Good morning, TOSA lawn care community, Kevin hair, kicking grass, and taking names long care. Wanna reach out to you folks and talk to you about ad-on add ons. What is the add-on? Well, add on add ons are things that, whether that’s the customer or the service provider adds on to the service they’re going to provide. When the service provider does the add on, they already know that they have the time they have the equipment and they have the product to do such an add on when the customer decides for an add on and typical fashion. It is usually on a day, the service provider is fully loaded. Doesn’t have all the equipment or products needed to complete the add on, add on the etiquette customer side with the top Tulsa Lawn Care services that you need.

Tell us along here, community, what I’m getting at in this informative information is long story short, be courteous of your service provider. If you know, there’s something that you’re going to want added on. Try to give them a notice of at least a day or two taking consideration that they may have to gather their product, uh, go in the purchase, or get it shipped in. Do not feel when you walk up to them at the end of their service that they provided and say, Oh, Hey, can you do this real quick that they can? And or when they realize I don’t have the tools needed to accomplish such a task, don’t feel like they’re blowing you off. You need to realize you did not prep them or prepare them in any way, shape, or form.

Even the most prepared lawn care provider may not have the time or all the tools necessary for your task. Does the lawn care community, every task requires preparation, a thought process. There is no real quick. I know as a homeowner, you think, Oh, no big deal. Let me grab, you know, he can just take this and go, but, and the lawn world you have to take, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. What else do I have on my plate today? How much am I going to gather into my truck? Will I have the room? Will I have time? Will I have time to drop off this stuff? Cause I got to start the next day tomorrow, completely empty. Um, do I have all the proper tools? We’re going to have something to replace this with right away. Will I be back in a week? Um, is it crucial? All, all sorts of things, go through your mind when you, uh, are asked to do an add on that you were not prepared for to do.

So. What customers need to realize is that we go out there and we make our routes up and we put all the stuff that we need on our truck for the day and our rigs. And we go out and we provide the service that was requested. It’s the ones that come in and out of the, off the side, out of the blue, Oh, Hey, can you do this real quick? Oh, Hey, can you do that real quick? Those kinds of things are what throws the day off are what? And it’s hilarious because the customer does not perceive it that way. They perceive it. Oh, it’s a quick little thing. Can’t you just help me out?

Yes, we can. But we’re providing a service one to be compensated for. And our compensation is to become in his in time. Okay. Uh, we’re spending time doing this task. We need to be paid for it. Um, I understand you may feel it is not a very expensive task or worthy of study, but yet you, the customer have not done it. So Tulsa lawn care community, please be considerate. Uh, time is money, as they say. Uh, so please understand that when you ask them to do something, that’s going to take time away from another project that we already had set up. And where are we going to get paid for, to appease you, the customer sitting here thinking that you’re the only person in the world sitting here thinking that you, the only customer, uh, that we have is rather big-headed of you. Okay, no, again, always more than happy to help you guys out.

But at the same time consideration for others is greatly appreciated consideration for other customers and consideration for our time Tulsa lawn care community. I thank you for your service, for you, for asking for our service to come out and provide for you. You have provided many opportunities to grow and learn in the Tulsa lawn care community, going out and seeing the different style homes and properties that the beautiful green country has to offer and all the different things that we can accomplish together. Different things that you guys want to be done and providing. We can always accommodate the next time.

We do not mind the add ons. Obviously, if we’re the ones asking, we really don’t mind. Uh, and I never mind you guys asking, and if it’s something I can do right then and there, I will, if not, I hope you can understand that I can come the next time and provide the service. Add ons are great. They make, uh, the customer feels they’re getting more product. They’re getting more bang for their buck. So to speak, uh, add ons are also good for the service provider. They’re, uh, in one place longer getting to the bride, better service and, uh, make the customer that much happier and add ons can range from various things. Ranch, removals stick picks up. Uh aerations um, what else is there? Fertilization, there is killing weeds, sterilizing the ground, where they grow, uh, spraying the grass with a weed killer, like grass killer, um, Bush or hedge trimming, bush trimming, uh, leaf pickup. There are all sorts of add-on bagging.

There are all sorts of add-ons, uh, that we can add on. But speaking of which bagging grass, as an add on, usually not an issue, as long as it’s not a two or three-week growth in your lawn. If you wait for two, three weeks to have your lawn mowed and then want it back, do you need to expect that bagging fee should be extraordinary? Uh, the only reason why I say that is because most of the time, the grass is pretty thick and tall by then. And baggers usually are not that big. So depending on how big your lawn is, you’re more or less looking at one or two stripes before the bag is having to be emptied in which chase that is going to take quite a while to note any size yard and consideration for such time needs to be, uh, compensated Meaning it’s going to cost a lot of money. Tulsa lawn care community, uh, Kicking grass and taking names is happy to help with ad-ons happy, provide gutter cleaning services. That’s another one we provide all sorts of goodies. Just add, don’t be afraid. The worst-case scenario I can tell you is no, I am not able to. At this time, Tulsa lawn care community,

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