Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names Long here. Home of the $5 first, mow, how are you folks doing out there in green country? Well, this week we might as well be called wet country, which is great. We’ve been needing this rain. That ground has been dry and dusty the last few weeks, and we were in desperate need of some rain. We finally got it. Now the grass is going to take off and grow. So folks, this is why you want weekly mowing. Oh, my grass doesn’t need it. Yeah, I know everyone’s special. They got that unique, slow growing grass that doesn’t ever move and then all of a sudden one day, it’s a foot and a half long and you’re like, well, where’s my long guy? Why isn’t he here? We are there. What happened though is you decided to do biweekly and then rain happened.

So two weeks turned into three weeks. Or that day they had an equipment issue or something else. Possibly. Oh, I can’t pay you today. You’ll have to skip. Why does my lawn look so long? Well, think about all the things you’ve set yourself up for biweekly mowing. Things happen. You wanna move it back further. Oh, that’s why your yard is so long. Okay? Whereas if you have weekly mowing, it’s quick, it’s simple, it’s easy. You know they’re in, they’re coming, they’re gonna be there. If something does happen, then next week, more than likely, they’ll be able to get there same day, same time, okay? And get it taken care of. No issues. No. Why is my longs long? So long? Why do you never show up? It’s not us. We try to accommodate you at your request. Soto Lawn care community. Think weekly mowing. Think easy. Think simple. Think, oh, hey, I get these guys set up. They take care of me. I don’t have to worry about anything else with my lawn. And that’s how we like it. We wanna take care of you guys. We wanna make sure your, uh, lawns are nice and pretty. And if we mow it weekly, it has less that in it, it decomposes better, breaks down faster and doesn’t build up as much. Okay? These are the things you want to do.

So folks think weekly mowing. Think I care about my lawn. Think I’d rather have these guys outside for 20 minutes. Th a week than 30 to 40.

We’re in, we’re out. We’re simple. We’re not complicated. Oh, it doesn’t take that much longer. Yes, yes. It actually, it does. If you want it to look as good as it does when on a weekly service, it does actually take that much longer. Okay, folks, not trying to be mean. The reality of it is biweekly mowing takes longer. There’s no, I mean, you could argue all you want time. Everybody that you want, you will see that it takes longer end of discussion. Now, one crew may be faster than another, which is indifferent, but you will see a crew that services a property weekly versus a crew that services a property biweekly. Okay? It takes longer to service those biweekly properties. All right? Because as a mower, you guys want your properties to all look good. You don’t want any questions on whether or not you’ve done a good job or what there is.

You want it to look good, look nice, look neat. So Tulsa lawn care community, you’re gonna go back over all that stuff to make sure it looks good and it’s gonna take more work. It’s gonna take more time, okay? No matter how powerful the equipment is that they say and talk about and hype you up on out there in the, in the lawn care world and, oh, we got this new technology, no, I don’t care. It’s all the same. And the equipment needs more time to get through thicker brush. End of discussion. There’s not a debate. Nothing If it’s thicker brush, the equipment needs more time to get through it no matter how. I don’t care how powerful it is, it does not matter. There have been only far and few breakthroughs in technology in mowing that has allowed them to actually ha come out with a piece of equipment that is significantly different and makes an impact immediately on the industry.

And they are far and few between. So Tulsa, US Care, community Service weekly, it’s easier on the, on your guys you hire, it’s easier on the equipment they use. It’s easier on your budget. It’s easier on your, uh, timeframe. Needs, requests, wants, whatever it is they’re in, they’re out. They got you on, uh, lockdown. They’re taking care of you. They’re making sure your property’s looking good. They’re gonna be apri. You’re gonna be a priority for your lawn crew team because they wanna make sure you are taken care of as requested versus the biweekly, Hey, show up, uh, in two weeks from today, then maybe make it three weeks. Things like that. Oh, I’ll call you if I need you. Again, those types of mos and GOs are just no fun. Those are just not serviced very often. And they get left off the schedule. Not on purpose, but on accident because it’s like, oh, did they say Skip this week?

Did they Who just takes a phone call? Well, if everyone’s doing that, we don’t really need that. You need to keep up with your lawn care schedule, not us. We want the people who understand, Hey, we need our lawn taken care of on a regular basis this time. Perfect. Great. Wonderful. Thank you. We’ll see you later. Okay. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. Not much to it. Mowing and going. Weekly service, really good benefits. Okay, shorter time on the property. Um, better for the, uh, the yard overall. Less wear and tear. Um, less overgrowth causing more thatch. So many good things happen when you do a weekly mow Tulsa lawn care community. We do not want you to have a bad service. We want you to have a good service and good service comes with weekly mowing. It’s simple. It’s easy. There’s nothing better than having those guys, you know, come out once a week.

You don’t, it, it, it’s on autopilot. You don’t have to worry about it. And if and when there are issues on your date and time of service, they can communicate that to you in a time and efficiently manner, okay? They’re gonna get it done. They’re gonna service you. They’re gonna provide you with everything that you need in a timely and a 15 minute. Why? Because you take your lawn serious. You say, Hey, get out here once a week and make sure I look good. All right? You want it sprayed, you want it, all these other things. And so you take it very serious and you make sure the lawn has what it needs. So again, Tulsa Lawn Care community, we thank you and implore you to keep using weekly service. It’s one of the best things out there for your lawn. Besides hiring, kicking grass and taking names.

Lawn care, you can hire anybody, but you’re gonna hire the best. Why? Cuz you take your lawn care serious. You want it scheduled and you want it done. You don’t wanna sit there and wonder if they’re gonna show up or not. You want to know that they’re gonna take care of it. You want to know that they’re gonna show up on a regular basis. Provide and give 110% every chance they can kick a grass and taking names long here. Home of a $5 first. Mow folks, let us out there. Let us get ahold of your yard. Let us turn it into a masterpiece. We want it to look like fine carpet when we’re done, square it away. Edge up. Looking good. Okay. If you ever wonder why you have grass, too many grass pipings, then you know you’re waiting too long in between most, okay?

Lawns shouldn’t have a lot of grass clippings. They should have minimal to very little. Definitely not noticeable grass clippings. We want to keep it clean looking, a tight looking lawn. And we want your neighbors to be kick curb kicking, jealous. We want ’em to be like, wow. Their lawn looks great. We spend so much time in ours, we never see the mountain theirs. And they just look phenomenal. Okay? Value your look. Value your house. Knowing a well kept lawn will also help with property value. They’ll keep it high. They’ll keep it clean. All right. Biweekly mowing will not do that. Biweekly mowing will not have your property looking nice, will not have your property looking chic. Okay? It will affect property value. Weekly mowing, everything is tucked and put away at all times. Looking good, looking strong like it should be when you have a nice home.

So kicking grass and taking names home. Long care home with a $5 first MOW coming out for you, coming to get you coming to show you how it’s done. Getting those weekly MOS in getting your lawn taken care of. Folks, let us provide the best service you have not seen in the lawn care industry in a long time. Almost automated how good we are and time we do. We will notify you the day before, notify you when we’re headed your way, and notify you when we are complete. We appreciate your business and hope the opportunity to serve you in all your long care needs. Give us a call at (918) 872-0338. Let us know how we can help. Check our website out, Let’s do this Tulsa.