Good morning, TOSA lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home. Oh, $5 first Mo Hey guys, do you want to reach out to you and talk to you today about equipment and systems of lawn care systems on the lawn care question, Mark, what does that mean? Well, without realizing it, homeowners develop a system on how to take care of their lawns. Um, why? Because it’s just what everyone does. Everyone develops a system about everything. It doesn’t matter what it is. There’s some sort of system that you come up with constantly, subconsciously, whatever problems that you involve, that you try to figure out and fix and overcome.

Uh, but long story short, everyone develops a system for their lawn. Um, what kid and grass and taking names lawn care do are we develop a system for general lawn care maintenance, meaning we have tools, experience, um, knowledge, all of these factors into how we are going to take care of your lawn, Tulsa lawn care community. What does that mean for you? That means an efficient and quick and clean and knowledgeable team. That’s going to come out and help you guys have a great looking lawn. Uh, having knowledge goes a long way in the, uh, lawn care industry, uh, meaning experiencing different things, facing different challenges, coming up with quick solutions and things that you know, that will work versus in theory, things that will work. And a lot of you should know what I mean by that, because

As well, we read a lot of theory and we see a very little action. So action equals success. We are successful by helping you guys have great looking lawn care. So our system can include several different things from equipment to methods, to recognizing the types of grass you have to recognize in the time of year. It is what it might need is all sorts of different and awesome things that we can help develop and make your lawn that much better.

Overtime. We’ve seen a lot of different things. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge from our customers who have expertise in one or two fields of lawn care maintenance. And then we’ve also gained knowledge over customers, doing their own thing and develop their own thing that, uh, we’ve taken on and added to our systems to help everyone else’s lawn and help them grow and become better. Having a system down, meaning having a method. How do you start? How do you come up with something is, is huge when it comes to Tulsa Lawn Care. When it comes to being an efficient, uh, lawn crew, you need to have the right equipment. Number one, you need to recognize what the right equipment is for the job. So they have all sorts of equipment out there, all sorts, okay. Unfortunately, you can’t get it all. So you need to recognize the type of area you’re in the type of climate, the type of environment that you experienced when you’re there. And you need to figure out all the equipment that’s going to benefit you in that environment.

The majority of the equipment that you’re going to use It heavily relies on the types of lawns. You have the size of the properties, uh, different things like that, and then knowing how to properly use them on-set properties. And unfortunately, that just comes with experience. Uh, luckily kicking grass and taking names has experience. Uh, we’ve experienced a lot of equipment. We’ve experienced a lot of properties. The first time around is usually the longest. But once we figure out your, your property, Tulsa lawn care community, we are in and out in a flash while we know you want us to, uh, take your time and make sure we get all the nooks and crannies and, and all the good stuff. You also do not want to have a lawn crew on your lawn all day long. You would like to, uh, be able to go out and enjoy that lawn. So that’s what we want to do for you guys.

We want to go out there, um, give you and provide you with a great looking lawn in a timely and efficient manner. Uh, we don’t want to be out there day, all day, and you don’t want us out there all day. Uh, so having a good system in place, recognizing the, uh, quick and fast way to efficiently handle your lawn is something we are very good at here at kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. Uh, we want to recognize all the things that you want. We want to recognize all the problems that we could potentially see with your lawn, help resolve them quickly and safely, uh, lawn care. There are many tools in lawn care. Unfortunately, you rule, you usually need every single tool available out there to make yourself efficient and, um, quick and able to challenge the environment. Having said all that you cannot carry every single tool with you for the best Tulsa Lawn Care.

So you have to make a judgment call and go with the more, most likely use and most likely the best equipment for the environment here in Tulsa. We have a lot of fences. We have mainly Bermuda some fescue, um, some sand, uh, lots that have, uh, the fescue. So we have a lot of different environments, a lot of different variables here. Um, and we, we have neighborhoods where you think the square miles, nothing but cookie-cutter homes. And then in the middle, there are giant acreage lots. So having a versatile fleet is important and, uh, being able to, uh, have a fleet that can change on the fly as well.

Providing a service such as that does require a lot of experience and a lot of time to grow to that. Uh, you just can’t walk in with large mowers and small mowers and then expect to be super-efficient. Um, having all the equipment does not do you any good to us, the lawn care committee, unless you know how to use set equipment in multiple ways? Uh, just because you have a hedge trimmer does not mean you’ll be able to do get all the hedges. You may have to figure out how to extend said head shimmer, uh, and keep it going with no hands, uh, and extended with, uh, out the proper equipment to extend it. Um, so learning how to manage your equipment, learning how to adapt your equipment is huge when it comes to lawn care, uh, being for lack of better words, engineering, uh, tools, and engineering of better ways to efficiently use your equipment is huge. When it comes to, uh, servicing properties, uh, out in the field, you have to be creative quickly with our Tulsa Lawn Care.

What you have on hand to make yourself the most efficient crew out there. I’m sure as you all know, when we’re out there, you’ll see five crews down a street of 10 houses. So you would want to make sure your crew is in and out as quick as possible, being efficient, knowing your equipment, knowing your properties is crucial, and providing service to the customer.

We want to have that curb taken jealous, look, Tulsa lawn care community here at kick and grass and take advantage of lawn care. We love providing you with great service, great equipment. We know how to use our equipment. We take care of our equipment, clean our equipment. Uh, unbeknownst to most lawns can carry diseases. One lawn that is diseased and mowed by one company can be carried to several other lawns. If the equipment is not, uh, disinfected, so to speak between services. Uh, and usually it’s, it is not a huge deal. It’s a quick sprayer too, and you’re out and about and moving on your own with all these distractions that we have in today’s world. It is not adding that much time to, uh, our, uh, onsite work. Uh, you’re talking not even 15 seconds and, uh, the equipment is good to go and we’re moving on kin grass and taking names, lawn care. One of Tulsa’s most highly rated lawn care companies in the green country toast lawn care committee. When you watch it along taken care of with good equipment, creative guys, smart systems in place, call kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care home with a $5 first SMO we’ll come to get you leaves. We’ll come cut your grass. We’ll hit it. Trim those hedges and make your lot curb kicking, jealous kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care, (918) 406-2019. Www dot kicking grass, Give us a call Tulsa, check us out.