Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names long here, wanting to reach out and talk to you folks about leaves. It’s that time of year again, and the Tulsa lawn care community is starting to change colors and transition from summer to fall. And when that happens, our beautiful trees begin to change colors and shed their leaves. It can be a beautiful thing, a glorious thing, and an aggravating thing,

Uh, leaves do kill grass. When you leave them piled up all winter long for several winter winters, and you never have them sucked up, picked up raked up off your lot.

Remember here at kicking and grass and take names as lawn care. We want to make your lawn curb kicking jealous. We want your neighbors to be jealous of your lawn. We would like for them to come out and see how pristine your lawn is and see how little time you spend taking care of it. In other words, let us come out and do the work for you. Raking leaves is not fun. And it’s one of those extreme activities. Tulsa lawn care committee goes extreme activities. What do you mean? It’s raking leaves. That’s what I mean an extreme activity either. It takes you an extremely long time to get it done with the wrong equipment, or it takes you a short amount of time with the extremely expensive equipment. Hence the extreme, those lawn care community, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care loves leaves. We’d love to come out.

We’d love to take care of them. We’d love to just pick them up, uh, they’re quick, uh, to fall and make a huge mess. And they’re easy to forget about, you know, why, because it’s cold. Do you want to go inside where it’s warm, uh, move on about your day. And, uh, yeah, that sounds about right, but unfortunately they are not breaking down like they should be. And there’s multiple ways to take care of your set leaves. You just need to make sure you take care of said leaves. Um, tell us a lawn care community. You can have us come out, use our blowers, get them to the side and suck them up with our debris loader Or

How was come out, use our mulching equipment. And most of the leaves up essentially speeding up the breakdown process. Uh, either way is fine. Uh, either way is going to work.

Uh, the mulching adds a little bit of nutrient benefit and breaking down the leaves and all that kind of throwing it back into the ground a little bit healthier. So if you did aeration earlier in the season, uh, those nutrients can seep in a little bit easier and things like that. So, uh, ha all, Oh, we see how it’s starting to work. It all works together. Yes. Tulsa lawn care community. It does all work together, uh, from aeration to overseeding to leaving, to leaves, to mulching. Those leaves up throwing those nutrients back into the ground. Um, it’s all about working together. Um, Tulsa lawn care community. It’s one big cycle. It doesn’t have to be hard, long drawn out process

Humans. Sometimes over-complicate how things are done. We’ve got the right equipment, we’ve got the right things needed to help get these things taken care of quickly and efficiently. Um, I know you don’t want to be out there. I know you don’t want us to be out there all day. Uh, so we’ll come out there. We’ll make it quick, fast, and clean that way you come home and you’ll notice a difference. Notice a big difference in your lawn care leaves. Pile up fast leaves will stay, especially when they get wet, they will stay in one spot and slowly kill off the,

The grass. Um, speaking of leaves, that’s why you would want them in your flower beds, because one they’ll keep your plants and vegetation in your flower beds, warm and safe for the winter. And then two what’d. I just say about the leaves killing grass, the leaves will kill grass. And that will also include the weeds. The weeds will not be able to grow. The weeds will not have the sufficient amounts of whatever weeds need or want to grow and they will die off. So there is a plus, as far as that is,

Sir, as far as the rest of the lawn is concerned, yes, those lawns or those leaves needs to be removed from the lawn.

Nice green lush lawn while Bermuda is very strong and persistent of our grass here in Northeastern, Oklahoma or green country. Um, it, it again, will die off pretty easily and quickly if leaves are left on it for a long period of time. And you’d be surprised how quickly it turns into a long period of time before you know, it, it will be January, February, and leaves have been there for several months, slowly killing off the grass, allow us to come out there and pull those, uh, leaves off your lawn. Um, make those neighbors, see the value, make those neighbors realize the value of having somebody with the right equipment and the right skill set and the right, uh, system in place to come out and efficiently and quickly get those leaves away for you. There’s not too many. Uh, even if you already have a lawn guy, give us a call. He may not do leaves. We’ll do leaves for ya. We’ll take care of you and you can have your lawn guy come back. And, uh, but he won’t make a kid, kid curb kicking jealous. Um, so if you want that curb, you can jealous, you will need a call taking grass and taking names, lawn care, we’ll service you from the leaves to the operations, to the fertilizations, to the mowing tree, trimming gutter cleaning. We’ll provide several services for you to help take care of that property. So again, you can relax and enjoy your family or other things that you have prioritized in your day to take care of.

Um, having the right equipment also means using the right equipment. So knowing how to use it, just because you have the equipment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be work or be efficient, especially if it’s used only once a year, you’ll spend more time going to the big box stores, getting new parts, fixing it or trying to get it started again. Then you will actually performing the task at hand. Uh, most of our equipment is used constantly. So it is either up and running or we’ve got it fixed already, or whatever headache has already seen experience on how to fix the nooks and crannies of it and all that good, fun stuff, Tulsa lawn care community. We want to come out and help. We want to come out and, uh, give you that pristine home. Look that relaxation from not having to worry about your lawn care and not having to take out your one day off to take care of your lawn.

Uh, no reason in the world. You can’t have us come out and do that for you. Instead of you taking up your whole Saturday or Friday or whatever day you have off from work, uh, that is precious time. That it’s time you want to spend doing what you want to do. And I doubt yard work is at the top of that list. There may be a movies you want to catch up on. TV shows you on a binge watch friends. You want to go to lunch with, uh, just a wide variety of, uh, other activities than servicing your lawn. Leave that to us. Uh, we’re out servicing many lawns. We want to take apart and, uh, keep your lawn looking great, bring it on. And again, leaves kill grass, friends. Don’t let friends leave leaves on their grass. Let us pick those leaves up for you to remove so we can have a healthy winter lawn all season long and go into spring strong, vibrant, and ahead of the curve. We want to provide great service once provide great prices, and we want to provide you with a great lawn kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, the $5 first Mo, let us come out and take care of that lawn for you. Especially in the cold winter months, we want to come out, remove those leaves, take them to where they’re wanted. Take them from where they’re not wanted and give them a good home.

Give us a call. Tulsa lawn care community kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care home with a $5 first Mo call us at (918) 406-2019. And check out our website, www dot kicking grass,