Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first Mo today we want to talk about dormant grass. It’s getting that time of the year. It is October in Oklahoma and grass is starting to slow down and grasses. Some grass is starting around. Now. Most of your grasses, like your Bermudez, are slowing way down, but then some of your grasses like fescue are starting to thrive a little bit, grow big and tall cause they like the cooler weather. So fescue lawns, you’re starting to pick up Tulsa lawn care community. We will be out there to get those lawns for you. No worry. All our equipment will be running all the way up until December. At that time, then we’ll take care of our equipment, proper Tulsa, lawn care, community, dormant grass. What is dormant grass? Well, dormant grass is the grass that has decided to go into hibernation let’s say, and keep itself safe, cozy, and warm. So to speak for the winter months, a dormant grass usually happens to warm-season grasses like Bermuda, uh, which is a, probably the most common grass in Oklahoma or at least in the green country area.

We have, uh, a variety of grasses most of which do go dormant. And that means they turn a kind of a Brown, gray color that looks kinda dead, very dry, very brittle. Uh, but it is not dead. It is just, well, let’s just say it’s asleep. Uh, the best way to describe it. Uh, so it’s like a self-protecting mode that the grass has when it does not get enough nutrients from the sun and does not have enough sunlight all day long, things like that. Uh, but Bermuda is a very strong grass and it will bounce back. It will come back strong and persistent just like it did the season before that. So have no fear. You Bermuda grass owners, your grass shall return. Uh, anything that you may see during the winter months, any sparse or very light looking at grass have no fear that Bermuda will take over, grow thick and full, especially if you take care of it and provide some winter nutrients, uh, such as fertilization or a post-merger meant to kind of help keep those weeds at Bay come springtime.

Aeration also helps loosen up that compact that soil from a year-long mowing and trampling with feet and running dogs all over your lovely yard and overseeding well Remuda will be aggressive and take over overseeding will help it be nice at lush and firm. Uh, so it can, it can handle those heavy traffic areas of kids playing and dogs running. It’s also the lawn care community, kicking your ass and taking names. Long hair can provide all such services, uh, would like to come out there and help those lawns grow green and lush, help them to be a vibrant cause we want to make your neighbors, curb kicking jealous. We want them to come out and be like, man, what do I get to do to get that lawn? Looking that good. They want to come out and see you taking your boat to the Lake and having a green lawn.

They want to come out and see you going to your kids’ games and that they’re spending their whole weekend working on the lawn. But yet you’re not because here at kicking grass and taking him as lawn care, we provide you with time freedom that’s right, time freedom. And you still have a very beautiful and manicured lawn. All it takes is some attention from kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, allowing us to take over your lawn, and provide these services will free up your time to enjoy your lawn and then enjoy time with your family.

Tell us a lawn care community. We appreciate your service. We appreciate you calling us up and having us come out and take up your lawn on our backs and provide it to be one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. Um, given that most grasses do go dormant. We do provide other services during the fall leaf cleanup is another, uh, the thing we need to address. We want to make sure we pick these leaves up while Bermuda will come back strong and other grasses, uh, leaf leaves. Well surely keep them at the bank. Lays will surely indefinitely, uh, kill off the grass. It’s almost like cardboard, um, does not allow any sunlight does not allow, uh, anything to get through it. It works as, as almost a shield, so to speak and your grass will eventually completely and utterly die off. And you will have nothing there, but dirt is here for you when it comes to  Tulsa Lawn Care.

So leaf removal is also vital to your healthy lawns. I understand that in the fall it’s cold outside, no need for you to go there and worry about picking up your own leaves, kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care has the equipment needed to come out, get those leaves off your property quickly and efficiently. Again, you’d be out there all day raking all day two or three days, raking trying to get rid of the grass or, or trying to get rid of the leaves. Or you can allow us to come out there a few hours and boom, we’re done providing you with a nice clean lawn, easy to get around, easy to enjoy. Come springtime, those leaves have been gone. They weren’t there to kill your grass off. So you still have grass springtime in Oklahoma. A lot of rain, nothing but mud, but because you got rid of your leaves, you will have grass. No grass has already dormant. It’s already in hibernation trying to soak up and contain what it can have, what little nutrients it has.

And with those leaves gone with aeration done. Overseeding your grass is going to bounce back stronger, better than ever. Um, putting on post-merger helping keep those evil weeds at Bay. You’ll see a nice lush green lawn. It will not be overgrown with weeds and you won’t have mud puddles everywhere. The tree the leaves would normally pile up on because kicking grass and taking names, lawn care came and picked them up for you. Tulsa lawn care community lawns do take attention. They do take up some time, uh, but with the right equipment and the right know-how, uh, it can be short sweet. And to the point, uh, no need for you guys to, uh, take up your whole weekend, uh, when, uh, there’s other things to go do. There’s again, we are in October in Oklahoma, we are heading into the holiday season. There’s going to be parties to go to, there’s going to be family to visit and things, to see things to do trips, to go on.

Uh, so why, uh, why have your, uh, lawn taking up all that time, taking up all that, uh, effort, all that energy from you, allow us here at kicking grass and taking names, lawn care to, uh, take that off your plate, provide you with, uh, a peace of mind knowing that your lawn is taken care of. And again, making those neighbors, uh, curb kicking jealous when they drive by and see man, he is never out there, but yet his lawn is looking good. That is the story we like to hear from our customers. That’s what we’d like to provide. And again, kicking your ass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first phone, let us come and take those leaves. Let us come and mow. Those yards, provide you with those services so your grass can become abundant and strong and full of life.

Come springtime, just a few short, uh, services in the winter. Well, uh, take it a long way come spring, and then summertime a nice lush lawn, um, even, uh, helping to keep pests at bay. Uh, again, just little things here and there. Uh, green and healthy lawns, uh, do not have bugs and things like that. Uh, so it’s, it’s just amazing how it all works. The better you have to look at your lawn, the more you take care of it. Uh, all these things start to work out and, uh, provide you with a nice, friendly, manageable lawn. Not too many things are in your way. When you have lawns taken care of you get to enjoy these lawns. You get to see how well they, um, okay.

Operate. When again, you just take a few moments to take care of things, and that’s what we do here at kicking dress and taking as lawn care, we will take care of your lawn for you. You will have a nice and fresh-looking lawn, Kicking grass, and taking names long hair home of the $5 first note, give us a call (918) 406-2019. Or check us out on our website, www dot kicking grass, Thanks, green country.