Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. Just seeing how you guys are doing this fun morning. I’ve decided to have a discussion on ad-on. Add-ons are a great way for guys in my industry to make an extra buck or two while on the same property. Um, we call them ad-on because normally, you know, we’ve set a price for mowing and a, and then additional work would be added on, um, a lot of times customers feel, Oh, Hey, you’re here anyway. And mowing, can you just do me a favor? Well, when you take your car to the mechanic and he goes to fix a specific item on your car, cause that’s what you brought it in for. And then he notices there’s an issue with something else. He usually calls and says, Hey, while I’m under here, I noticed this issue and it’ll cost this much to get fixed.

Most people don’t have an issue with that. Well, it’s kinda the same thing with a lawn service, you know? Yeah. We’re here or on property. We have a, uh, you know, we have set prices for things. Um, well, Hey, I noticed you have some junk that needs to be removed. I noticed your gutters are dirty. I noticed these branches are kind of low and in the way those are things we would consider ad-ons, uh, that we need to, uh, add on to the price and get done. Um, I know we’re, we’re at your properties a little more often, we get a little, a little bit better relationship maybe than you and your mechanic, but at the end of the day, we are still a for-profit business. I’m trying to put money on the table and feed our children. Um, so tows a lawn care company don’t misunderstand me.

Most of us are more than happy to help you out, but you know, we also are very grateful for a few extra bucks to do such activities. Uh, we do invest in the tools to make these activities seem effortless and easy to get done. Um, so there is an investment side that I’m sure that is not thought of. Uh, the homeowner then does not have to run to the local hardware store and purchase a, uh, a new tool for a one time use. Um, I can purchase that tool and use it at several different properties. Uh, but with the sole purpose of making a profit in the end, uh, time is money. And I value my time. Uh, just like you guys do, uh, hence the reason why you have hired somebody to come out and mow your yard because your time is more valuable than being spent, mowing your yard.

Um, so for this additional add-on, you know, you’ve, you’ve asked us to do some work and pay us a price. Uh, additional work is going to be an additional price. So Tulsa lawn care community, I hope that’s something that you can understand. Obviously I know most customers probably will understand and that stuff, but there are those few customers out there who I think need to understand that we want to make an, a livable wage. We want to make an earning. Um, we’re not here just to, Oh, Hey, come in your rickety truck and funky looking trailer. Do me a favor. Okay, cool. Do me a favor and spot me some more money then? Uh, yes, it sounds callous, uh, cold, but you know, think of your job that you do for a living. Uh, how would you feel if your boss said, Hey, can you do me a favor and work this weekend? You know, I mean, you’re usually here Monday through Friday anyway, so we’ll just tack on a couple of days there, buddy. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, add ons, great way, uh, for us to help you. And at the same time, maintain your lawn in a good clean manner. Uh, especially after winter where you have firewood that is built up, um, maybe some overgrown vegetable, uh, vegetation as overtaken, the trees grow spurts, all sorts of goodies here.

Tulsa lawn care community. We want to provide you with as many ad-on as we can, because one, we want to be useful to you. We want you to see our value. Um, we want to be seen as a resource and not a nuisance or a drain. Uh, we want our Tulsa lawn care community to, uh, recommend the quality ones, uh, help the young ones. Uh, one thing I have also noticed is many homeowners that do use lawn maintenance professionals do quite new, no, quite a bit of lawn care knowledge. Uh, many of whom have educated me and given me good pointers and, and all that fun stuff or new ways of doing things, um, always seeking knowledge, always seeking better. I’m very happy to accept the knowledge, learn and grow, uh, anything to make the job easier, uh, to earn that money better and to, uh, help people, uh, and a faster and more efficient manner, uh, in the end, that’s the goal of the lawn care maintenance guy. Yes, what we do is not a hard job with the exception of the heat out there in the Tulsa lawn care community. But our job is to make it fast efficient, even with ad-on. We are to have the tools and be ready to come and knock things out within a respectable time period stuff that might usually take the homeowner all day. We’re wanting to knock out in 30, 45 minutes at most, um, keep their property maintained, taking care of, uh, looking sharp again because you value your time. You have hired us at a rate,

Two, provide you with freedom, uh, and in the end, that’s what most people want is freedom, freedom to do what they want when they want, where they want, and how they want having to maintain the lawn. Take stuff to the dump, uh, figure out how to cut something down, buy a new tool. All that stuff adds up, weighs in, and takes away from time, doing something that you find more enjoyable. We all have to work. There’s no need for us to work 24 seven, call your local lawn guy, preferably kicking grass and taking names home with a $5 first Mo have them come out and take care of you again on the property for about 30, 45 minutes for most jobs, including ad-on. We want to be fast and efficient.

Most things customers are needing from branch trimming, hedge trimming, junk removal. Let’s see, what else is there? Trash pick pickup, gutter cleaning. So many different add ons that we and services we can provide, um, for you guys. Uh, we can always bring a little bit of mulch out some fresh topsoil help, uh, clear up bald spots on the grass. Um, so many different things. A lawn maintenance guy can, uh, either bring it to himself or, uh, already have a team in place to come by and take care of for you. Again, it’s the efficiency of the matter, not necessarily the cost of the matter, uh, everything does cost. You just, again, have to value your time versus the cost of the set activity and investment into set activity. Um, again, I bring in the mechanic. I am not a mechanic.

There is no reason for me to invest in tools to become a mechanic because I will not fix my own car. I will call a mechanic who has spent time doing this, investing in tools to, uh, to take care of my car needs. Um, again, talked to the lawn care community. I appreciate your time. I’m grateful for you guys who are out there and respect the industry and understand that we are here to make a profit. Um, again, the lawn care maintenance guys and not going to make your lawn pristine and perfect, but we are going to make it good enough. So you are happy to enjoy it, proud of it. And you did not have to spend the whole week and taking care of it. Uh, something again, if, if you’re wanting to pristine golf course looking lawn, which by the way, golf courses have a full-time turf team that is out there seven days a week.

So if you want a golf course, looking a lawn by all means, feel free. You’ve got to work on it seven days a week. Um, and I can get you a golf course, looking enough lawn by coming out once a week and hitting up with some fertilizer, having, making sure you water it twice a week. And it’s going to look pristine. Uh, the customers that do that usually have a really nice looking lawn. And again, they spent minimal time having to deal with any lawn issues. Uh, most of which we take care of for our TOSA lawn care committee, Kevin Harris signing off, give us a call (918) 406-2019. Check out our website, www dot kicking grass,, and book your $5 first Mo have a great day.