, that time of year again. That’s right. Your favorite time of year fall. I don’t know who doesn’t like fall? I love fall one because I spent all summer getting burned and melting in the hot, hot sun. Uh, now it is fall. It is cooling off. It is a very much of a pleasure to be outside, um, to enjoy those weather, to enjoy the, uh, changing of the colors. Uh, all the wonderful and beautiful things that nature has to offer us. And the more work it gives, the variety of work that it gives, uh, fall brings on, um, leaves ations over seating, um, getting ready for Christmas lights, uh, fixing up lighting, um, that may have, uh, gone bad over the summer from the heat or just getting worn down Tulsa lawn care community.

It’s time for you now to start thinking about what you want, uh, for your outside maintenance for the fall. Um, whether or not you have trees, uh, to start getting trimmed up lower branches, raise those roofs as they say, uh, or even I don’t know, leaves those pesky, pesky leaves. Uh, whether, whether or not you have trees, you may end up with lots of Tulsa Lawn Care leaves. Uh, always have several clients each year who have me come and do their leaves for them. And they don’t even have a single tree on their lot. They just end up in a perfect spot in their neighborhood and collect everybody’s leaves. So, uh, you know, we do give great prices, great, uh, competitive rates. Um, out there. We have a variety of ways of ga gathering leaves. Uh, my personal favorite is just mulching them up. Uh, it’s basically a free fertilizer.

If you do not have a million leaves, uh, it’s probably the, uh, the best route to go cheapest, most efficient, effective. And again, you get a benefit out of it. On top of, uh, us just coming out and destroying all those leaves for you, pulverizing them in the dust and getting ’em back into the soil for you. And, uh, you know, every few years, adding an interation to that really will help out. You’ll have a nice, thick, healthy, beautiful green lawn, Um, simply because it’s taking a few extra steps in taking care of your lawn, uh, Tulsa Lawn care community. Uh, we hope you guys are doing great out there. We hope you, uh, are enjoying the, the changing of the colors.

It is about to be very active here over the next few weeks. Um, those leaves will be coming down. Uh, and don’t forget, you want to go ahead and schedule in your, uh, Christmas lights, Uh, get ’em scheduled in ahead of time. Uh, we do book up quick. We do, uh, uh, sell out pretty much every year. Um, but we can always, uh, hopefully we can get more if you, uh, coming in time. Uh, wait. If you wait later in the season, uh, there’s less to pick from, uh, harder to get, uh, product in the past, it’s always been harder to get more product. Uh, in the last year or two, it’s been extremely hard. Um, meaning to almost impossible, uh, to get the types of quality Christmas lights that we like to use for our home is to make sure they are the brightest and best on the block.

Uh, we want you guys to stand out from your neighbors who wanted to show that. We want to show them why, uh, you did hire us, uh, to get you nice, clean, crisp look. Uh, your lights will be brighter. Um, your overall, your appearance will be cleaner, nicer. Um, just, just a real good overall look. Uh, so folks, don’t be, uh, don’t be afraid to give us holler. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout. Uh, we’re gonna come out, we’re gonna take care of you. Uh, a lot of jobs to do. Uh, we wanna be the ones to help you guys out. Uh, I don’t want you guys to get, uh, left on the curb side. So call, schedule your stuff up today. Um, we’ll get you taken care of. Uh, fall’s really good. There’s a lot of, a lot of bonfires, pit fires, you know, time spent out on patios, things like that.

All that, uh, hard work, uh, you’ve put into your lawn or had people put into your lawn. It’s time to start really enjoying those. Uh, it was, uh, the fruits of the labor, so to speak. Wanna make sure, uh, you know, you, you’ve had people come out and, uh, fertile pest control and do all sorts of things. Uh, hopefully you used our guys. Um, and, uh, you know, so now, I mean, that lawn is in great shape. That lawn is, is looking lush, looking green. It’s cut. Uh, it’s controlled. Uh, it’s doing exactly what you want. Tulsa lawn care community. It’s time to go out there and enjoy that lawn. It’s time to go out there and, uh, really soak it up, You know, light the fire. Um, and, and enjoy the, the weather, the cool breeze. A nice, a nice fire and a warm cocoa.

Um, listening to the whatever little bugs and crickets are out there, uh, making noises, you know, just nice nature, relaxing moment. Um, I really want you guys to, uh, understand that this is, uh, this is the moment that we’re providing. Uh, this is what we’re trying to give you guys a piece of, uh, of, uh, just relaxation a moment in time, if you will. Uh, make sure you guys are all taken care of, Um, just so you can enjoy life. Uh, remember, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home in the $5 first mo, we’re here to get you your Saturdays

Tulsa Lawn Care | We Know How To Kick Grass

Back. Uh, we don’t want you spending your whole weekend out there, uh, taking care of these Tulsa Lawn Care lawns and doing all sorts of heavy lifting, so to speak. We want to be the ones to come out there, do that heavy lifting for you so you can just go out there and enjoy it and be like, Wow, these guys do a great job. I don’t have to worry about it. Uh, it is 100% an afterthought. Um, my lawn done and taken care of. Um, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re providing. Um, we do, do, uh, a lot of other services. Uh, so just keep that in mind. Uh, if you guys want to add on to a patio or retaining wall, or fix some drainage or anything like that, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to come out, take a look and see how we can help you out.

Um, these, uh, can be foundation issues, um, if not held, if not, uh, taken care of properly or quickly. So, you know, just, uh, just think about it. Uh, definitely something to consider. Definitely. And here’s the thing though. You already know we’re our quality of work. You already know our reliability. Um, and we’re gonna apply that all across the board. Uh, we’re gonna make sure we take care of you and, and give you guys the help that you need. And just really take, take good quality care of you. Cause you know what, uh, you’re our best advertisement that we have, uh, from what your home looks like, uh, to your neighbors, uh, to you telling your friends and family. Uh, there, there’s nothing, uh, more trusting than getting a referral from a family friend, knowing this person’s gonna be quality work and they’re gonna show up.

So to us, lawn care community, uh, there is a reason why I call us community. And there is a reason why I want you guys to pass our name along. Uh, makes the job a lot easier. They know, uh, they already know, uh, our reputation coming in, um, from a source that they trust and that source you, uh, keeping congrats and taking names. Lawn care wants to be the ones to, uh, help provide many, many, uh, outdoor situation solutions we can for you and your families. Um, that way, no matter who’s home you guys go to, you guys can enjoy it all, You know, go out there, uh, safely, enjoy the back and go art, knowing it’s pest free. Uh, knowing it’s mode and well maintained. And, and knowing that if anything you guys want to add on or build on or create or whatever that we can do for you, um, always a great time to, to consider adding on its fall.

Um, especially when it starts slowing down for the main maintenance, uh, things. It’s a really good time to get with your contractor, to get with your lawn guys and, and see what else they can do for you. Uh, there, there are times starts to open up. They start to get a little bit of extra, uh, room in their schedules. Uh, and, you know, it’s a win-win situ. As I said before, it’s a win-win situation for both the contractor and the consumer. Especially if the contractor has guys. Cause then he’s got some work for us guys that keep them busy. And, uh, more than likely the contractor’s willing to do it at a cheaper price, uh, because they, they have less to do. So they need to make, make sure they secure the, uh, the job and the position and, and, uh, keep their guys busy.

So, like I said, it’s a win-win for both. Um, there is no, uh, no harm in, in mentioning that you want to wait, uh, until later in the season to get these projects done. Uh, if anything, uh, the contractor appreciates and looks up and looks onto it, um, you know, but, you know, hey, uh, give a call. Let ’em know. Communicate. It’s, uh, it’s a great, great way to figure out what you guys want to do, want to, want to meet up with, uh, and bring it home. So guys, uh, check out, Congrats and take names. Lawn Care home of a $5 first month Tulsa Lawn Care communities. Number one, uh, high, most highly reviewed and most sought after in the Tulsa area, uh, lawn care company. We just, we want you to know that we’re here. We’re there, we’re everywhere. We’re already in your neighborhood.

We’re gonna take care of it. Uh, if you see a great lawn, more than likely we did it. Uh, if you have a customer who doesn’t even think about their, if, if you know a friend who doesn’t even think about their lawn, who worries about it, we’re probably the ones that take care of it. Um, you guys just need to understand that we’re gonna try our hardest to, to make, uh, make it easier for you. So give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out, And, uh, anyway, hire us. You don’t regret it. We’ll make you look great. Uh, remember, you can’t even buy a milkshake, a burger and fries for $5, but you can get your lawn mo any size. Uh, well, let’s take care of you. We’ll see you out there. Have a great night.