Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first. Mow reaching out to you folks. It’s that time of year, it’s warm, it’s wet, it’s windy. That’s a grain combination for grass to grow. And that’s what it’s starting to do right now. Really though, if you have nice, healthy grass, it’s still dormant, it’s asleep, it’s chilling, it’s relaxing, it’s acting all cool and it’s not doing much, which is fine. Which is okay. Come out there. Um, have my, uh, have my partners come out and spray and get, keep everything under control. That’s wonderful. Uh, if you’re not on the chemical side of things and you’re just being old, natural, so to speak, you probably have weeds and lots and lots of weeds. And those weeds are growing like mad Tulsa Lawn Care community. Let me tell you something right now.

It’s prime time, weed time. It is all about growing and making things funky, looking and smelling when they get cut and all sorts of crazy things. When it comes to those weeds, those weeds are rampant. They grow out of anything. They grow off of anything and they grow anywhere. How? Where, why, what when? I don’t know. I don’t know why Weeds can survive in the most harsh and inhumane areas of the, of the home or growing off of a side of a house while other plants with all these nutrients and, and baby things just die. And they don’t make it out all in any way, shape or form. Um, but they do. So Tulsa Lawn Care commu community. Let’s, let’s get together, let’s get our, our grasses mowed. Let’s keep these things in check. Let’s get ’em cut down. As soon as we come ’em down, let’s get out there and spray ’em down with something.

Anything’s better than nothing. Letting those weeds know who’s boss. We really want to make sure the weeds understand that we own them and that we will control them. Uh, we don’t want them to grow outta control. Um, all those funky weeds and different things that they do to the yard, uh, smells, they cause they can bring in different critters and all sorts of different things. So I think the best thing to do is come out and get it mowed down. Get it under control while you can, before you have bales of hay growing in your front yard. Last thing you guys really want, um, you don’t want to have to put up with all that jazz and and stuff. You just want to have a nice clean yard taken care of. Get rid of those purple flowers. Get rid of those Dan lines. Get rid of all that other stuff. Let the grass come in. Let it take over. Let the grass do what the grass needs to do, okay? And the grass needs to be green and the grass needs to, um, grow. And the grass needs to be

Mowed. That’s right. Mowed by us. We wanna be able to mow it for you. We wanna be able to, uh, provide you with a good clean service, make you guys look nice and clean and taken care of. Like you care about your property. That is the main thing. You want to do it. So it looks like you care about your property. You don’t want to do it and, and half done and ugly. You want to do it and have it care about your property. You want to be nice, you wanna be clean, you want to be mowed. Uh, you wanna be done by a company that’s reliable, that’ll show up, that’ll take care of you. That’ll do everything you need it to do, um, in a quick, clean and efficient manner. Um, reliability is the name of the game and that’s who we are. And we’re gonna be there for you guys.

So tell us the lawn care community. Reach out. Let us know how we can mow for you. Let us know when we can mow for you. Let us know where we can mow for you. Uh, these are the things that we wanna do for you. We wanna provide you guys with the best mowing service you’re gonna have at all. Um, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn Care home at the $5 first. Mow, we want to come out and mow for you. We want to come out and mow your Bermuda. We want to come out and mow your fescue. We want come out and mow your Zoya. And if you got different grass than that in Oklahoma, awesome. We want see it cuz we want mow it. Um, so we can mow it all. We can do it all. Uh, we can make it look good.

We can make it look, uh, very professional and make you guys extremely happy. You know why? Cuz you didn’t have to mow it. You had better things to do on your weekend and you got to go and do those things on your weekend and it’s now lovely and wonderful and you are happy because you did not have to waste your weekend fighting with a mower, getting the right mix and all that stuff. You went and enjoyed the weekend as you saw fit. So the Tulsa Lawn Care community, remember to call us. Remember to enjoy your weekend. Remember to get everything done that you want to get done that makes you happy and not things that are chores. And you’d rather pass off to the next person. And if you do wanna pass off that mowing to the next person, let that next person be kicking grass and taking names.

Lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow, uh, we are absolutely awestruck by lawns when they are done and complete. We think they are beautiful looking. We, we, we admire them. We like to sit back and go, wow, we made that look good. And we like to impress our client’s neighbors on how much better our client’s lawns look than their neighbors. And of course it’s hard to do when we do both lawns, but then we got two lawns that look phenomenal in the rest of the neighborhood. That does not look as phenomenal. But that’s because kicking grass, taking the Ames Lawn Care home of the $5 first Mow came and

Mowed those lawns. Um, and if the rest of the neighborhood wants to look just as good as the two lawns we mowed, then they’ll get on board and we will mow their lawns as well. I mean, remember folks, five bucks can’t even get a milkshake, hamburger and fries for $5. Uh, it’s unbeatable. It’s, it’s great, it’s foolproof. And um, yeah, it’s what we do. Tulsa Lawn Care Community. I hope you guys are looking for phenomenal service. I hope you guys are looking for wonderful, uh, energetic guys to come out, run those lawns, make ’em great, uh, make ’em green. Keep ’em healthy. Cuz that’s what we do here at Kicking Grass. That can take your names Lawn Care home with a $5 first. Mow, we got them looking phenomenal. We want you guys to see ’em, uh, the lawns in their best light. And that’s a weekly cut.

They’re never gonna look better. They’re never look healthier. They’re never gonna be anything but gorgeous to you with that weekly cut. Uh, biweekly isn’t bad, it’s just you’re gonna have a little bit more clippings, some clumping and things like that. Um, and then over time, possibly matting down from the amount of clump clippings and things like that. So by far, um, mowing Weekly would always benefit you more and give you a better result than you would think. Um, but hey, that’s just me. I’m just the long guy. I’m just the expert. I’m just the one that thinks and knows how lawns should be handled and treated and and properly. And you know, this also depends what you want. Do you want a good looking lawn or do you want a lawn that, eh, that’s grass. You know? Or do you want people to know, Hey, yeah, this person cares about their home.

Well, let’s be a person that cares about the home. Let’s get in there. Let’s take care of the lawn. Let’s, let’s make it look wonderful. Let’s make it look beautiful. Uh, green, lush and all the above. Lawns are fun. Lawns are work. Yes, they are work. There’s, there’s time you need to put into ’em. It’s a labor of love really. Um, lawns can be the fun part of the day. Lawns can be the worst part of the day. If you do lawns on your own, you know you’re gonna least to make three or four trips to the store for different things you forgot about or might need or whatever. Um, it’s gonna probably take you a good half a day cuz you’re gonna be meticulous and want to, it’s done a certain way and stuff like that where you could call us. One. We are meticulous.

Two, we’re gonna have all the equipment with us. And three, we’re gonna get it done within 30 to 45 minutes, if not less. Um, so we won’t be in the way. We’ll, we’ll be there. Um, we’ll let you guys enjoy your your time off. Go play a video game. Go watch a movie. Go do anything that you want to do that’s fun and relaxing. Do not worry about the lawn. Um, that’s what we’re there for. That’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna mow it up as it grows up. We’re gonna do all those wonderful things to make it look good, look great, and compete with every other retired individual out there who’s mowing the yard every four days, who’s feeding it, weeding it, all that fun stuff everywhere and anywhere in town will make you look great. Take your names Long Hair Home at the $5 first Bow.

Thank you guys. We want you to call us at (918) 872-0338. Check our website out It’s great. It’s wonderful. We got a lot of testimonies, we got a lot of reviews, we got pictures, we got all sorts of cool things that you guys will like, love, um, get ideas from, uh, all sorts of neat things. So guys, just let us know how we can help. Let us know what we can do. Enjoy our website, enjoy our service. Most of all, tell your friends about it, especially your neighbors. Um, get ’em on board, get ’em help, help you, uh, make the neighborhood great again. You know, you want to make it look good. You wanna make it, um, be a wonderful place to live. You want your property values to maintain high. Um, and the only way you do that stuff is maintaining your property, king grass and taking names. Long care home at the $5 First Mill. We are here to maintain your property, keep those values up and make everyone look good again, give us a call, 9 1 8 3 7 2. Disregard that 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Again, (918) 872-0338. Phone lines are open. We’re taking our new customers and we’re gonna make your neighborhood look great. We’ll see you out there.