Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names Tulsa Lawn care. Want to shout out and give everyone a heads up with Christmas? Oh, wait. Y’all knew it was coming. That’s good stuff. You know what else is coming? Christmas lights. What happens with Christmas lights? What happens is it’s cold. When you go put them up. What else happens with Christmas lights? Stuff breaks bulbs go out, tied in. Knots takes up your whole Saturday again with the Saturday being overrun by an outdoor activity. If it’s not Mowen, if it’s not leaves, if it’s not gutter cleaning, there’s always something to do on the outside of your home. Well, cake and grass had taken names. Lawn care wants to help you with those headaches. We want to come out to your property, mow those lawns. Pick those leaves up, lay the seed and you know what else we want to do?

Put up those Christmas lights. Why? Because you have better things to do. I cannot emphasize this enough. You have got a ton of better things to do. You’ve got games to go to people to spend time with the last thing you have or don’t have time for is spending your whole Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon out there putting up Christmas lights. Oh man. It’s just Christmas lights. You just throw it up real quick. Yeah, you’re right. It is. You just throw it up real quick. But again, it’s one of those things. When you don’t spend time prepping and preparing, get all those things ready? You go on, you find out, Oh, all your holders from last year are broken or you go up there and find out a bulb is out. Now you have to find out where you kept the extra bulbs. No, they don’t have them.

Any, you don’t have them anymore. You use them all up. Now you have to go try to find some at the store. Oh, they don’t make them anymore. Now you have to buy new lights. It just turns into one massive headache. The types of tasks we try to take on for you are the ones where they, you guys don’t do very often. And that when you guys do do them, they turn into a huge ordeal, Tulsa lawn care community. You know what I’m talking about? There has been a number of times where you have gone out there to do some sort of maintenance to your yard or house or put something up and you have to run to the big box store, come back, realize you got the wrong one or not enough or whatever. You get a run back to the big box store. So literally a task that can take Tulsa, uh, that can take one. A Tulsa is highest rated lawn care companies, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care an hour to two hours to get done depending on property size, house size, things like that ends up taking you six to eight hours. This isn’t about whether you can do it. This isn’t about whether you want to do it. This is about maximizing your time and in the end, that’s what it all comes down to. It’s always about maximizing the customer’s time.

We’re here to help you guys out there and the Tulsa lawn care community to win back the weekend. As they say, we’re here to make sure you guys have an opportunity to enjoy more than the outside of your home for a few hours on a cold Sunday or a cold Saturday. We’re here. So you guys can be inside your home. Warm, watching Netflix, chilling with the family, going to a kid’s game, going to a family function pretty much anything better than putting up Christmas lights, wasting your whole Saturday, realizing you have all the wrong stuff, kicking your and taking names long hair and wants to help out in ways you have not had to deal with yet as a homeowner. And in ways you have had to deal with yet as a homeowner, a Tulsa lawn care community reaching out to you. Cause we want those Christmas lights up.

We want some cheer in the neighborhoods. We want people to drive through and smile. I don’t know what it is about Christmas lights are pretty lights or glowing or different colors, but man, it puts people in a great spirit and we would love to be help you to do that for others, simple task. Um, and the other best part about this is when it’s time to come down, we’re the ones that bring them down. So come January when it’s really cold and frosty and all that good fun stuff. Guess who’s out there taking down your Christmas lights. We are kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care, not you again, you’re in your warm home, enjoying your weekend, getting other more productive things done for you and your family. Then outside freezing, getting upset. Her ended up throwing them the lights and a box or a cupboard or wherever you can until next year. Not worried about how they are because you’re just so cold. You want to hurry up and get out of there that they get knotted up.

So Kate grass take names. Lawn care will be out there to undo the knots, to make sure that the lights are put away proper. That way. You know, again, don’t have a headache that following year, um, no headaches, no worries. Uh, we’re here to help those lights go up with ease, help to make those neighborhoods, uh, smile and happy. Um, I know it’s a cliche and corny, but you know what? Uh, for whatever reason it works. We’ve been doing Christmas lights for a very long time. Uh, people are happy and excited with them. Uh, people enjoy them. So I say, let’s put some Christmas lights up, tell us a lawn care community. Let’s get out there, make the world smile, show them that you care. Show them that you’re a part of the community. Put some lights up because people are going to be out driving around, whether you put them up or whether you don’t, people are going to be out driving around, looking.

They’re looking for cheer. They’re looking for happiness. They’re looking for something to, to distract themselves. And all you have to do is, uh, call us up, let us come out and put joy on in the front of your house. And it is, it’s a good feeling to come home as a homeowner and see those lights up coming home at night, seeing all the, uh, twinkles and colors and illuminating from your house. You, you really sit back and you’re like, huh? I know they’re just lights. And I knew there would be there, but it’s a strange feeling. I have. It’s a warm feeling. Why? Because it’s something we connect to in childhood. Uh, nothing big, nothing major. It’s just one of those little things that snuck into our lives, um, made us happy. And uh, it really stuck out and we didn’t realize how much of an ordeal or big impact it would have on us.

I always say, uh, the key to life is a little things. No matter what you do in life, whether it’s, uh, a big million dollar deal or just at home taking care of things. If you don’t take care of the little things, prepping for them, you know, making sure you’re organized, making sure, uh, things are put away, making sure you have the right whatever tool you may need for the job. All those tiny little things they add up. And if you do the preparation beforehand, you make sure all your little ducks are in a row. When it comes time for that job, it’ll fly through. So cutting grass and taking names, lawn care, throwing up the lights, making you smile, making people out in the Tulsa lawn care community, make look at your home and become curb kicking jealous. You hear that a lot because that’s our goal to make your lawn carb kick and jealous that your neighbors come by and go, God, I’m out here all day.

I never see that guy in his yard and his yard looks better. I’m out here all day. I never see him picking up a leaf and he never has leaves. I’m out here all day, putting up Christmas lights, taking them down in the freezing cold. He’s got a great design. He’s got a good solid look. And I never see him out there. Why? Because my customers know their value. Know my value, know their worth, know their time’s worth and enjoy the freedom that they have by calling, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, enjoy the assurance. They have that their service will be provided that their stuff will be taken care of. And we will treat your property and home. Like we treat our property and homes. We appreciate love and support from the Tulsa lawn care community. We appreciate the business and what they have given us and what we were able to give back to our community.

It is a beautiful revolving cycle. You work for us. We could put money back out there and work for you. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home with a $5 first Mo call us up. Let us come out. Throw those lights up for you. You have your own, no need for you to call on a low crawl on a ladder, get shaky, figure out you’re not as steady as you used to be. Let us come out and take care of all that for you. You stay warm, safe in the house, enjoying other things, more pressing that you would rather do. It was a call (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out www dot kicking grass, Merry Christmas.