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“This outdoor activity is usually not one the DIYer likes to take on…”

Most people who are wanting hardscaping done are people who have a clear understanding of the value of what a well taken care of outside can do for one’s home value. Not only will the property value go up but the homeowner’s ability to relax on their property will increase exponentially.  This outdoor activity is usually not one the DIYer likes to take on because the tools and materials needed and used are rather expensive and extremely heavy. Most clients find it better to hire a company to come in and take on the labor and provide the machinery necessary to make the job go smoothly.  That is why those who do plan on having hardscaping down look at Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care.

“Hardscaping can make a house a home…”

This type of outside decoration can come in all sorts of different looks from stones being added to the property to pathways being created from one area to another. Hardscaping can make a house a home creating an oasis like no other and making the property rather unique. Hardscaping is unique in the fact that only a man-made design made from inanimate objects can be considered hardscaping. No plant life or vegetation is involved in the creation of hardscaping, only materials such as wood, gravel, pavers, brick, and/or stone.  As long as it is a solid structure that has been built outside and does not involve plant life, it is considered hardscaping.

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“The main goal of hardscaping is to make the house more accessible”

Remember do not get hardscaping confused with landscaping. Landscaping involves more plant material and or other vegetation stuff to create a kickin’ kurb appeal. The main goal of landscaping is to make the house noticeable and the main goal of hardscaping is to make the house more accessible and usable of the entire property.

There is also a thing called ‘softscaping’. Softscaping changes as time ticks away. Whereas hardscaping is not changing and will be for the most part the same as it was the day it was installed.

There is a large list of things that can be considered hardscaping from patios to walkways, even pools to firepits, and of course retaining walls to bubbling rocks. Also, consider the value your local hardscaping contractor can bring to the project. We will know the popular styles and methods being used, we will have the equipment to make the project go smoothly and the knowledge accompanied with the manpower needed to make the project go from drawing to implementation. Trust Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care to get your project done, not because we said so, but because our clients say so. Check out our reviews, gallery of pictures of projects in progress and completed and testimonies. 

Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care can help you with this overwhelming task

One of the best materials used for hardscaping is concrete. Concrete is versatile meaning you can produce a large variety of shapes, designs, and structures using concrete. From retain walls to stampeded patios that either look like pavers or rock. Many other materials can be used like flagstone, natural rock, sandstone, and concrete pavers. The main concept we want to convey is there are always options and Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care can help you with this overwhelming task. Many people have an idea of what they want but not necessarily how to put the idea into a reality, this is what we do for you.

Some of the best times of the year to start our hardscaping projects are during fall and winter. Remember, the contractors have the equipment to move frozen earth. They also have the manpower to get it done in a timely and efficient manner. Most of the time you can get better deals with your hardscaping projects because it is slower during these months as well. It is a win-win scenario for both the consumer and contractor.

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Why would you not want to add value to your home? Of course you would want to add value to your home. So hardscaping is one way to add value and enjoy your entire property. Maybe you have an area that stays wet, add a gravel walkway with pavers so you can now get to your other side of the yard without tracking mud everywhere. So not only are you enjoying your yard more but now you have added value when you resale the home. The return on investment made of having hardscaping done to your house can be as high as hundred and fifty percent (150%). So this can put into perspective the next remodel idea on the board, kitchen or hardscaping what is the best bang for the buck. No contest, hardscaping all the way.

If not for just the investment return, why one might want hardscaping is so one might still be able to enjoy their yard throughout winter and into the night, maybe even till early morning. By having hardscaping like patios or a fire pit, even lighting can add value to and usefulness to enjoy the yard all year long.

Now that you know the benefits and possible return on investment scenarios you can have with Hardscaping one might ask, how do we go about having hardscaping done and what would compliment our home the best. Easy, allow the hardscaping experts at Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care come and walk you through the process. Remember Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care will be up to date on the newest methods, materials and looks to offer you guys any and all looks you could want for your home.

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