<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Long Hair community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mow, this is coming at you guys ’cause spring is starting early. Uh, subjectively speaking of course, here in Green country we are looking at hot, hot summer days or hot spring days are very warm and unlikely February days or however you wanna look at it. The weather is so crazy here right now. Uh, things are actually starting to bloom and grow. We have actually started mowing. I think this is the first time we’ve ever had to go and mow in February. Uh, it is what it is. Those fest few grasses are taking off like mad. Uh, they are growing and we are showing meaning we’re showing up with our blade sharp, our mowers ready, and we’re making that yard look clean and nice.

That’s right folks. Uh, we’re here to make it look good. We wanna make it look good. We wanna make it your house look good. Just, just be ready folks. It is definitely that time of year. We want you guys to be aware of what’s going on. Uh, don’t be surprised if you walk outside and you have an overgrown yard. ’cause the temperatures are getting up there. We got, uh, 80 degrees the other day here. It’s absolutely crazy. It’s, uh, you know, one of our warmest, uh, months and on record history, historical records, or however you wanna phrase it, say it, and all that good stuff. Uh, so it is definitely happening. It’s definitely going on. Uh, so Tulsa lawn care community be ready. It’s, it’s, it’s time to get those flower beds cleaned out. It’s time to get those pre-emergence laid down. It’s time to get your referrals, uh, all lined up, all your people, uh, ready to roll and in place.

Get your, uh, contracts, uh, in line. Get who you want to take care of your lawn there and in place, and make sure you’re, you’re, you’re paying them good because you know what, if someone else is gonna pay more, that’s where they’re gonna go at the end of the day. Uh, as one of my customers says it’s just business. Okay, cool. I saved one of my customers as one person who approached me and requested service says, oh, it’s just business. I’ll remember that. I remember that ever since. It is just business. I got you girl. I understand that. And it is just business when no one wants to show up after homeboy said, oh, hey, I’ll do it for $5. And then he know where to be seen again. Yeah. Anyway. So kicking grass, taking names, long hair home of the $5 first mo deal.

Just so you know. Not a regular basis. Uh, but we do want to, uh, give a shout out to our donations and stuff. Uh, your mo, your first mo plus, you know, other stuff all gets jumbled into a nice big lump sum that we donate to, uh, St. Jude’s. Uh, we give them, uh, a good, healthy check. Uh, ’cause we care about little kids and it’s fun and why not, right? Uh, we do this to, it’s earn money. We do this to give money. We do this to, to help people have something to do and make better with their lives and all that fun stuff. So folks, if you want a good, reliable crew to show up, if you want a, uh, detail oriented, hey, we’re gonna take care of you. We’re gonna make sure you get what you request every single time type of crew to show up.

Call kicking grass, to taking names, lawn care home, the $5 first mow Tulsa Lawn Care community. It is, uh, time to see the experts in action. And I am gonna call myself an expert at this point in time. Why I’ve done this long enough. Uh, I’m pretty good at sizing up the lawns. I’m pretty good at, uh, getting the lawns taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. Uh, we know how to show up and we know how to put up. So that’s what we’re gonna do today. We’re gonna tell you guys that Spring has sprung. We’re gonna tell you guys that grasses are growing. Uh, fur, pre-emergent and fertilizers are going down. Things are starting to take off. Flower beds are full of, uh, old mulch and, uh, leaves definitely something you guys want to consider. Uh, getting that stuff put out, ripped out right now, getting your flower, uh, flowers, put in some greens, whatever else you guys are looking for, uh, that is definitely what y’all want to do and need to do.

Um, that’s what we can do for you, okay? We can take care of it. We can, uh, make it look good. We can do all sorts of awesome and fun things. You folks just need to understand that. Uh, all you gotta do is call, give us time. We may be on a job already. Uh, we are a small business, meaning we don’t have secretaries and things like that. Uh, so hey, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about paying for. Uh, so give us a chance to give you a call back if we don’t pick up first round or hey, even better, send us a text, okay? We can keep it short and sweet. You guys. Send us a text. We can text you guys right back, uh, usually a lot quicker than we can call, call. We have to make sure we’re, uh, in a nice quiet area.

And sometimes when we’re out doing our things, it’s not quiet. We got mowers and blowers going, uh, to make it all nice even and smooth. So Tulsa Lawn Care community, just reach out. Let us know how we can do this. Let us know how we can get you started, lined up, secured, pat, packed down. Whatever it is that you need. Once you’re a client, you’re a client until you tell us you don’t want to be. Uh, that’s, that’s pretty much how we roll. That’s how we work. We want you guys to know that you can be well taken care of and definitely look after in, in a very efficient and good manner. Okay? Uh, it’s better to be, uh, proactive then reactive. Alright? Meaning let’s, uh, let’s go ahead and get us lined up. Let’s go ahead, get us locked in and we’re gonna come out there and definitely take care of you guys real quick.

Uh, it won’t be a very long, uh, window before, you know, schedules are full, people are jam packed and you know, ain’t gonna lie. We make waiting lists. Uh, yes, yes we do. And that’s how you guys get people somewhere else down the line. And then, uh, you learn the next year to start a little bit earlier. But hey, that’s okay. It’s all learning curve. Uh, you know, it depends how you wanna look at things and how you wanna perceive things. Uh, some people do not mind the game of running around trying to find a contractor or trying to find somebody to help them or do this for them or whatever. They love playing that. Let’s look it up and find somebody game. And they like to do that all day long. That’s awesome. It’s wonderful. Some people understand, no, let me, uh, let me get this taken care of once and done.

And I have a, uh, guy on, on, on call and, uh, boom, I’m done. And then my guy on call has people on that. All I have to do is reach out to him and he gets other things taken care of for me. Hey, you know, we’ve been in this game long enough. That’s us. That is us Tulsa long care community. We have people out there for you, uh, call us. Doesn’t matter what it is that you need. I’m gonna have somebody in concrete. I’m gonna have somebody in, uh, fencing. I’m gonna have somebody in construction general, you know, just whatever it is. We’re gonna have it pergolas, you know, what do you want? Uh, we’ll get it done, we’ll get it looked at. We’ll get it. Uh, estimated sprinklers, you know, we got it. Okay? So definitely let us know how we can help, what we can help, and why we can help.

Okay? Uh, we wanna be the ones to come out and mow that lawn. Uh, those lawns will be growing here real soon. Right now if you have fescue, it’s probably starting to take off pretty good amount. Um, we’ve already been out mowing a few of those fescue lawns, getting them back whipped down back into shape, okay? Uh, that’s definitely what we want to do. Wanna make ’em look good. We wanna make ’em look nice and even and smooth. All right? Get those, uh, nutrients cut right back into the yard. You know, maybe shred up some, some leaves that have been hanging out or in the way or something like that. Uh, so yeah, definitely check us out, check our website, check testimonials out. You know, we’ve got stuff going on. It is, uh, not that big a deal. Um, so folks, uh, mowing season is starting real soon.

Um, contractors are getting their blades sharpened contractors are out getting their, uh, uh, equipment up to date. Uh, just preparing, you know, also now probably for about the next month is a great time to get those small projects knocked out of the way. What do you mean by small projects? Small retaining walls, fix the, uh, irrigation system, uh, lighting, whatever else it is you may need. You know, clearing out those flower beds, some, some more, uh, final cleanups for the, uh, leaves and things like that. So we’re almost there. We’re almost done with this. And we’re almost back to this. Some yard maintenance on a regular, weekly biweekly, uh, service. So Tulsa lawn care community, it is definitely the time to look into who you’re gonna have when you’re gonna have ’em, how you’re gonna have ’em. Uh, we do have routes, we do have areas of town that we are in on certain days. So hopefully we can accommodate and be there at your house on the right day for you. That’ll work. Uh, some people will just, they understand the benefit of it and they’re cool with whatever day works for us. Uh, that is awesome. And some people are more, um, you know, they like certain days of the week done for them, which is fine too. We, uh, we can sometimes accommodate those depending on where they’re located and,

And which day of the week that they’re wanting. So we are definitely looking forward to serving and seeing you guys. We’re definitely looking forward to coming out and making sure we can give you guys some of the best lawn mowing service in green country. Uh, we wanna make sure you guys understand how important it is to us that we have your business and that you look for us when you need your yard maintenance needs procured. So, so many people out there, so many lawns, such little time. Of course we want ’em all, but we can’t have ’em all. So get on our list early. Uh, we do have limited space. We do have, uh, a few openings, uh, for small projects over the next month. Uh, we do have a couple big landscaping jobs already taken up. Uh, a good amount of time. So folks, hurry up, reach out, see what we can do for you, see how we can help you.

Let us know how many lawns we can mow for you. We just want you guys to understand the importance of all these things to consider. Uh, it’s time to get those lawns, uh, with some chemicals and things like that, uh, to get them into shape and all that. Even, uh, some fresh fertilizer is, is good too. This time of year you really get that lawn, um, kickstarted and going and all that stuff. Give us a call at (918) 872-0338. Uh, let’s get you recorded for your, uh, $5 first mow and we’ll get you guys taken care of. Uh, again, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8 or check our website out www.kickinggrasstulsa.com. Uh, you can email us. Whatever else it is you guys need to do, we’ll be here for you. We’ll see you out there in the fields, guys, ’cause we’re gonna be mowing them. Thanks.