Gutter Cleaning

Tulsans understand that ladders can be dangerous and having gutters that overflow can be annoying and damaging to one’s house. You have already made a huge investment in owning a home. Why let it go to the waste side and not keep it in its best condition. Tulsans already have Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names heading out to mow their lawns. Why not have us clean your gutters, I mean you know us and we are already on site. Tulsa gutter cleaning is something we want to help our customers with so they do not have to wait and hope another contractor will show up or not. We are dependable and already in the neighborhood, so let us help you out and get clean out those pipes so the juices can flow with ease.

Gutters can be tricky especially with all the things we do to the ground below and trying to level a ladder on that can make things even more precarious. Tulsa gutter cleaning service can be a rather easy job at times and a job that requires lots of equipment and funny positioning to get all the gunk out of the system so the water can flow effortlessly. Homeowners are a lot happier when all the fluids that do not need to be around the house are moved away, are moved away like they should be. You should not have to climb a rusted ladder that you hardly use and risk a fall when Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care can come in with equipment we use daily knowing we can safely climb up and handle your gunky gutters with fast and efficient methods to clean them out. So do not waste your time. Most of these jobs that we do, we do in 30 minutes or less and most homeowners end up spending the better part of a Saturday or thier weeknd trying to do a simple task that we can do for you in little to no time.

Anytime your gutters are not allowing the flow of water is the time to call Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care and have us clean your gutters. Tulsa gutter cleaning is vital to the structure integrity of your house. Meaning if you allow for the gutters to break down and get clogged and not away the water from the foundation of the house then the house and other structures on property could become structurally unsound. So making sure your gutters are cleared of debris and can properly transport the water to a desired location is as important as mowing the yard to keep pests and other outdoor annoyances away. Being a homeowner does not end when you get your keys, that is when it begins. Homes take attention and planning so remember when that grass starts to grow the seeds start to blow and clog the gutters which fill with rain and can damage the structural integrity of a home from the foundation to the walls depending where the water finds the weakest point to go towards. Having Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care provide you with a gutter cleaning service is a no brainer since we are already on site mowing. Allowing us to get your home to the next level.

So wherever your home is whether it is in Bixby, Broken Arrow, South Tulsa, Coweta, or Catoosa, we can swing by and provide you with a Tulsa Gutter Cleaning service that will knock the gunk off your gutters. Green Country look for our teams out in your neighborhood we can pop up anywhere and provide kurb Kickin’ service at anytime so reach out and let us know you need ou gutters gunked kicked to the kurb.

So many reasons why one would want to have their gutters cleaned out by Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care. One being you already trust us with your lawn and you can see how well that is working out. Since we are there every week we know you like the work, so why not have us clean out your gutters. The second as I alluded to, is we are already there no need to wait for another Tulsa Gutter Cleaning contractor to show up or not show up. Gutter cleaning service is not a flashy job nor does it come with any prestige. We are already covered with half of if not all of the stuff we are going to clean out of your gutters so let Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names lawn Care be the ones to clean the gutters. Lastly and probably the most important one of all when those dang helicopter seeds land in your gunked up gutters they can sprout and now you have a tree growing out of your gutters before you know it a root will being to invade the house and cause all sorts of damage, do not let a tree grow in your gutters let us clean them out for you.

Gutter cleaning service can be one of those homeowner jobs that is easily forgotten or put on the back burner simply because out of sight out of mind. That is until you have water overflowing your gutters or water seeping into the house because the gutter has too much weight in it from debris from the roof of the house and other outdoor stuff. This is not one of those household projects that needs lots of specialized equipment and manpower type situations but one that does come with a rather troublesome balancing act of a ladder. We have the talent and the Tulsa Gutter Cleaning guys that can climb those ladders with ease and take care of those gutters fast and efficiently.

Take advantage of Green Country’s best outdoor deal, where else can you get such an amazing deal, a five dollar first mow, that includes mowing, edging trimming, weedeating and hard surface cleanup every time, so give us a call, text (918) 872-0338 or email ( and get your gutter cleaning service set up so you can go and enjoy all the wonderful things an Oklahoma summer can provide. You can not even get a burger, fries and a shake for five dollars. Reserve your spot today with any of our outdoor services. Get you Saturdays back, Green Country.