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Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care provides a wide variety of winter services to the people of the Tulsa winter services community who want the outside of their home to be properly maintained without them having to spend their most precious resource, time. The people of green country know it is important to care for the outside of your home and due to our unique area on the globe we can experience extreme weather in any direction any time of the year. From summer times highs in January cause grass to grow to snow falling in June. Let us at, Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care, serve you in your winter services need. We are ready all year long for anything that may come our way. Our equipment runs all year long and keeps running to make sure we can provide any type of winter service for you. If you understand the importance of time then you know being able to have a local company that knows the weather and can consider you a neighbor is a priceless commodity in this line of work. Not having to search for and wonder if they will show. Just call and know we will take care of you. You know we will be dependable and do it right because we are going to see you out and about in the community so we want you to be satisfied so you can refer us out to family and or friends.

When it comes to a winter in Oklahoma there can be a wide variety of needs during the winter. There will be an expected need of leaf removal, Christmas lights and possibly an occasional snow removal need. However, over the years we have experienced that our winters can be widely different year to year. One season we may be doing leave for months while the next we will be lucky that any leaves fall or hang around due to high winds. Maybe one winter we have a ton of snow needing lots of removal several times throughout winter. The Tulsa winter services community can rely on Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care to have the needed equipment for whatever the season is calling for ready to go. The main takeaway io ant for our clients is whatever outdoor service you might need please know that Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care will be the ones for you to call and rely on it never hurts to ask us if we can perform the service, but if you do not ask then we and only then we will not be able to help.

Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care provides winter services during the unique and short time of winter in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma winters are as predictable as football bouncing down the field. The meteorologists at the end of their weather forecasts usually add in, “well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” The Tulsa winter services community can depend on Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care to be ready to take on the unpredictability of an Oklahoma winter. All our resources will be available at our clients disposal to make sure we take care of your outdoor needs. From snow removal to branch removal, from leaf removal to Christmas lights. Any service that one might need during an Oklahoma winter you can call Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care.

Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care wants the people of the Tulsa winter services community to know if you are in the green country area then more than likely we can provide you with a winter service. So whether you are in Broken Arrow or South Tulsa, Midtown Tulsa or Bixby, Coweta or Downtown Tulsa just know we can service you for all your outdoor winter service needs.

As with other services there is a lot in preparation that many people do not want to deal with, such as maintenance of equipment, keeping and storing of equipment that you only use once, maybe twice, a year, and knowledge of how to efficiently perform a specific service. Having a family, interest in any activity or maybe a strong dislike of having to be outside when it is cold and wet is the reason why we want our Tulsa winter services community to get there Saturday back. No reason for you to take on this homeowner headache when you can have a team like ours come in and treat your house like ours and allow you to enjoy an outside that is clean and safe from the wide variety of winter services Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care provide.

Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care provides these services like we provide the rest of our service with Green Country’s most reliable and courtesy lawn service in the Tulsa winter services community. We know the lawn is part of one of the most important and biggest purchase a person can make in a lifetime and we want you to know we will treat it as such. Being up to date on the latest trends and techniques and using the equipment that has been properly maintained and or is one of the newest models out there allows us to provide that quick and friendly service one needs in yard work. Nothing worse than spending all day out in the yard being hot and uncomfortable. Let us at Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care be the ones to take the lawn off your honey-do-list and allow you to get your Saturday’s back

As always, where else can you get such a great deal, a five dollar first mow, that includes mowing, edging trimming and hard surface cleanup every time, so give us a call, text (918) 872-0338 or email and get your winter service set up so you can go enjoy all the wonderful things an Oklahoma winter can provide. You can not even get a burger, fries and a shake for five dollars. Reserve your spot today with any of our outdoor winter services.

Call us today at (918) 872-0338 to schedule your first mow for only $5 or to learn more about your local Tulsa lawn care company, Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care.

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