Good morning, TOSA lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo how are you doing out there? Tulsa kicking grass and taking names along here and wants to come to you today and talk to you about your lawn. Big surprise. Right? I know shocking with all the brain surgeries and, uh, architectural buildings that we do that we’d want to talk to you about your lawn. Anyway, uh, lawn care is a combination of things. Lawn care is a combination of mowing on carers, a combination of fertilizer, uh, aeration, raking, um, spraying chemicals to get rid of certain other types of grass or fungi. Uh overseeding uh, so there are all sorts of things to be done, to take care of your lawn. Um, a lot of little things which we at kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, have immersed ourselves in to benefit your lawn with our great Tulsa Lawn Care solutions.

Uh, over the years, we’ve done a variety of tasks to learn and gain knowledge and be able to take care of the said lawn. Uh, one topic is overseeding well, you ask what is overseeding kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. Well, it’s, it’s hard. It’s, it’s complicated. It’s, it’s super complex. Um, not really. It is what it is. Uh, just like the name says it is literally overseeding your lawn with your grass. Uh, so you have grass, so you’ll recede it and boom, there, it is very, very hard to come to get it. Uh, but there are methods to it and there are methods to everything. Uh, Tulsa lawn care community is there are always methods. There are always different ways to do things. And you just have to see what is going to produce results, uh, with the types of grass that you have, um, what you’ve done in the past, uh, how often you water and things like that, everything affects it.

You know, so allow us to come out and overseed your lawn because we want the grass to grow. If the grass grows, that means you’re going to have kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, come out and mow your lawn. Cause again, you know, you don’t want to, you’d rather be at the Lake, your other B, um, at your kid’s sporting events, you have to be anywhere, but mowing your lawn takes us anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to knock it out and that’s everything. Uh, so we’re there maybe an hour tops versus you having to be there all day, going back and forth between the big box stores, making sure you’ve got the right equipment, making sure you have the right, this, the right that it can be yes and annoying Tulsa, long hair humidity like kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care would be the ones that come out, take care of your lawn, and let you enjoy it. Uh, no headaches, no fathers, no worries.

Allow us to analyze the law and look at it and see what it might need. Offer things. Uh, so you can have a green lush, nice looking lawn. So remember, you’re not just hiring us to come in and take care of the mowing or hire us to come to take care of your lawn. You’re hiring us to maintain your lawn here at kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. We like a green lush lawn, a nice green, healthy lush lawn spreads, Tulsa lawn care community. We want to spread your grass. We want it to go to your neighbors. So it’s healthy. So it overtakes it, their weeds. So it grows. So you know what your neighbors would want us to come because your lawn is gonna make them KIPP curb kicking jealous. Every time they see there, your lawn, they’re going to kick the crib, man. How do they do that? And tell us the lawn care community. You’re going to say, Hey, we’ve hired kicking grass and taking names, lawn care to come out and maintain our lawn. They come out, they mow, and provide other services as needed.

And again, if you just want to the moat, we can just mow. If you wanted a nice well-maintained lawn, we can do a nice well-maintained lawn. Don’t be afraid to ask. We will get you guys taken care of and keep it looking sharp. There are lots of other little things that go into maintaining a lawn. We hope that you guys allow us the opportunity to come out there and provide these services for you. Again, we’re already out there to do a service. You might as well just have us throw on some extra tasks because we’re there. We’ll have the equipment we’ll be ready and we’ll get it knocked out. Our equipment is running our equipment’s sharp or equipment ready to roll. It wants to be used. It was bought to be used. So allow us to come out and take care of you, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, and the $5 first Mo here to serve the Tulsa lawn care community and surrounding neighbors want everyone to be a part of our community. We want everyone to enjoy and our ability to serve. We want you to enjoy a nice lush and healthy lawn. Want to provide a service that you can be proud of, that you can recommend to your mother kicking grass and taking names. As lawn care is here to help overseed rate fertilize and weed prevent as much as possible,

Providing you with quality service, timely service, dependability, good communication, and anything else that you require of us. All we asked that you asked, if you don’t ask, we don’t know. And there’s only so many things we can provide and it’s going to be what we see your lawn needs. Not what it does not mean We can bag when needed for the best Tulsa Lawn Care.

We can provide all sorts of different Heights to cut up depending on the year, depending on whether getting on types of grass, certain grasses, because of different Heights. Um, and again, we want that grass to grow. So we’re going to want to make sure we cut it at, at, at a height. That’s going to keep it healthy, keep it strong, keep it growing, providing, uh, more growth, riding, more opportunity for us to come out and serve you. Having a good looking lawn, uh, makes you proud of your home. Having your looking lawn gives you the energy to take care of your home when your lawn starts to get overgrown, that’s the first step and just wanted to go inside. Cause it’s a lot of work. It’s hot, it’s human. At least in Oklahoma. It’s a lot of grass it’s heavy and it is very cumbersome to have to take on some homeowners. And that’s why we have kicked grass and take names, lawn care, to come out there and provide services. Like overseeding Keep that long, healthy, and plush. Keep it growing, keep it green.

Well, if it’s growing, you know, we’d be mowing. We want a green and lush and we want to provide a service that you guys will be proud of and feel that, uh, that you’re being well taken care of Boeing is a task that most homeowners can tackle, but it’s okay. Most homeowners don’t want to. That’s the reason why we have guys out there that can help four 11. We provide a good service, a timely service. Uh, Lauren’s lawns are great. There was more resourceful or they come back time after time. Uh, and they keep growing with our great Tulsa Lawn Care.

We find great success with lawn care. Well, we find great success with all the green grass, everything that it grows and we mow it all. Fescue Buffalo Bermuda, which is primary. One reviewed is great, very durable, very tough grass, very well. Um, kid grass and taking names, lawn care. I want a $5 first moment. We’ll just let us come out. Provide these services. Let us come out and maintain that property. Trim the hedges, mow the grass edge trim we’d eat overseed, airfreight, fertilize, all the good stuff. Count on us. Give us a call. Telsa (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out www dot kicking grass, We’ll see you out there.