Good morning, Tulsa lawn care. Kim here, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. Oh, I was a $5 first SMO coming to talk to you about fescue and what? Little or lots. I know. So one thing I have learned over time is no one knows everything. Everyone knows a little so together. We can get through fescue. Here’s what kicking grass and taking names long hair knows about fescue Tulsa, lawn care community. Fescue likes the shade. How do I know that it thrives fescue also likes cooler weather. It does not like heat. I’m starting to think. I’m fescue.

Fescue also needs to be replanted approximately every two, cheers. Fescue should also be bagged. So says one customer. However, I have another customer who has fed and lots of it and she never backs it. And she hasn’t done weekly. It’s nice fescue when it’s nice and thick looks like a great, beautiful long carpet. Welcome to the seventies. Folks do the lawn care community. There is not much fescue in our area, but if you do have it kicking grass and taking names, lawn care can recognize it and know how to handle it. We’ve had several different clients with you. Like it handled several different ways. I have an analogy I like to use it’s in regards to coaching. If you have 10 different coaches, you’ll have 10 different lineups, the same thing with the, uh, taking care of the fescue here, each one of my clients, for the most part, I’ve been extremely different with their festival. As I said earlier, from one guy who very, very much monitors his fescue, how it reacts to the weather, bagging it at all, uh, cutting it at certain times of the day. Uh, things like that with the best Tulsa Lawn Care around.

Um, his face looks extremely nice. Um, it didn’t go through a moment of almost about to die. So I thought maybe, oh, we did something wrong. Nope. It bounced back the next week. So fescue is an interesting creature. It’s very temperamental grass as far as I’m concerned, but it’s E it’s. It’s manageable. If, if, especially if you enjoy the outdoors, you don’t need to be monitored. It does need to be handled gently. It needs to be cut high. Extremely high fescue is going to be a grass that’s very long blows in the wind type of a situation.

So fescue can, uh, also be a headache in the knee, in the reference that it needs to be. Reseated approximately every two years, I believe. Um, and groomed and monitored and raked and, and all that stuff. Fescue is a, it’s an okay grass. If you heavily take care of it, it can look like a nice, fine carpet. But again, it’s going to take a lot of work. Um, I have another lady who has fescue and don’t think she cares as much about in her fescue looks just as nice, if not better. It also almost died at some point, which really compounded the problem of, Oh, we did something wrong, but then it bounced back. Come to find out. Fescue does not like heat or getting cut at the same time our great Tulsa Lawn Care.

So when it starts to heat up, leave the fescue alone. It needs, it needs all. It can be to fight off that heat fescue, uh, thrives in shade. It toasts a lawn care company. If you’ve got trees and I love trees, uh, then fescue is your go-to grass for underneath those trees. Otherwise, you’re just going to have dirt and nobody wants to dirt. People want grass. They want something they can walk on. Uh, you end up with dirt underneath the trees. You end up with bud. You end up with a dirty patio. Just it’s this it’s just a dirty mess. So tell us lawn care community got trees, look into Fest. You white. Like I said, while it is a more temperamental grass, it is definitely worth working the efforts one cause you’ll have grass too. Cause it looks nice. Once you figure out the chaos involved and maintaining it and all that fun stuff, there’s a lot to learn, always learn about vesting things.

Change methods can change, uh, how things are done can change with fescue. Uh, I also believe I mentioned time. I also believe, uh, there was a certain time of the day to cut your breasts. Um, and I believe that is early morning or late evening. Uh, essentially cutting the grass. You are wacking, hurting, destroying a living, breathing object. Uh, and so you want to do it when it’s at not when the weather is not at its most dangerous point. So middle of the day, high heat, uh, you don’t want to stress out your lawn by cutting it and manipulating it and things like that. And don’t go wrong. Sometimes that’s where the cookie crumbles and that’s when we show up and we have to, uh, cut the lawn in the middle of the day. Uh, your grass will survive. Uh, we just try not to make it that way.

Every single time, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, uh, those one or two things about grass, uh, knows one or two things about when, where, and why to cut. And, uh, also know that variety is the thriving point of life progress. Uh, you can’t do the same thing over and over to it. Otherwise, it’ll become don’t achily board in both spots. Can’t move the same. Can’t cut at the same time. You know, you gotta spice it up, keep it different. Keep it going in Tulsa lawn care community congrats to take names is one of the highest-rated lawn care companies in the greater Tulsa Metro area. We operate out of broken arrow, but we will come to your community to make your grass kicking Kirk jealous. That’s right. Why do we say it’s kicking curve jealous because your neighbors are going to look at your grass, kick the curb, and be jealous. Uh, they’re going to figure out why is there fescue growing? Why is it their fescue look so nice? Why can’t I have my vest so nice? Why is it my best foot disappears when I mow it? These are questions that your neighbors will be asking themselves. Eventually, the neighbors are going to come over and be like, Hey, what’s your secret? And you’re gonna tell them, kicking your ass and taking names, lawn care. One of the highest-rated Google reviewed lawn care companies in the Tulsa Metro area.

We are the home of the $5 first Mount. We were also leaf removal. Just we will come out and remove this set leaves from your fresh skew. So you’re fresh. You can still live and thrive during wintertime. Oh, that’s another thing. Fescue stays green most of the year. So you’ll have a dream looking grass even come winter turns Brown. So there’s that love screen. Beautiful to Brown fish is a great grass. It is just again, temperamental time consuming, uh, needs lots of attention, but Tulsa lawn care company, that’s where kicking grass and taking names long term comes in. That’s why you’re going to pay for us. We’re going to come out there and provide those services for you. So you can go on to bigger and better things. You don’t have to sit there and worry about your lawn because when you see it, it’s going to be green. It’s going to be cut. It’s going to be manicured. It’s going to be nice. You’re going to be happy. We’ll be out there once a week for you to take care of it, providing all the services needed to take care of your fescue and heavily needed lawn.

These lawns that need attention, they deserve attention, but you also deserve your weekends and time at the Lake. So kicking grass and taking names, lawn chair, home with a $5 first Mo, and we’re going to come to take your leaves. Whether you push them to the side for curbside pickup or ask us to do a full-blown leaf job, we’ll be out there kicking grass and taking names. Www dot kicking grass, Or give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Highest rated most reviewed Google company in the Tulsa lawn care area.