Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kick and grass and taking names long hair home of the $5 first SMO what’s going on out there. Tulsa, I want to talk to you guys about winterizing your lawn. Winterizing my lawn. You say, well, there’s several things to do to winterize a lawn. Some of the more common, less common, uh, items to do to a lawn is overseed and air eight in the fall, depending on the type of grass you have. Uh, aright definitely overseeding is just depending on the type of grass. Another thing is winterized fertilizer. You say to yourself, what is winterized fertilizer? Does that have antifreeze in it? No. Is it going to keep my lawn from freezing and keep it nice and lush and green, know what it’s going to do? My friends and the Tulsa lawn care community is help grow your grass over the next few months, They’re going to grow it and then come springtime. You’re going to have to mow it.

Tulsa lawn care, community kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care wants to come in and winterize your lawn by thrown down some high nitrogen, yummy nutrients for your lawn. Let us come out. Do that. Take care of it, provide what your lawn needs and get it ready for spring. So basically what a winterizer fertilizer is going to do. It’s going to throw down, it’s going to dissolve into your yard and it’s going to get those roots ready, amped up. Come spring time. It’s not going to grow it now. It’s not going to do anything for it. Now, as far as making it,

Uh, um, grow or anything like of that nature, but it will prepare it for spring, which is what we want to do. We want to prepare for spring. If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. So if you want a green and lush lawn, then we must prepare in the fall to be ready for spring.

Another way to get some nitrogen into your yard is mulching your leaves. No, don’t me. Wrong. Leaf removal is good, especially if you have a lot of leaves, but you also want to consider mulching some of them cause that’s free nitrogen fertilizer.

That is good for your lawn. Again, you want to provide good things for your lawn. And a lot of those things, your lawn self produces no need to go out and get extra stuff just to have knowledgeable guys come out and do the work for you. So, but obviously too much of anything can be bad.

So, too much leaves cause too much leaf debris. Gauzes overkill though.

So tell us Tulsa lawn care community.

Winterizing your lawn at great benefits. We can, uh, Get those roots ready to go, come springtime. You’re going to be looking Gran licking, curb, kicking, jealous to your neighbors. And they’re going to wonder why then be like, I haven’t seen him go out there and do anything. You’re right. That’s because in the fall you hired kicking grass and taking names, lawn care to come out and winterize your lawn. It’s not a hard job. It’s just a job that needs to get done. You want to apply that anytime between end of August and end of November, Giving your time, giving it time to absorb and so good and also has to be applied in the right amounts. You don’t want to overdo it and you don’t want to underdo it. There was this, there’s this, the right amount of fertilizer application that you want to throw down and it can be tricky, but again, you’ve hired kicking grass and taking names, lawn care to come over and take care of it for you. So once you hire kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, Tulsa, lawn care community,

It’s a set it and forget it option. You’ve hired us. We’re going to give you a, a competitive rate for a lot of services. And then we’re going to go out there and to take care of your lawn. We’re going to set up a time table. We’ll send you a end of month activity report and that’s it.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your lawn. And of course, choose your add ons, choose what you want to do, choose how you want to be, um, add on what you feel is necessary and make that long. That much more better. Tell us the lawn care community, kicking grass and taking names home with a $5. First Mo loves lawns.

We love to watch them grow. We love to nurture them. We love to make sure they are properly maintained and that includes winterizing and knowing how to win, rising him and knowing when to winterize them, knowing why to winterize them and knowing, knowing your lawn because of a pH test or time with it, or type a grass or all the various, uh, Attributes to your lawn that we’re gonna know over time and learn and make sure we do right for you because Tulsa lawn care, community kicking grass and taking names is not a fly by night service. We’ve been in the Tulsa area for roughly 10 years, servicing all of its suburbs, providing weekly service, vacation service, um, commercial service, you name it. We’ve pretty much done it. Um, and I’m not gonna lie every year. There’s always something new that comes across our table and we are glad to take it on.

Kicking grass and taking names long. Jared wants to be able to come out and serve as your lawn shows, you show you what we’ve learned over the last 10 years. And remember, it’s not the speed of the service that you’re paying for. It’s the 10 years of knowledge that we bring to make the service speeding.

We know the tools, we know the methods. We know the madness to lawn care. We want to bring all of that to the table, come in and get the job done in a timely manner. That way you can be out there and enjoying your house. And we’re not intruding bothering or any of the, of the above for long on your property.

I know some people, they want a bang for their buck, and they think that means keeping people on their property for a while. And some people don’t want people on their property for awhile, but understanding that you’re purchasing knowledge, understanding that your purchasing’s somebody’s lengthy history of work is this. So they can show up to your property, knock it out in a timely and efficient manner that can do less damage. They can work around. They already have the Tulsa lawn care. They already have all the things that they’re going to need. That if you, as a homeowner, try to figure out it may take you a whole day and you may still mess something up, destroy something, or ruin something and have to replace it. So again, tell us a lawn care community, kick your and take names. Lawn care. Providing 10 years of service, hundreds of lawns, tons of experience brings it to the table so you can enjoy your lawn. And we can be like a ghost. You have a lawn in eight service. You come back out, it’s done. It looks great. You’re happy. You didn’t have to do it. You have your time. Freedom. And that’s what we want. That’s what everyone wants. Time. Freedom, chicken grass, and taking names longer at home with a $5 first moan.

Let us come out and give you a try. Give us a try. Have us provide you with that $5 first Mo have us perform our evaluation on your lawn, see what it needs, but it’s offer you a quote. Let us offer you an opportunity to get back your weekends, to do what you want with and not maintain that property. Enjoy that property, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. Give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out at www dot kick and grass, We’ll see out there.