Good morning lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo one, reach out to my green country folks and ask a very simple question. Would you like some salt on your grass, Tulsa lawn care community? You might be asking yourself, what is this guy talking about? Salt on my grass. Is he crazy? Is he nuts? Or does he know something? I don’t. Um, so I’m gonna probably say probably all three, but kicking grass and taking names likes to do research likes to look things up, likes to find things for you guys to help you have a much greener grass. Now, having said that, I’ll ask you one more time. Would you like salt on your grass, many homeowners in the, uh, Tulsa community, uh, struggled to keep the grass green when there is a simple and unique trick that can help them out. Um, you don’t want your, your grass to be the one sticking out in a negative way in the neighborhood. You want your grass to stick out in a positive way in the neighborhood. We want to have our neighbors be curb kick and jealous of our grass. Um, so while you go food shopping, you might want to pick up a bottle of Epsom salt. It’s a magnesium based salt that benefits the health of your lawn and garden.

It will be able to fix this problem while acting as a fertilizer and pest control, Tulsa lawn care, making your lawn and garden a healthier looking greener looking, uh, lawn. Um, so that, that is a solution right there. Now that is a good solution, a cheap solution, a solution that will, uh, make your lawn, the envy of the town close long Creek. I’m not saying to go out and get a truckload and dump it all over your grass. I’m saying to call kicking grass and take names long fair. Let us come out. Use our tricks of the trade knowledge of the know-how and means of our methods to come out, treat your lawn and make it green. Um, not only will Epson help, you know, it’s organic, it’s full of those beneficial minerals for lawns.

For example, iron helps grass grow healthy and strong magnesium in this Epson salt balances, the pH level in Nebraska, so that doesn’t become too acidic. So remember from our menu, we offer a pH balance test and this can kind of help level it out and make it more, uh, make it better soil for the, uh, the grass to thrive in and grow and, and all that the sulfur component will, uh, help promote that chlorophyll production. And these minerals also, uh, are going to help in the absorption of the nitrogen and the phosphorous, which are two major components in grass to have healthy growth for it.

So how do you use it for your lawn Tulsa lawn care community? You might ask yourself, well, you know how you use it, you call King and grass and take names, lawn care, and you have them come out and apply it. Um, we’re going to be out there mowing. We’re going to be out there blowing. We’re going to be out there edging, um, trimming you name it. We’re gonna be out there. So why not just tell us, Hey, can you add on some Epson salt to your fertilizers that we put down to or whatever? Um, so just a lawn care community, definitely something we want to look into, definitely something we want to provide for you. Um, we’re gonna be out there anyway. As I’ve mentioned, we’re gonna be taking care of you guys. We have tricks of the trade that we want to provide. Uh, so that way you’re you get the product that you want. Um, I understand new technology is wonderful and great coming out with new and better things and all that fun stuff. But at the same time, uh, having old methods, having methods that have a simple can do the job just as well, if not more effectively. And the is to have a nice lawn, not a nice, uh, bill.

So, uh, while Tulsa lawn care can assault may not be the new fertilizer or a new trick of the trade or whatever they have out there this day, that’s up and coming new formula to super real, your grass. It is a well known trick. It is a well used trick. It is a, uh, versatile product, uh, because after you go out there and spend a long, hard day, uh, working in your yard, you can use it to have an Epsom salt bath, um, and soak your body. Or you can have kicking grass and taking names long hair to come out there and take care of it for you. Tell us the lawn care community. Uh, we want to be able to come out there with our spreaders, uh, put the salt out there. It’ll dissolve in water. Um, doesn’t take too much about, um, half pound for on a a hundred square feet.

So, uh, the best time to do it is probably fall spring. Um, if you, uh, if you do it in the summer, you’ll have a little bit more weed growth that you have to deal with later. And then obviously winter is just really hard to, hard to do stuff to your lawn, to, um, tell us the lawn care community. We have a short winter, usually not too bad, so fall and spring, be the best times to, to take care of that and, uh, provide those green greening up abilities. Um, so yeah, you want, you’re probably asking yourself, how does Epson salt help my lawn? Um, well, it’s safe, it’s natural solution with a seed germination, uh, it, uh, absorb nutrients, uh, growth and overall the general health of your Tulsa lawn care and plants in yard. Uh, again, it contains magnesium, which helps with everything stated above,

And it can also serve as a alternative to harsh pesticides. If you have slugs, for example, just sprinkle some Epson salt, and don’t keep them at Bay. Uh, it also kind of keeps back the, uh, raccoon. Uh, they’re not, they don’t like that smell for some reason. I don’t know why, but, but yeah, if you just sprinkle around the, uh, outlined perimeter of your lawn and well, you know, bada Bing, bada boom, you’ve got an invisible fence to raccoons. Uh, it’ll ultimately facilitate, uh, basically the ultimately, uh, lead to a very green and lush lawn, healthy and vibrant looking.

Um, so you’ll have that pretty green grass going and, uh, you’ll, you’ll feel very, uh, very proud of yourself. Uh, one for not having to spend a fortune and two for finding a organic and safe solution to take care of your lawn, uh, kicking grass and taking names along here, uh, is here to provide as many different ways and methods to, uh, take care of your lawn that, that you may want. Some people may want the chemicals. Some people may want the, uh, the sprays and the fertilizers. Um, and sometimes it’s just a natural way, you know, mulching your grass, mulching, your leaves, uh, that’s free fertilizer right there. So to bag it up and take them away, uh, is not always good. Uh, and, and I was always, you know, everything is in moderation. Uh, that’s one of the sayings I love Tulsa lawn care community is everything is good for you.

Everything’s bad for you. What’s best as moderation. Uh, so obviously you have really tall grass. You probably want to bag that and get rid of it. Um, cause you don’t want to leave too much of that, uh, clippings on the ground at all, kill the grass. And same thing with leaves. If you have a ton of leaves, maybe the first round, you want to take them and have them fully removed in the next round, you know, just get them mulched up. Um, that’s all free fertilizer right there. No reason to have it completely scraped from there, your property, um, you know, have it mowed over several times and, and, uh, boom, there you go. Your, your yard is off and running to the races as far as, uh, um, being healthy and natural and safe, uh, organic solutions to, uh, a nice green lawn instead of having chemicals sprayed and having to keep pets off of it and worrying about if there’s too much in one area and your pet looking it up or kids falling into it or things like that. Um, but again, you know, we provide all sorts of all services. You know, whether it’s chemical or whether it’s natural, uh, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care here to make sure we have a green grass and long story short, we want to make your neighbor curb kicking jealous. So give us a call here at (918) 406-2019 home. Oh, the $5 first Mo we are kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, check our website out at www dot kicking grass, We’ll see you out in the weeds.