Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first. Mow, wanna reach out to everyone out there in green country and see how you all are doing. It is getting that time of year grass is definitely start to take off. Fire up, go after it all and well, folks, it is time to start mowing. And while right now in the very beginning, it may be good to go biweekly, you are going to need weekly mowing. Don’t be cheap, don’t be, uh, that type of, uh, that type of person. The reason why I say that is weekly mowing allows you a lot of freedoms. Okay? Uh, weekly mowing allows for rescheduling. Weekly mowing allows for, uh, rain. Weekly mowing allows for a cleaner, nicer looking yard, a healthier looking yard, a stronger looking yard, a yard that can handle the mowing more than a yard that just gets mowed every once in a while.

Um, the reason why you really want to look into weekly mowing is benefits the yard. Less grass clippings for the yard to handle, uh, faster breakdown and nutrients absorb quicker into the yard. Um, the other thing is, is the less time your maintenance crew has to be on your property, uh, I understand as a customer you want your stuff done, but at the same time, how often do you want people just hanging out at your house? Wouldn’t you rather them be able to get in and get out in like say 20 minutes, 15 minutes versus 30 40? Oh, you say to yourself, well, I’m not even home when they come and mow and stuff. Well, maybe you’re not. Maybe you are because they have tons of, uh, biweekly customers and so they’re at their properties longer and you end up having to see them when you get home from work.

The last thing you want to do is hear big, loud mowers Ronan, and making all sorts of noises when you just want to get home and relax. Tulsa Lawn Care community, just, just understand that the Beth method of, of mowing is weekly. Uh, there’s nothing better. Um, you, you, you know, you’re gonna get your, your lawn owed same roughly the same time, roughly the same day. Um, every week you’ll be taken care of. You’ll be one of the better customers for your, for the people servicing you. Um, it, it’ll just overall go better. They’ll have a better eye on your yard. They’ll notice things more. They’ll take care of things faster for you. They’ll be able to do little extra things because they’re not having to spend so much time just mowing the yard. Um, and I know people don’t believe me and, and you know, I I, they don’t believe anybody.

I could care less until they actually get their butts out there to actually go and mow the yard when it’s 2, 3, 4, 5 inches, 2, 3, 4 weeks past time that it should have been mowed. And they’re like, well, it’s just grass. You just get up there and mowed. Yeah. Okay, cool. That’s, that’s an ignorant thought on your part. Great, wonderful. Uh, it’s not just grass and you need to go out and get it done. Uh, it is, is thick, healthy, harsh, you know, lush grass that, that, you know, it takes power to get through. And that power comes at expensive time and we’re saving you time by not having you do it at all. And we could be saving time if you allow us to come and do it weekly. Um, that is, like I said, that’s just the best scenario. And, and to think otherwise is ignorant on your part and shows that you have never ever mowed a yard Tulsa lawn care community. You need to understand the importance. You know, you don’t have to care about your yard, that’s fine. But if, if you do take care of it in a proper manner, it, it will take care of itself. So that at the very least is a plus.

You don’t want to sit here and have a bad yard just because you’re lazy and us like you’re not even wanna doing it. You know, we’re, you’re hiring us to go do it. All right? So it shouldn’t matter to you how often gets mowed. It shouldn’t matter to you that it looks good. You’re having somebody else do it. So if you’re gonna have somebody else do it, you might as well have ’em do it to make it benefit you. That way you can go outside and enjoy your yard if you want. Even just walk across it once or twice. You don’t have to have anything special done. But having it done weekly is so much better than having not having it done at all, uh, or every few weeks or whatever you guys want to want to call it. Cuz then if you allow that stuff to grow, you have all sorts of critters and diseases and, and things that you don’t want in your lawn growing.

And that’s just simply cuz you didn’t have a owed or taken care of. You didn’t let the grass fight for its right to maintain and hold the property, uh, which is what you really need to do. Um, let them, let them come out there and let them have it. Let them be the ones to provide it for you. And yeah, that’s it. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s not complicated. Uh, we want you guys to know that taking care of a lawn is, is something that we enjoy doing, um, on our criteria. And, you know, that criteria being a weekly, a weekly mow, we come out, we, we keep it clean. We just trim it up. We’re there, we’re in, we’re out, man, no bother, no fuss, no nothing. You guys are happy. It’s looking great. Um, and you just go up, out and join your day.

Tulsa lawn care community. Just understand that lawns will grow. Um, I know some customers are like, oh, it hasn’t rained that much. Oh, it hasn’t, it doesn’t matter. Okay, march through October, your grass is growing regardless of whether you water it or not, regardless of so many other circumstances going on with the weather. Your grass is growing, it needs to be mowed. So having said that, awesome, great, let’s get it mowed, let’s get it taken care of. Let’s, let’s provide the opportunity to, to have a nice looking lawn at the expense of our labor. We will make it beautiful as best we can. Sharpen those, clean those edges up and just make it look nice. Tulsa lawn care community. You should want to have a nice looking lawn. You should not want to not want have an ugly lawn. Uh, having an ugly lawn is not fun.

It is, it is a pain. You have all sorts of weird smells. You have all sorts of weird, sticky little plants in there. Uh, a lot of headaches to deal with. If you have animals, they come back with all sorts of little critters on them and it’s just, it is just not a happy place for anybody. Uh, then you don’t feel like going outside. You’re kept inside more and then you’re not getting any sunlight and yeah, all sorts of things just simply because you, you don’t have a lawn that you’ve taken care of and provide for and, and all that good stuff. All you have to do is, is simply get it mowed. Uh, mowing is just, it just really does it, it makes the house look more presentable. Um, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. You know, it’s getting done. You know, you’re provided with good, good service.

You’re, you’re, you’re taken care of. It’s good, it’s great. It’s wonderful. You like it. You, you just really want to promote the, the health of a lawn. And by doing that is this weekly mowing, uh, really getting in there and having them come in, take care of it. Um, nothing better. Your lawn’s gonna be happier, healthier, stronger Tulsa lawn care community. You’ll be able to compete with so many other, um, people out there and showing how beautiful your lawn is. Uh, simply just by getting it mowed, I mean, it is a hard concept. It’s not complicated. It’s not anything. It’s just mowing a yard. And we can do that for you. Simple and easy, uh, painless. Just we, we want to keep it, um, nice and flexible. Making sure you guys can come home and spend your time with, with doing what you want to do and not worry about all the crazy food paw and all that gunk, right?

You just come home, you relax, put your feet up, watch your tv. Do what, do what you want to do. You don’t have to worry about the, any of the other garbage of maintaining your yard or whatever and so many other things you got going on. So folks, just kicking grass, taking names, long hair home with a $5 first. Mow, we just want to come out, take care of it. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it looking clean. Uh, mowings what we do, uh, grass does the growing. We, we keep it in check. We keep it in place. It’s a love-hate relationship. We, it loves to grow. We love to mow. We both don’t get along.

We usually win the lawn usually

Stays short.

Uh, it’s a nice, nice deal for the customer. You guys look sharp and great and wonderful and, and all these other awesome and

Beautiful things you guys have going on. So let us know how we can help you. What we can do. We want to take care of you guys and make sure you guys look sharp and

That grass is, is mowed down and you don’t have to worry about it. Uh, <inaudible>

Best, best case scenario. You don’t end up with clumps, you don’t end with dumps. You don’t end up with all

Sorts of different horrible things. Um, the grass gets blown around. It’s just, it’s a really good,

Good way to, to make sure you guys are taken care of and all that fun stuff. So folks, get in there, um, get, take care of all that

Awesome, uh, grass. Uh,

Let us be the ones to provide you with mowing services. Fast, friendly, neat. Keep it clean. Um, clean up your heart surfaces. Uh, keep it low. Keep those weeds

Away. The more you’re allowed the grass to grow, it’ll fight off the, the, the yucky stuff and push it out. And next thing you know, you have nice lush grass and you’re just growing and you’re looking great and all these wonderful things. So call kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first. Mow

At 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Give

Us a hollerer, let us know. We will provide

For you. We will be the ones there, um, as your grass grows to give it a mow.

Um, so yeah, don’t be shy. Reach out website, uh,

However you want to, but it’s growing season, so let’s be mowing.

We’ll see you out there in green country.