Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. How are we doing today? Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care out, driving around in our beautiful green country, Tulsa lawn care community. All right. Today’s topic is going to be about leaf blowers. Are they worth it? Should you just use a broom? Does it really matter how much air they move? Well, folks, it does severely. No, you should not use a broom. Uh, I mean, if you’re a homeowner and again, you want to be out there all day. Yes. Use a broom. Be out there all day, enjoying sweeping your driveway, having such a great time doing the waltz. As you push your broom, flip the grass up, it flips up over your broom, and then you gotta do it again. That sounds absolutely phenomenal people. I mean, nothing better than spending a solid hour sweeping nothing better. So as I was saying, uh, folks, thank you for contributing to kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, we appreciate your support and we want to help you not spend all day sweeping.

Now that I’ve said that, yes, you should buy power to the leaf blower. No, not electric because why courts is why you will be grafted in your courts more than, you know, stuck and unable to get out. And then, and then here’s the kicker. You have to wind up that court. There’s going to be flaws and bad jujus and everything we, we pick and do. Well, what about battery operated? Hey, you’re right. Um, one, you have a time limit, which is really good. Um, too, eh, not so powerful. So you may not be able to finish your job within the time limit of the battery, let alone just having the time limit to yourself. So you’re not out there all day.

Alas, there is the illustrious and not very green topic of the gas-powered leaf blower. Uh, of course, this is going to be loud and stinky, uh, but it’s also gonna be the most effective. Okay. And then having said that it, you know, there are different levels of leaf blowers. There are leaf blowers that can move around. Most of them are around 200 miles an hour, but the CFMs or, uh, the circumference of a flowing measure or whatever, it’s called no clue. Uh, the CFMs have to be high. And if your CFMs are high, then, then you’re going to move a lot of stuff, regardless of how many miles per hour or your wind is coming out of your machine. So your backpack blower is probably your most efficient and most, uh, effective tool. Uh, you know, I hear when you’re starting out, you know, you pretty much pick any mower.

You can pretty much pick any tremor. And the one thing you really want to concentrate on, or the one thing you really want to, uh, make sure you get quality or, or professional route the gate is your blower. Because at the end of the day, Tulsa laundry committee, you have just mowed the lawn and August weather a hundred plus degrees, heat index, 115, okay? You are not feeling this a moment in time. I’m just sitting around and blow grass around in circles. You want this grass to move. You want it to get out of your way and you need to move on with your life. Cause you gotta get to the next lot. So tell us a lawn care community.

When you go out there and you get a blower, you want one that’s powerful. It has high CFMs high air volume movement. And remember when you hire a guy, it’s going to be loud. He’s coming out there with a car to move. He’s not coming out there with equipment to hang out with you today. He’s not coming out there with equipment to, uh, relax and have a lemonade by the, by the back porch. He’s coming out to get a job done within, uh, within an efficient amount of time. And in doing such, he needs proper equipment of, of which needs to be a very high, powerful leaf blower. Okay? We say leaf blower. I mean grass blower, wherever you want to call it. Uh, most of the time these, uh, high-end backpacks are used to move leaves, but you know, they also have come in extremely handy and uh, cleaning up after your grass has been mowed.

Uh, and when you have one that has a sufficient amount of CFMs and wind volume, then you’ll notice real quick, how quickly your grass will get cleaned up. How, how much better your lawn to look health much faster, because you don’t want your lawn guy out there all day long, either while it’s enjoyable, knowing that you’re not the one cutting your lawn. You’re also not paying a guy to be out there all day. Cause that’s neither a happy client nor a happy employer-employee type of situation. So again, tell us the lawn care community. Remember why you hired us in the first place. You hired us to come out and be effective and be efficient and in doing so that means very powerful, very high-end leaf blowers.

When you hire a company, you want them to come out and have good equipment. You want them to come out and know how to use their equipment and have reliable equipment. So in order for that to happen and just like everything in anything that anybody does when they hire somebody else, it costs money. You’re paying for their efficiency. You’re paying for their professionalism. You’re paying for a lot of things, man. Everybody can do everything if they want, but there is a reason why you have hired us. You don’t want to do it. That is the number one reason you’ve hired us. So we are here. We’re willing to do it. We want to do it. We like to do it. We take pride in the work is something we can get behind and we’re passionate about it. We’re not here to fix cars. We’re not here to, uh, build a house.

We’re not here to, uh, patch up a scraped knee. Cause that’s not what we do. We’re here to cut grass, to make your property look, maintain clean and professional. And uh, we’re going to use high-end powerful leaf blowers to make sure you guys are happy and satisfied with, uh, with the product kicking grass and taking it. Lawn care has been serving the Tulsa community for roughly 10 years. We are a professional, uh, lawn care company. We come out with professional-grade equipment and we come out to be efficient and we come out to make sure we can keep Tulsa looking great. The last thing we want to do is, uh, mess up anybody’s property. That’s never our intent. So always, always, always reach out, let us know satisfied, unsatisfied, uh, happy, not happy. Um, does communication is, is key. And we really appreciate feedback and we thank all of our customers for all the feedback they give us and, and request that changeups and suggestions.

Cause, uh, at the end of the day, it is your lawn needs to be done. How you want it. Uh, we will have suggestions for your lawn, um, based on where you’re at, uh, how much shade is in, uh, all sorts of crazy scenarios that affect just your lawn. Uh, each and every lawn will be different even within the same neighborhood. Um, so kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home with a $5 first meal, we use professional equipment. We are out and about in your neighborhood today, making it look great. Tulsa lawn care community, reach out, find us, get that $5 first moment. Let us come out there with our money bike-powered leaf blower to show you guys how quickly we can clean a yard up, how efficiently we’ve cleaned the yard up, and make you extremely happy for the money spent. And the time you had saved time, it is valuable. Time is wealth. The more time you have the wealth. So you’re you are so Tulsa lawn care community, kinky grass, and taking names long here. Call us (918) 406-2019. Reach out to us. Get that $5 first. Go in. Let us take it from you. Make you look Gran and clean you up in under five minutes. Very high, powerful leaf blower.

All right guys, check us out.