Concrete Installation or Repair

When it comes to concrete things can be hard. That is the best dad joke I have so things will only get cornier from here on out. On a more serious note concrete installation or repair is one of the trades that requires scientific knowledge but with an understanding that in order to be successful with concrete you have to be fluid and mind your situation. People looking for concrete installation or repair have dealt with a cracked driveway or shifted back patio. Many times people have attempted to exhaust several ideas and methods of repair only to learn the hard way that concrete needs concrete to be repaired. Even then some will try to pour the concrete themselves only to find out how quickly it hardens and not always in the right spot. If you are pouring the concrete into the ground where finishing does not matter then yes lots can do it but if you are doing a driveway or patio you are going to want a crew that has the experience as your property value can increase and not decrease.

Most people who are looking for concrete installation or repair are the ones who have been homeowners for sometime and they understand the importance of maintaining a home for longevity and property value. Also, it is cheaper to do minor repairs here and there than to let things go for a long time and allow multiple issues to arise which can lead to catastrophic issues for your wallet years later. The capabilities a concrete contractor has are endless when it comes to helping with repairs and installs around the house. From replacing your driveway to adding an area where you can step out of your car without getting your shoes all muddy. Also, did the homeowner think they were a landscaper and had a retaining wall that is now falling down? Well, why not replace that crumbling retaining wall with a retaining wall made out of concrete. Do the landscaping stones have grass growing between them and are no longer level? Again, have a new patio made from stamped concrete and you can have any pattern you want. Do not forget the inside of your home. A popular trend is concrete contour tops. This is a solid investment when upgrading the kitchen. This makes the kitchen more durable and easier to clean.

Most clients in need of concrete installation and repair are looking for this service when they have reached a breaking point. Whether it was another step out of the car into a muddy front yard or looking at the back patio and seeing a large crack grow or the pavers all uneven. Most times this service comes forth from frustration or preparation for sale. As a homeowner myself why would you want to wait till frustration and time for sale, this will hurry up the desire to get it done and may cause a rushed decision. Let Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care be the ones you can rely on for a trusted process from start to finish.

Where are people who are in need of concrete installation and repair looking to find the contractors to help with this service? Anywhere and everywhere they see a dirty truck. Tulsa here we are clean, established and with a track record to boot. Come check out Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care for any and all concrete needs. There is no need to hire a “chuck in a truck” when you can hire us and have an Oklahoma company stand behind their work. You will find us today and tomorrow in OUR community working to maintain those property values and keep OUR neighborhoods lookin’ kurb kickin’ jealous to those neighbors having to spend all weekend trying to keep up with YOU!

Cracked driveway, patio so uneven it looks like you have a multilevel outside, or retaining wall falling down causing mud and/or erosion issues. These are just a few of the issues why people will be looking for concrete installation or repair. Having cosmetic issues can lead to structural issues if not taken care of properly. From poorly designed grading of the slab to improper drainage setup there are a lot of things to consider when doing concrete.

Adding concrete to your property is hard and time consuming. Having experience is definitely a huge necessity when out there facing different types of issues that can arise and what will and will not work. Here at Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care we want to be the ones to guide you through the process of what one can expect when taking on a major renovation job as a concrete addition of any kind. There are several steps to pouring concrete. From working the ground to creating forms, and making sure the mix ratio is correct. Then it is onto placement of the concrete, early finishing, troweling, the final finishing and curing the concrete which after all that other work can make or break the job. Timing, weather and a variety of other conditions weigh heavily on the job at hand. The contractor needs to take all these things into consideration when performing the job. Sometimes they need to have several jobs going at once before they get a clear opening to get everything right. Concrete is not a trade you want rushed or done at a time that would not best suit the material to form correctly.

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